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Friday, December 19, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Ornaments

Happy Friday all! And happy weekend before Christmas. I first want to thank everyone for their kind comments on our Christmas decorations and our Christmas card which I shared this week. These are two things I look forward to every year, and your comments just made my day.

Since today is Friday, and it's 5 on Friday, I thought I would share some (5 + a bonus) of the new ornaments we collected this year. Rick and I started a tradition our first Christmas of collecting ornaments based on our travels and other important events and milestones in our relationship. My favorite part of decorating our tree is pulling out these special ornaments and remembering all of the great memories we had while collecting them. 

{ ONE }

 photo IMG_3729_1_zpsb6ff7692.jpg

My favorite ornament last year was our Engaged ornament (which you can see a little of in the lower right-hand corner). This year my favorite is the Our First Married Christmas ornament. I searched all over Etsy and just loved this one the moment I saw it.

 photo IMG_3736_1_zpsa037db82.jpg

Kelly at Whatchawant Design was great to work with, and she is willing to personalized anything in her shop to whatever colors or copy you want. I had her personalize the back with our names and wedding date. 

{ TWO }

 photo IMG_3727_1_zpsfc7a3c41.jpg

This ornament was picked up during our trip to Williamsburg, VA, which was part of our honeymoon.


 photo IMG_3732_1_zps01ecb113.jpg

This ornament was picked up during our trip to Virginia Beach, also part of our honeymoon.

{ FOUR }

 photo IMG_3728_1_zps10c3785e.jpg

This ornament was picked up during our trip to Folly Beach, again part of our honeymoon. We missed out on a Charleston ornament, so this one is going to have to represent both the beach and Charleston.


 photo 7615C9F5-9528-4F8D-B192-FD66C8DD1416_zpsw8hluner.jpg

This is not part of our travels, but a tradition we wanted to start this year. I really wanted to start a special ornament collection to represent each year of our marriage. I just loved the Swarovski Crystal Snowflake collection, so Rick purchased the 2014 ornament for me. Right now it's hanging on my Favorite Things tree in our Master Bedroom, but I'm hoping someday to have a tree full of them.


 photo IMG_3734_1_zpscbf7054c.jpg

This ornament really has no significance to it, other than it's a dog and we love dogs. I just came across this one at Target a few weeks ago, and just had to add it to our collection. It looked to be a beagle to me, and you know how I love beagles :)

P.S. You can find last year's ornaments here.

And for more Friday fun, check out the Five on Friday linkup hosted by ChristinaDarciApril and Natasha.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Card

Today I'm super excited to share our 2014 Christmas card. Creating our Christmas cards every year is one of my favorite things to do. I actually started thinking about our cards back in October. I came across this cute design through an email from Minted, and then brainstormed the perfect set up for our pictures. It takes a lot of thought and planning to figure out how to pose 3 crazy dogs who couldn't focus if their life depended on it. But after taking about a thousand pictures, we finally got one that would work. So here it is...our 2014 Holmes Family Christmas Card.

 photo Front_zpsfa0c3ab0.jpg


 photo Back_zps4febd8d4.jpg

{ BACK }

Minted has been my go-to card source lately. I ordered last year's Christmas cards, as well as our wedding Save The Date postcards from Minted, and love their designs and their quality. Their customer service is very good as well. I was having some issues using a coupon code I received in the mail for our cards this year, and used the IM feature on the site to chat with a customer service representative. She was very helpful and friendly, and resolved my issue very quickly.

 photo IMG_3688_1_zps540e438e.jpg

 photo IMG_3691_1_zps3605fa0b.jpg

I always love to use a cute picture of the pups on the front, and then a picture of us on the back. This year I used one of our wedding pictures with a burlap banner I made that says "Just Married."

 photo IMG_3618_1_zps062cf429.jpg

{ Festive collars from Bow Wow Couture }

And here is a close up of the final photo. The dogs look so thrilled to be having their picture taken. And Napoleon is so funny because he is sitting so far away from the girls. He's like "I'm too good for this!"

 photo IMG_3608_1_zps77c930b4.jpg

I don't blame him considering Abby tried to sit on him earlier on in our shoot. Oh these pups...gotta love their quirky little personalities.

You can find or last 2 years cards here:

2013 Christmas Card

2012 Christmas Card

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our 2014 Holiday Home

Today is the final day of the holiday linkup, and I'm excited to share our 2014 Holiday Home. I love to decorate, and decorating for the holidays is always my favorite. I prefer more rustic and slightly traditional decorations, and love using traditional red and green colors.

Welcome to our home!

 photo IMG_3726_1_zps94154147.jpg

{ Wreath was a purchase this year from Target }

 photo IMG_3665_1_zps6748f133.jpg

{ Our Entryway - DIY Ornament Tree found here }

 photo IMG_3669_1_zps78b5c0e3.jpg

{ I love showing off the Christmas cards we receive with my DIY Christmas Card Wreath
and we have received even more since I took this pic! }

 photo IMG_3664_1_zps6d3b1504.jpg

{ Half bath off the entry }

 photo IMG_3686_1_zps34a252b2.jpg

{ Our Christmas Tree, and my favorite beagle pillow;
DIY Christmas Tree skirt found here }

 photo IMG_3651_2_zps2449b41d.jpg

{ Our holiday mantle }

 photo ChristmasDec1_zpsa70715aa.jpg

{ Stockings from Crate & Barrel; candle sticks and wooden trees from World Market }

 photo IMG_3658_1_zps13b9ba26.jpg

{ Deer from World Market & Christmas topiary from Marshalls }

 photo IMG_3657_1_zpsb8b90528.jpg

{ Christmas pillow from World Market }

 photo IMG_3671_1_zpsadcdee6a.jpg

{ Nativity from World Market }

 photo IMG_3672_1_zps67b6a3f6.jpg

{ Tree from Target and candle holders from Pottery Barn }

 photo Christmasdec2_zps4478f998.jpg

{ A few festive accents in the kitchen, including our pup's Santa picture }

 photo IMG_3663_1_zps7b8d974c.jpg

{ My holiday chalk art and a few festive pictures }

 photo IMG_3684_1_zps2896a040.jpg

{ My Favorite Things Tree made it's way to the master bedroom this year }

 photo IMG_3680_1_zps16008bf0.jpg

{ A few accents in the master bath }

 photo IMG_3682_1_zps4f5cd3ae.jpg

 photo IMG_3723_1_zps0e414be5.jpg

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, December 15, 2014


Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Our puppies had a pretty good weekend because they finally got to go see Santa. I have been taking Abby to see Santa for about 10 years now, and the last 2 years we have taken Bren and Napoleon along as well.

 photo 355FCDF1-07A9-4608-953B-ADE09CD73F3F_zpsjkrp5old.jpg

This year we took the pups to Petco for their picture. The Santa there didn't seem very thrilled, but we managed to get a decent picture. I just realized I don't have a digital version of the official Santa picture, but I'll be sure to share tomorrow during our Holiday tour reveal.

Speaking of previous years, here are a few pictures from previous Santa visits...

 photo 1480618_10151765821460060_2058664373_n_zps9e76046b.jpg

This one was from last year at Petsmart, and Rick and I both took about a million pictures with our phones to finally get a somewhat decent one. Napoleon looks like he doesn't trust this Santa character.

 photo 46D23A01-BA24-40EC-A961-61526283709B-5478-0000049B359231ED.jpg

This one was from 2012. Napoleon looks like he hates the world, and Bren is getting ready to lick Santa's face.

This one was from 2011, back when Abby was an only child. She looks so sweet here, but don't let her fool you, she seems to always be on the naughty list.

 photo puppiessanta_zpsb0f585ec.jpg

Also on the list of happenings this weekend, Bren and Napoleon were attempting to be festive this weekend and get everyone in the holiday spirit. Not sure how Abby got out of this, but there are still plenty of days left until Christmas for her to get in the holiday spirit.

 photo E6E61427-1D73-4AEC-8C60-6165119B9892_zpsazlzcsit.jpg

We also met up with my brother and the kiddos to see the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo. I have a full post coming later this week with more pictures from my digital camera.

And as I mentioned earlier, tomorrow I'm hoping to share our Holiday Home Tour, and also later this week is our big Christmas Card reveal. So stop back soon for more Christmas fun!

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