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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not Quite First Look + Our Wedding Gifts to Each Other

When we were talking with our photographer about the plans for our big day, she asked us if we wanted a first look. I loved the idea of a first look, but I'm also very traditional and loved the idea of Rick seeing me come down the aisle for the first time.

 photo DSC_0164_zps9ade80d6.jpg

I had seen a few brides do a photo opportunity with a wall or door between the bride and groom and loved the idea.

 photo C32A9036_zpsca135b79.jpg

I feel like this allowed me to have a few minutes to connect with Rick, and help calm my nerves, before the ceremony.

 photo C32A9038_zpsac0d9f9f.jpg

We also used this as an opportunity to exchange our wedding gifts. Our family members handed them to us while our photographers got ready to capture the moment.

 photo C32A8876_zpsf9da8a59.jpg

Rick got me the most amazing gift. He gave a Tiffany blue journal, and wrote the first journal entry in it about how excited he was for our wedding day and to finally become my husband. He later said we could use it to document our journey in life together, which I thought was so very thoughtful.

 photo DSC_0175_zps8c3e51e4.jpg

He also gave me this beautiful butterfly necklace, which I now wear all the time. I love butterflies and it is such a beautiful design.

 photo IMG_2784_1_zps11f28a28.jpg

For Rick's gift, I gave him a watch to match his wedding ring, with a note that said "Our happily-ever-after begins at 5:30" which was the time our ceremony started.

 photo DSC_0174_zps326111e9.jpg

Once he opened it he was like, "Can I put it on?" I was like of course!

 photo C32A9046_zps3e4fbd80.jpg

We had one last hand holding before he left to go downstairs and meet me at the alter.

Next week I can't wait to share our ceremony pictures, so stop back again soon!

For more posts on our wedding and our wedding planning, click here.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Favorite Pumpkin Recipes + Pumpkin Hard Cider Anyone?

I have to be honest here, I absolutely love pumpkin flavored things. I'm that person who makes pumpkin bread year round. So I apologize in advance for the massive amount of pumpkin recipes I'm about to share in the next 3 months, but I know there are others out there just like me, so I feel like it's my duty to share these amazing recipes.

 photo PumpkinMacampCheese_zpsd21ff777.jpg

First up, Pumpkin Mac & Cheese. I tend to make this every Fall and I'm not sure why I don't make it year round. What I love about this recipe is that I can justify it's healthy for you. It uses 1 cup of pumpkin puree, which thickens up the sauce and allows you to cut down on amount of cheese needed, yet still providing a cheesy/creamy bowl of goodness! And since pumpkin is a fruit (who knew??), you are definitely getting a fruit serving for the day. Win, win!

 photo PumpkinChipCookies_zpsdc622832.jpg

It is definitly my duty to share with you the most amazing cookies in the world. Who knew that pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips would taste like heaven. These cake-like cookies are very moist and don't usually last long. I usually bring these to our family reunion in the Fall and they tend to go really fast. Make them this weekend, I promise you will thank me for it.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Next up, my Grandma's pumpkin bread (which is also amazing as pumpkin muffins) and pumpkin butter. I love my Grandmother's pumpkin bread recipe, and as I mention above, I make it year round. I also love to keep a few loaves in the freezer to pull out when company comes over, or to give as a gift. I also make a batch of pumpkin butter every year to give away as gifts at Thanksgiving. I also keep a few for myself to enjoy throughout the year. It's perfect on Granny's pumpkin bread, but it also amazing on banana bread or even just a piece of toast. I'll likely be making a batch of this soon.

 photo B86CABC5-986E-432C-9234-B4E7BE8CBAAC_zpspcwpey1a.jpg

Next, this is not a recipe, but a great find. I was a World Market the other day, browsing their Fall decor, when I stumbled upon this Woodchuck Pumpkin flavored Hard Cider. It doesn't have a strong pumpkin flavor, but is more like a less-sweet version of an apple cider. I really love it and will definitely be stocking up on more of it. If you love hard ciders, I would definitely recommend trying this.

 photo IMG_3353_1_zpsd8037820.jpg

And last but not least, it's a Bryn, who thinks she is a pumpkin. Over the weekend I set my cermic pumpkin by the door, and Miss Bryn proceeded to sit next to it, well until I finally put it out on the porch. She looked like she was trying hard to be a pumpkin. Such a strange dog, but we love her!

What kind of pumpkin recipes do you love, and should I try? I definitly want to try and make pumpkin waffles. We make waffles almost every weekend so of course that has to be added to the list of recipes to try. I think I also want to try and make a pumpkin smoothie of some sort. More to come as I enjoy the next 3 months of all things pumpkin!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Friday I'm In Love

Happy Friday!

I'm at the end of my crazy stretch at work, and if I can make it through today (and possibly another work day tomorrow), we will be done with this launch. So to celebrate, let's share some things I'm loving right now.

I found this on Pinterest the other day and it perfectly sums up the things I love for Fall. I've already started to wear a few of my scarves, but can't wait to pull out my boots and vests as well. And lately I've been drinking all kinds of pumpkin coffee. In addition to enjoying quite a few Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, there is an amazing Pumpkin Creme Brulee coffee that keeps popping up in our coffee areas at work that I'm totally loving. And even better, it's free! Pumpkin coffee keeps me going. (Someone needs to put that on a shirt...ha!)

 photo 0042fe47-0ff3-4a18-8c24-88e39bd3242d_zpsb1c1910f.jpg

I have been looking for a mustard colored cardigan for a few years now, and was super excited to come across this one at Loft last weekend. They were giving out Loft bucks if you spent a certain amount and I was just shy of getting one, so I just had to purchase this cute scarf to put me over the minimum amount. If I didn't, that would be like throwing money away right?!? And now this has become one of my favorite Fall outfits as I'm loving the mustard and navy color combo. It was funny because the day I wore this cardigan, 2 other ladies who sit by me at work were wearing mustard cardigans as well. I told them this must be the color of the season.

 photo 0A4F5D7D-DD4C-42B7-8C82-13C49DD6CA99_zpscifiqgd3.jpg

I'm totatally in love with my new skinny bar necklace from Layered and Long. It's the perfect reminder of our beautiful wedding day - VI XXi MMXIV. You can personalize it to say whatever you want, I just loved the idea of having something unique like our wedding date in roman numerals.

 photo 68BF0C6B-33D1-41A0-B652-2D860BA31F88_zpsglvlygsq.jpg

We've had quite our share of fro-yo lately. I always seem to pile mine high with chocolate and candy bar pieces, while Rick piles his high with fruit. I always include a few cherries and then tell Rick, see mine is healthy...it has fruit. Abby totally agrees :)

 photo B9A720F4-E560-40C7-A1DC-2D9CF2965F16_zpsem0h0qnj.jpg

Last but not least, I am so excited to begin decorating for Fall this weekend. I'm hoping to finally have some extra time this weekend to drag out my decorations and change things up a bit. I found this cute wreath at Home Goods last weekend that I am so excited about as well. I love the Fall colors, but also love that it doesn't scream Fall, especially since we are still experiencing some 80 degree temps. I might change it up a little later with a more Fall looking wreath, but for now love it as a late Summer/early Fall wreath!

What are you loving?

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready

Today, for Wedding Wednesday, I wanted to share some of our getting ready pictures. We were so grateful to have our family and friends with us during the whole process.

The day before, my girlfriends and I treated ourselves to a pedicure, and then everyone drove an hour to where the wedding was taking place to help set everything up for the reception. Now I would like to note that it was raining cats and dogs at this time, and my sweet friends and family not only helped us carry all of the decorations across the garden and into the Carriage House in the pouring rain, but they also set up all of the chairs in the garden in the pouring rain. That's love and dedication let me tell you. I of course was having a freak out moment over decorations in the Carriage House, so my Mom felt it would be better for everyone to head outside and get the chairs set up in the rain and let me have my moment. She knows me so well...ha!

 photo 1E2A7109-36A2-403B-9E0E-A2A8F3A713A7_zpsvqjnqoy6.jpg
{ Wedding Prep Attire - Monogram Chambray Shirt }

Then on my wedding day, my girlfriends and I met up at the hair salon and I got a manicure and my hair done. We then grabbed some lunch, and of course my "Bride" Starbucks and headed again to Zanesville to begin getting ready.

All of us girls got ready on the top floor of the main house. It was beautiful inside, and our photographers kept saying how they could photograph in the main house all day long. I wish I would have taken pictures of the main house, but I was a little preoccupied that day...ha! It was the perfect backdrop for our getting ready pictures.

 photo DSC_9916_zps18656f06.jpg

I had applied a good base layer of makeup before I left for the morning, but did some touch-ups while Hillary was taking pictures. I was really nervous to put on all of my makeup in front of everyone and didn't want to stress too much about it.

 photo DSC_1434_zps181fafeb.jpg

Us girls had a little bit of wine to take the edge off. I don't recommend getting drunk before your wedding, but a little wine helps to settle the nerves. At one point even my Mom was enjoying a small glass of wine. We sure know how to party, solo cups and all!

Then it was time to get dressed.

 photo DSC_9950_zps56e26eff.jpg

 photo DSC_9949_zps5e3d2a8d.jpg

 photo DSC_9955_zpsdd889d61.jpg

 photo DSC_9974_zps0bfa25cf.jpg

 photo DSC_9978_zpse9836c0b.jpg

A few more touch-ups and we were ready to go.

 photo DSC_9912_zps6bc53142.jpg

Izzie was such the little ham that day, and I think she really enjoyed posing in her pink sparkly dress.

 photo DSC_9913_zpsa8754f81.jpg

She also loved twirling!

 photo DSC_0178_zps5229c331.jpg

Miss Izzy and Miss Avery watching their Aunt Jen getting ready.

While the girls were getting ready in the main house, the boys were getting ready in the Carriage House.

 photo C32A8883_zps8b10e5a4.jpg

 photo C32A8884_zps7c47072e.jpg

 photo C32A8897_zpsce5f85f2.jpg

Celebratory shot before the wedding, guess everyone had to calm their nerves somehow. The boys chose whiskey :)

 photo C32A8898_zpsb87bcb8b.jpg

Up next...I'm excited to share one more pre-wedding moment before we get into the ceremony pictures. So check back next week to see more :)

And you can find more posts about our wedding, including details about my dress and accessories, here.

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