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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Howl-o-ween!

Happy Friday all! And Happy Howl-o-ween! The puppies were so excited about this year's halloween costumes they begged me share them with you all.

 photo IMG_3603_1_H_zps5c5933cf.jpg

They look so excited don't they...ha! This year we had a theme going with their costumes. And if you haven't guessed it, the theme was Wizard of Oz.

 photo IMG_3584_1_zps22c29060.jpg

We have Dorthy...

 photo IMG_3586_1_zps9aa40aa5.jpg

...the { not so } Cowardly Lion...

 photo IMG_3589_1_zps2122aa34.jpg

...and the Tin Man {or Tin Woman? }

 photo IMG_3595_1_zpsa3ec0cfb.jpg

Getting a picture of 3 pups behaving and sitting cute without a costume is hard enough. But add in costumes, and head pieces, and it's downright impossible. So this was the best we got, even if Bren's headpiece is sideways, and who knows where Abby's wig went. Gotta love them.

You can find last year's costumes here.

And mine and Rick's costumes from this year here.

Do your pups dress up for Howl-o-ween? If so, what were their costumes?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Hair

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Although I have finished sharing my professional wedding pictures, I had a few more wedding posts in mind. Today I wanted to share my wedding hair inspiration, my trial run, and my tips for planning your own wedding hairstyle.

 photo weddinghair2_zps99374f5e.jpg

Like many brides, I had a "Wedding Hair" board in Pinerest. I debated for many months between having an updo vs having my hair down. I really wanted to wear it down, but my hair is hard to tame even on a good hair day, and I knew battling the humidity in the middle of June for our outdoor ceremony was not going to be easy. So in the end, the updo won. 

I saved a few of my favorite pins (above) on my phone (in case the Internet on my phone started acting up) and shared these with my stylist during my trial run. I scheduled my trial run 3 weeks before the wedding, and this was also the same time I got my color updated. It was a 3 hour appointment at the salon that day, but it was a fun afternoon of pamering.

 photo 22298C8A-0F76-413B-9C63-AD53A4BA0B25_zpsd5ilrhpb.jpg

When she was done, I had her take a few pictures so I could share with my family and friends (I may have immediatly texted my Mom and friends these pics as soon as I got to the car...I totally needed their approval!!), and so we could both remember what we did and what I liked.

 photo 8220DF55-F472-4306-93E2-CAE46F39A273_zpseifmr5r7.jpg

She pinned it up pretty loose because we were going out later that night for my bachelorette party and I wanted to be able to un-pin it before we went out and didn't want to have to rewash.

 photo A54BB2CA-36A9-49D0-B148-D865B27F4FC3_zpswuk8oz35.jpg

One of the things I told her was I wanted it a little tighter and less messy in the back at the bottom and that is exactly what she did.

I love how it turned out and was really glad that I did the trial run in advance so we could try out the style and then tweak it for the big day. Some of my tips for the bride-to-be's are:

1. I highly recommend a trial run. It's a great way to test out your stylist (especially if she is new), and also try out a style before committing on your wedding day. You usually only have about an hour the day of for hair, so if things aren't working out like you want, there isn't a ton of time to re-do it. One of my friends, who got married the month before me, totally hated her hair from her trial run. It gave her time to think of a new hairstyle and she ended up loving her new style on her wedding day.

2. Bring inspiration pictures. My stylist loved that I brought pictures so she knew exactly what I was looking for.

3. Keep an open mind. It can be extremly hard to recreate some hairstyles, especially if your hair color/texture is different than what is in the inspiration picture. That is why it's great to bring a few pictures and then your stylist can pick and choose what may work from each picture for your hair.

4. Don't be afraid to give feedback or change your mind. It's your day, and you want to feel beautiful. A good stylist will accept your feedback and work with you to ensure you are happy with your style.

5. Don't forget your hair piece/veil. Trial runs are also a great time to try out your hair piece and veil. It's a good idea to make sure they will work with your style and you feel comfortable once they are in place.

6. Trial runs may cost you. Some salons have packages where your trial run is included. Many salons will charge you the same amount as you will pay the day of. Just make sure to ask when you are making the appointment so you aren't caught off guard. To me it was worth the extra money to have a trial run, but everyone has different priorities when it comes to planning their wedding.

7. Check to see if your salon has packaged deals. When I was calling around, checking on pricing/options, some salons had packaged deals where you could get a trial run with hair cut before the wedding, and then wedding hair and makeup for a special price. You may also get a special deal if your bridesmaids are getting their hair, nails and makeup done as well. I also looked into having someone come on-site for my hair and makeup. It was pretty close in pricing to the salons, but there was a minimum price for them to come out, and since I didn't have a bridal party, it really wasn't worth the price for just me. I think if you had a large bridal party it would totally be worth having onsite hair and makeup.

8. Schedule your appointments in advance. Especially if your wedding is during prime wedding season, make sure to schedule your appointments well in advance. I schedled my trial run and my day of appointment about a month and a half ahead of time. And they were already starting to book up. Of course I got married the middle of June, which is a really busy wedding month. Keep in mind when proms and homecomings might also take place because those will cause salons to book up quickly as well.

 photo DSC_0287_zps6364719e.jpg

And here is my wedding hair on my big day!!

Did you, or are you planning, a wedding hair trial run? If so, how did it go? And what are your big wedding day hair tips?

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Party with My Mr Big

Last week we were invited to a Halloween party at my VP's house. He is known for throwing some really amazing Halloween parties, so I was excited that we got an invite. The theme of the party was TV, and I knew immediately I wanted to recreate this costume that I found on Pinterest a few months ago.

 photo MeasCarrie_zps1e786d22.jpg

The directions in the pin were a little more complicated than I had the patience for, but I found this super easy tutu tutorial that I used instead to make the skirt (FYI, I used 16 yards of tulle, and cut into strips 40 inches long). I then paired it with a light pink tank top from Old Navy and a jean jacket (since it was a little chilly once the sun went down) and bam...instant Carrie Bradshaw. And believed it or not, the curls/waves are natural. Rick told me 1980 wanted their hairstyle back...ha!

 photo BA22F005-7DC2-4999-BBB7-A6B7FBF83107_zpsjfwuujtd.jpg

Rick of course was my Mr Big (although he really wanted to go as cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. Although I thought our costume was kind of a given, everyone at the party was like...oh Carrie and Big, I didn't even think of that. So we were a hit!

There was all kinds of fun costumes at the party. Everything from Scooby Doo and Velma, to a blue bag of meth from Breaking Bad, to the I'm a Bill and Conductor from Conjunction Junction (so very creative let me tell you!!).

On Saturday, we went back to Freeman's Farms with our friends Amy and Brian and their little girl Avery for them to pick out some pumpkins and have a fun little photo shoot.

 photo IMG_3567_1_zps84991bf3.jpg

Avery loves her Aunt Jen and Uncle Rick (she is Rick's little buddy).

 photo IMG_3578_1_zpsa2554b6d.jpg

Such a little stinker.

 photo IMG_3569_1_zpsa6ad9213.jpg

She was a big helper and helped Rick push the pumpkins up to the weigh station.

We then headed over to Amy and Brian's new house to check out the progress and the newly installed drywall. Then it was time for a burger the size of our heads at Son of Thurmans's (and then a food coma nap!). Finally we headed over to World of Beer to meet up with some friends and watch the OSU game. It was a pretty intense game, but luckily the Bucks pulled through after a 2nd overtime.

What fun did you have this weekend? Any Halloween party plans? If so what are you going as?

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cute Halloween Pets

I mentioned last week I have been searching high and low for our pups Halloween costumes. Let's just say this has taken far more energy than I would like to admit. But they are our furbabies, and it's going to be a great photo opp. I have come across some amazing costumes in my search for a DIY costume, and just had to share some of my favorites. BTW: I shared some cute pet costumes a few years ago, and it has become one of my top 5 posts. So check it out for even more cuteness!

 photo BaloonPup_zps0220cae4.jpg

 photo DetectivePup_zpse287423c.jpg

 photo KissMePup_zpsa7d61b42.jpg

{ Kissing Frog - This would be perfect for our pup Bryn since she is full of licks }

 photo BallereniaPup_zpsd8df2a9c.jpg

{ Ballerina Pup - great if you have an old child's ballet costume laying around }

 photo BatKitty_zps985d456f.jpg

 photo Chewbacca_zpsc04cfef4.jpg

 photo HarryPotterpup_zps4da2c88b.jpg

 photo HarryPotterPups_zpsed54b85c.jpg

{ Another fun twist on Harry Potter }

 photo MexicanPup_zps5e40cbd9.jpg

 photo MartiniPup_zps493e12f1.jpg

{ Martini Pup - perfect if your pup is stuck wearing the Cone of Shame }

 photo WaldoPup_zpsfc10dbe7.jpg

 photo puggietheriviter_zps813661f8.jpg

What's your furbaby going to be for Halloween?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fun Gift Ideas for Anniversaries or Engagiversaries

Happy Wedding Wednesday all! Taking a break from the typical wedding recap posts to share a fun gift idea post. As I mentioned on Monday, over the weekend Rick and I celebrated our 1 year Engagiversary. Yes you can call me crazy, but I like to celebrate all big milestones...from the day we met, to the day we got engaged, to our official anniversary. We aren't planning on going all out on celebrating these milestones, but I do think it's important to at least recognize and do something special. I mean these dates are a big deal right??

Since we are trying to save up for Christmas, and then our trip to Puerto Rico in January, we just did something small for our Engagiversary this year. We explored Alum Creek where we got engaged, then enjoyed a nice home cooked meal and some caramel apple sangria's (after we went to the grocery story to pick up the ingredients for said dinner...so romantic right!)

As far as gifts go, there are many ways that you can celebrate an Engagiversary, or an Anniversary, that can run from simple DIY's to amazing personalized gifts. I wanted to share a few of my favorite ideas, many that I have first hand experience with and highly recommend.

 photo 41755A44-86FB-4D0A-9695-6E94DF3B9115_zpsi3ketyhq.jpg

For our Engagiversary, I had this fun personalized card made from Treat, which is a division of Shutterfly. I am a sucker for photo gifts since I love photography so much, so when I came across this card I knew I just had to make one with our "Were engaged!" photo on it. I love how it turned out and will probably end up framing this and hanging up on our gallery wall (if I ever get around to working on it!).

 photo 6BE91403-9666-4FEC-945A-D350BBF63B71_zpswwlc79up.jpg

I also love this cute easel art, also from Treat, which showcases one of our favorite photos from our engagement shoot. I love how well the colors printed, and it's really glossy and has a nice easel back.

 photo Presentation1_zpsca902388.jpg

Another fun project that I'm working on, but haven't completed yet is an Engagement photo book. I love this template from Shutterfly. It has prepopulated sections that help to tell your love story. It also allows for blank pages so you can design your own page. When I get it completed, I'll have to share the final book.

 photo b90386e7-4d7b-4d5d-9016-0267e6d505c7_zps6c22a67f.jpg

Another fun photo gift is this DIY Engagement Announcement Frame. Someone did this for our friend Jackie and Nate for their engagement party, and I recreated a version for us. I did this in PowerPoint because it was a little easier for me to layout all of the text.

I took our engagement photo and dropped it in the center, and then copied and pasted in all of the comments from our Facebook announcement. I also included the number of "likes" and "wishes"/comments under the date. It's just a fun way to remember all of the great comments we received with that post. I just printed it in color and put into a frame. It's bubbling up a little, so I need to reprint on a higher quality paper, but it's still a really cute gift idea for your significant other, or a friend who just got engaged.

 photo LoveStoryMap_zps5e158823.jpg

I found this idea on Pinterest and think it's a really cute idea, especially if you have lived in multiple cities/states during your courtship.

 photo FirstDanceFrame_zps9f68e8a6.jpg

Another cute DIY idea is this Favorite Song Frame. You just cut out shapes from the lyrics of a special song and then place in a frame with a cute background fabric like this burlap. You could use either a favorite song that reminds you both of your relationship, a song that was on the radio during your first road trip, or the first time you said I love you. Or of course it could be your first dance song at your wedding. Lots of possibilities.

 photo Stolehislastname_zps62567216.jpg

Etsy has some great ideas as well, and I just love this "Important Dates" picture. I tried to make a version in PPT similar to this, but I just love the chalkboard style, so I may have to eventually order this for our gallery wall.

 photo 1A978366-80EB-4F32-A087-77A890374254_zpsxipldt1h.jpg

Here is another idea that I have ordered through Etsy that I love, the Burlap Family Monogram sign. I ordered this without the frame and then purchased this frame from Walmart. I have it on a shelf in our entry way and just love how it turned out.

 photo necklace_zps26b9db9b.jpg

For all of the men out there looking for a gift for the ladies in your life, I love this Personalized Skinny Bar necklace. I had mine personalized with our wedding date in Roman Numerals and had them add the little heart at the end. I love how dainty it is, and how it reminds me of the best day of my life. You can have this personalized in so many ways, a special date, or your initials, or really whatever you would like.

 photo Ring2_zps49045854.jpg

Another great gift for the ladies is this True Love initial ring. This ring comes in silver, gold and rose gold and you can get a single initial or two initials with an ampersand. I would love one with "R & J."

 photo manbasket_zpsbf09c537.jpg

Ladies, for the men in your life, how about a Man Basket. I love the idea of taking the container from their favorite beer or beverage and filling it up with a bunch of fun goodies. You can also include a note to let them know the beer is waiting on them in the fridge, which will make them even more excited.

 photo DateNightMovieBasket_zps6bd50e10.jpg

Or how about a "Date Night" basket. Fill it up with popcorn and some of your favorite candies, and include a fun movie. This would be perfect if you are looking to do something low-key or if you have kiddos at home and want to do something special after they go to bed.

Just a few fun ideas to celebrate your Engagiversary or really any special event.

So what gift ideas am I missing? What have you gifted your significant other for an Anniversary?

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