Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gettin Fit for Summer (and the Wedding!)

With Summer (and the wedding) now less than 2 months away, I've finally started to get my bum in gear and work on getting fit. Starting on Sunday of this week, I committed to do some sort of workout every day between now and the wedding (which is also the 1st day of Summer!). It's a lofty goal, and I'm already wondering if I am crazying for setting it, but so far I'm 3 for 3.

Now the rules are that I have to do some sort of workout that is a min of 15 mins per day, preferably 30-45 mins. These workouts can consist of anything from a workout DVD, to running at the park, or doing a toning video on YouTube. The goal is to keep my body moving, and I can do something completely different each day for the next 59 days.

So what have I done so far, or am planning on doing...

Favorite Workout DVDs
1 // 2 // 3

1. Workout DVDs - I love these workout DVD's. What I love most is they are around 30-45 mins long, and they work my entire body. And because I can workout to these at home, it's pretty easy to fit into my day. On the weekends I'll do these first thing in the morning, and during the week sometimes I'll do them late at night. The goal is to sneak 30 mins of activity into my day, and these are the perfect way to do that. The two Jillian Michaels DVDs have different levels, so that helps to keep me from getting bored. I'll just switch up the levels and do level 1 one day, and then level 3 the next. 

2. Pinterest Workouts - I have been pinning some great toning workouts on Pinterest. What I love about doing this is they are typically quick 10 - 15 min workouts that I can quickly pull up on my phone via my Pinterest app and pretty much do them everywhere. I'll pull these up and do a few before bed, or at the gym, or shoot if you are bored at the office (well if you can find an empty conference room...ha!). I did the one above last night, and let me tell you my thighs are burning this morning!

3. YouTube Videos - The Tone It Up Girls have a ton of workout videos on YouTube. These are great because you can see exactly how to do the workout, and ensure you are using good form. Sometimes when I see a workout picture, I'm not always 100% sure how to do the workout and sometimes feel like I am doing it wrong. It's great to see it in video format, and like the Pinerest workouts, you can quickly pull these up on your phone and really do them anywhere. The park, the beach, while the dogs are playing at the dog park.

4. Binkini Series - And speaking of the Tone It Up girls, they are starting a new Bikini Series challenge on Monday. A few days ago I signed up to participate, and recieved a great Bikini Series Starter Packet which included workout tips and a few yummy recipes. The challenge is to get fit by Summer, and they provide lots of fun workouts for every day. Definitly check it out and let me know how you are doing. I'm planning on checking in from time to time on how my challenge is coming along.

So what are you doing to get fit? Any recommendations on great workout resources?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Take a Selfie (and More Kiddo Fun)

A few weekends ago, my bro and his two kiddos came to visit for the weekend. My brother's birthday was earlier in the week, so we thought it would be fun to get together to celebrate all weekend long...because that is how we do birthdays!

Since the weather was beautiful out, and we had two kiddos with more energy than AEP Ohio, we decided to take them to the park to blow the stink off of them (as my Mother would say), and let them run off some energy. Oh and the adults got to enjoy some sunshine as well (and blow the stink off of us too).

 photo IMG_2672_1_zpsfd0eafc4.jpg

My favorite picture of the day was captured down by the river. I have titled this #selfie. And in case you needed to know how to take a selfie, this is how it is done to produce a picture like this...

 photo kiddos_zps6de975af.jpg

Gotta love those kids.

Here are some more fun pictures from the day...

 photo IMG_2671_1_zpsb40e64a9.jpg

 photo IMG_2678_1_zpsb8af22a3.jpg

 photo IMG_2679_1_zps29af7c0f.jpg

 photo IMG_2680_1_zpscede7fb6.jpg

 photo IMG_2681_1_zpsb4be6c84.jpg

 photo IMG_2682_1_zpsb5617afa.jpg

 photo IMG_2677_1_zps9a4b6a24.jpg

 photo Jack_zps8a5f4f93.jpg

 photo IMG_2675_1_zps8b44a903.jpg

 photo IMG_2669_1_zpse557f9a2.jpg

 photo IMG_2670_1_zps791e50cc.jpg

 photo swings_zps9d94cc6d.jpg

And of course there was a little swinging involved. I was wondering during this time if the swing seats had gotten smaller over the years. I was then informed the swing seats have not changed, but my seat has gotten bigger :(

 photo IMG_2686_1_zps351fbc9d.jpg

When we got back to the house we had a cookout, and then let the kiddos play with fire...the kiddos love to burn marshmallows. Nothing like filling them full of sugar once they have run out all of their energy at the park.

And since it was my bro's birthday, we had to have cake, ice cream and a little singing. How fun are these cuties and their birthday song?!?

The next morning we got up bright and early and made waffles and bacon for breakfast. Then we headed out for the Palm Sunday service at church.

 photo Izzie_zps6f4495e1.jpg

Miss Izzie just had to wear a little of Aunt Jenny's lipstick to church. Such a little diva!

 photo D846AEEE-8140-4FA6-B7DC-2616DC89BBE4_zpsxfhldnjc.jpg

Rick and I have been going to the barn church during Lent. Instead of giving up something, we decided to make an effort to go to church every Sunday (well that was giving up my sleeping in on Sunday mornings I guess). This church is just gorgeous and there are a ton of friendly people and lots of events going on. Hopefully we can continue to make an effort to go beyond Lent


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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Recap (Including a Special Birthday!)

Happy Monday! It's been a nice refreshing weekend, and I feel like I'm back into the groove of things and getting posts back on the blog. Do you just ever need time to step away and refresh?

We had an amazing weekend and of course the beautiful weather only made things better! 

 photo 8598C562-95E3-46C6-BB5F-CA5CD569778E_zpsvfjtloui.jpg

We kicked off the weekend with a special someone's birthday!

 photo B8F5B146-5014-4653-B0C2-79C052F64232_zpsgwyehcdv.jpg

He requested my carrot cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing, which is a perfect spring-time cake. Perfect to have as left-overs for Easter also!

 photo 69B37D95-5CCF-4EA7-9D06-ECB48A813223_zpspcgvjyrf.jpg

We also had a little day date on Saturday, which I am planning on recapping later in the week.

 photo FF67A54F-DB5F-4F05-841E-A63C7A87ECA8_zpsfoh6bbx8.jpg

Then on Sunday we drove to Zanesville to meet up with the family for the Easter morning church service, and then lunch.

 photo E59FD7A6-5425-40C7-B858-A63C389BF433_zpsnop91tlj.jpg

Look at these little punks! When did they grow up?

 photo IMG_2702_15_zps8c267b37.jpg

Then a few pictures back at my parent's house before a delicious lunch.

 photo IMG_2697_2_zps21a310ae.jpg

After the kiddos searched for Easter eggs we had to convince them for one more pic before they changed out of their Easter clothes. My Grandmother made Izzie's sweater, and my Mom made her skirt. She looked very Eastery in all off the purple and pink colors!

 photo IMG_2705_2_zps2bb1b5b9.jpg

I love all of the tulips this time of year, and my Mom had this one tulip blooming in her flowerbed. I'm hoping to plant some bulbs this Fall so I can hopefully enjoy some tulips and daffodils next Spring.

I also wanted to share some of my Spring/Easter decor from around the house. I totally meant to take pictures and post a few weeks ago, but better late than never.

 photo IMG_2711_1_zps9b879900.jpg

I made this fun moss letter to hang in the entry way. DIY tutorial to come...some day :)

 photo IMG_2713_1_zpse098afe0.jpg

Cute bunny that I got from Pier 1 last year.

 photo IMG_2714_1_zps7504ed29.jpg

My centerpiece this year is similar to last year. My friends and family think this bunny is a little creepy and it tends to stare at you when you are eating. It's you really need that last piece of cake?? Ha!

 photo IMG_2715_1_zpsad517b2b.jpg

Still loving my music pages book wreath.

 photo IMG_2717_1_zps6a3bfc63.jpg

Same as last year, added some eggs to my apothecary jars.

You can find last year's Easter decorations here.


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