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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorites - Lots of Fall Fun!

Happy Friday folks! Is anyone else giddy that Fall is just around the corner. I'm super excited to start bringing out my Fall decor and making all kinds of pumpkin desserts. So today I thought I would share some Fall things that I am loving right now and just can't wait try.

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Pumpkin Oat Chocoate Chip Cookies - How delicious do these look? I mean they have to be super healthy since they include both pumpkin (which is a vegtable) and oats. I think I need to try to make these stat, and then proceed to eat them all this weekend.

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I'm kind of obsessed with this idea, and need to find a way to put this fall garland around the light fixture in our dining room. I love the idea that the decor is kind of up out of the way, and isn't cluttering anything. I love to decorate, but hate making the house look cluttered, so I figured this would be a great way to add a little touch of Fall color to our living/dining space. I think a trip to Michaels is in order to hunt down some grapevine and some pretty fall sprigs.

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Vests are great transition pieces for going into Fall. It provides warmth for when it gets cool, but it doesn't overheat you like a sweater or a jacket might. I keep stalking this vest, waiting for it to go on sale. It completely sold out last year, and I will probably kick myself if I don't pull the trigger and it sells out again this year. Oh and I'm also debating on getting a new pair of Hunter boots. Maybe a purple pair?

Fall 2014 Beauty Products
Sapphire Noir eye palette ~ Ruby Night Semi-Matte Lipstick ~ Night Diamond Nail Color
Pink Moonshine Semi-Matte Lipstick ~ Saphire Noir Nail Color ~ Emerald Noir eye palette 

The new Mary Kay catalog came out on 8/15, and there were a lot of cute products for Fall. I ordered all of the above, and my shipment should come in today, so I'm super excited to try out these fun products over the weekend.

 photo 404C19DA-D385-47D9-8887-AC4368371F05-5946-000005529D4C41CE_zps099b6cc9.jpg
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I made this recipe for Pork Roast with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Apples last year and it was like the perfect Fall meal. And you can roast it all on one pan for easy cleanup. I'm thinking this will become part of our meal rotation in the next couple of months. I'm also looking for some great crockpot recipes, so if anyone has any recommendations, please shoot them my way.

And last but not least? Who's ready for some football? 

I'm excited to get out my Buckeye gear! Go Bucks!

What are you loving lately for Fall?

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Honeymoon Recap: Folly Beach and The Firefly Vodka Distillery

I'm finally getting around to recapping the rest of our honeymoon. We spent the second half of our honeymoon in Charleston, SC. We did so much in Charleston that I'm planning on breaking it up into a couple of recaps. Today I wanted to share our day at Folly Beach and our visit to the Firefly Vodka Distillery.

 photo 10404512_10203485490871282_1599970499678684173_n_zps5ab67621.jpg

We spent the first part of the day at the beach. We walked a few miles up the beach and just enjoyed hearing the surf and walking along the ocean.

 photo IMG_2881_1_zps817a3e7f.jpg

 photo IMG_2874_1_zpsb3059da4.jpg

They had a pretty cool fishing pier that had benches and places to hold your fishing pole all along the pier. There was also a prep area with a sink in case you wanted to clean your fish. I think Rick was a little jealous he didn't have his fishing pole with him.

 photo IMG_2891_1_zps0bb72038.jpg

View of Folly Beach from the pier. The clouds were really starting to roll in at this point and a storm was abrewing.

 photo IMG_2897_1_zpsc0de9099.jpg

Fun stuff on the pier.

 photo IMG_2876_1_zps7ec58076.jpg

Someone was flying this cute kite, and we followed it a bit to get a good picture of it. I'm sure that woman thought I was stalking her...not her, just the kite.

 photo IMG_2890_1_zpse154519a.jpg

The birds were a little out of control, and they totally were used to people feeding them. There were two ladies who were feeding them something and they were flying all around them. I tried to get a pic of just the birds flying around so you could see how crazy they were.

We then had lunch, which I plan to include in  my "Where we ate" post and then headed over to the Firefly Distillery.

 photo IMG_2901_zpsecc8dc9a.jpg

I absolutely love sweet tea, and love sweet tea vodka even more. So when I found out the distillery was very close to Charleston, I immediately added it to our list of places to visit.

 photo IMG_3918_zps74bc73ab.jpg

I think it was like around $12 each for about 6 different tastings + a souvenir shot glass. I absolutely loved the Firefly Southern Lemonade, and since you can only get it at the distillery, of course we had to bring a bottle home. There was also a Southern Accents Pecan Pie Liqueur that I loved that we also brought home a bottle of. It seriously tasted just like pecan pie.

After the tasting, we walked around the grounds for a bit.

 photo IMG_2900_1_zpsedff90d9.jpg

The Firefly Distillery shares the same grounds as the Irvin House Vineyards.

 photo IMG_2908_1_zps4239221e.jpg

 photo IMG_2907_1_zps0f775b64.jpg

They had a lot of farm yard animals to visit with, which was a perfect distraction for the kiddos as their parents were getting drunk off the vodka tasting. We saw this cute little bunny running around, and at first we thought maybe it got loose, but we were told the bunny was just fine.

 photo IMG_2910_1_zps7be028aa.jpg

We also came across this funny goat, just hanging out on top of this old staircase, chillin in the sun.

 photo IMG_2914_1_zpsb6bde0dc.jpg

And then this rooster...Rick hated this thing. It tried to attack him as we were leaving, and followed us all the way to the car. I think he thought we were getting too close to his chickens. As I was going through my pictures to put together this post Rick saw this picture and was like..."that damn rooster!" Ha!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bachelorette Party Recap + My Free Coach Purse Experience

I'm finally getting around to going through the 1,000+ wedding photos, and before I get into recapping any more from the wedding, I thought it appropriate to recap the bachelorette party.

 photo 25F971A4-7329-4F41-BD7E-26A197A7D171_zps2bwcpfxq.jpg

First things first...#OOTN. I found this really cute white sundress at Old Navy the day before and paired it with the jean jacket from our engagement shoot and a pair of strappy sandals. I also added a cute ribbon belt to finish it off a little.

My wedding hair trial appointment was actually earlier that day, and I asked her to pin it up loosely hoping that I would have fun curls for when we went out later that night, which thankfully was the case. Add to that my fun hot pink Coach purse that I scored for FREE the weekend before. I'll recap that little story at the end, because I totally lucked out.

 photo BE66F09C-02AF-4BB6-A04C-FFCF56B29615_zps7dxhyte7.jpg

Rick drove me and two of my close girlfriends downtown, and we started off with dinner at Marcella's. We enjoyed some girl talk, tasty appetizers, delish food and of course a couple of martini's and a bottle of wine.

We then headed over to the Big Bang Piano bar for a few more drinks, some shots and a whole lot of fun. They say what happens at the bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party right? Thankfully there aren't too many incriminating pictures...

 photo 690bde3c-47f8-4e38-a2cf-9b7d9a84d19b_zps745c52e4.jpg

...just this one where they had pulled all of the brides on stage to do the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" song. I believe there might be a video floating around, but thankfully it hasn't surfaced yet...ha!

So back to my free Coach purse story. So in the Spring of 2013 I purchased this cute peach purse and carried it for a few months. I then put it away for Fall, and pulled it out again this Spring. I had carried it for about a month when the strap broke. I was really bummed because it was such a cute purse and had very little wear on it.

I took it into my local Coach store and they said they would send it away to try and fix free of charge. If they couldn't fix, they would contact me and said I would likely get a discount coupon towards a new purse. I was bummed because a new purse wasn't exactly in the budget with the wedding only a few months away.

I was shocked when they called me 2 weeks later to inform me I was getting a full refund for my purse. As in about $400 to spend on a new purse. I was shocked, and amazed, and extremely grateful that they were allowing me to get a new purse, even though my other purse was about a year old.

There was a slight mix-up with the store credit, and took a little time to get to me, but when it finally arrived I immediately headed to the store and found the beauty in the photo above (sadly I can't find it online anymore). The ladies at my local Coach store were so great, tracked down my lost credit, and kept in communication with me until my credit arrived. It was seriously a great customer experience.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Izzie's 5th Birthday

Friday was my neice Izzie's 5th birthday. I seriously can't believe she is 5 years old. It seems like yesterday I was visiting her in the hospital. Over the weekend Rick and I went to Zanesville to spend time with the family and have a little birthday party for both Izzie and me (since mine was a few weeks ago).

 photo IMG_3255_1_zpsb98a126a.jpg

Izzies big present this year was this My Life Doll that you can purchase all kinds of cute outfits and accessories for. Why didn't they have these things when I was a kid...not fair! My Mom got her a ballerina outfit and I got her a couple of cute outfits as well.

 photo IMG_3258_1_zps21ae1f7b.jpg

These are the owl pjs that I got her. They were so cute I kind of wanted a pair for myself...ha! We thought the eye mask was a little kooky though as it has owl eyes on it.

 photo IMG_3259_1_zps9c26e2bc.jpg

Her Mom also took her to get her ears pierced. She was so proud of her new earrings and kept pushing her hair behind her ears to show them off. Such a cutie :)

 photo IMG_3257_1_zpsc21be20c.jpg

Jack and Rick watching her open presents. I got a few fun fiestaware pieces for my birthday that I'm kinda excited about. I'll have to share more on that later when I get around to recapping my birthday.

 photo IMG_3261_1_zpsa7fd2b60.jpg

Frozen princess birthday cake...girl is obsessed with Frozen!

 photo IMG_3262_1_zps99b3e999.jpg

 photo IMG_3263_1_zps52511db9.jpg

Mom placed a candle on one of the cupcakes in the front for me to blow out.

 photo IMG_3265_1_zpsdda0f5c4.jpg

After a little cake, Izzie had to take her doll outside for a spin in her Barbie Mustang, which was her big gift last year for her birthday.

 photo IMG_3275-1_zps2741b3f6.jpg

 photo IMG_3267_1_zps3abd23bc.jpg

Jack and Izzie then both proceeded to drive each other around in their car/tractor. At least they play nice most of the time.

 photo IMG_3269_1_zps101b95da.jpg

What a ham!

It was a fun weekend, and the birthday fun will continue as I have one more friend with a birthday this month (although we may have to hold off until the first week of Sept to celebrate). Gotta love birthday parties!

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