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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Reception Part 1

Happy Wedding Wednesday all! I have another fun wedding post to share. There were a lot of fun pictures from our reception, way too many to ever share, but some really great ones with amazing memories. So I'll probably break this into a few posts just to keep the wedding fun going a little while longer.

 photo DSC_0757_zps7959f9ee.jpg

We started out our reception by being introduced as the new Mr. and Mrs.

 photo DSC_0807_zps14b68d3f.jpg

We then moved onto some toasts about embarrassing sibling stories...thanks to my brother.

 photo DSC_0812_zpsb392be4c.jpg

Toasts about how Match.com is the perfect place for bald men to meet their future wives...thanks to Rick's best friend Jeff, who is getting married in January to a lovely lady he also met on Match.

 photo C32A9563_zps9b8ecd43.jpg

Toasts from long-time friends...thanks to my friend Lisa who has been there with me through so much over the years, and was one of my first friends to meet Rick.

 photo DSC_0824_zpsea8ed11e.jpg

To toasts about having babies...thanks Dad!

 photo C32A9571_zps561da7ae.jpg

We then went on to cutting our beautiful cake (which I will share more details on in a future post)

 photo DSC_0932_zps2754e5d3.jpg

And then on to our first dance.

 photo C32A9608_zps245d36d2.jpg

 photo C32A9607_zps55450d71.jpg

I love this photo of my nephew taking a video of our first dance. I believe he is using my Mom's phone and I haven't had a chance to check to see if there really is a video still on her phone.

 photo DSC_0959_zpsde0b3ebd.jpg

Then there was the traditional father-daughter dance...

 photo DSC_0977_zps48b1cba5.jpg

...and the mother-groom dance.

Then things started to get really fun.

 photo DSC_0982_zps6c9de333.jpg

We started with a little Single ladies.

 photo DSC_0985_zpsca9f164a.jpg

My good friend Amy, also one of my long-time friends who was a huge help with helping me find my wedding dress and attended each of my fittings, caught the bouquet. She now needs to hurry up and get engaged so I can help her find the perfect dress!

 photo DSC_0991_zpsdbec7cbc.jpg

Then came the boutonniere toss.

 photo C32A9633_zps3f2f7dae.jpg

I'll be honest I don't remember much of what happened at this point. But was extremely surprised and laughed hysterically when I realized how my nephew managed to catch the boutonniere.

 photo C32A9635_zpsbeda2337.jpg

That kid is something, let me tell you...ha!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That One Time I Rode a Camel

My birthday was over a month ago, so I figured it was about time I shared that one time I rode a camel on my birthday.

Back in May of this year, the Columbus Zoo opened their new attraction The Heart of Africa. And when I found out that you could ride camels, I told Rick we needed to add this to our Summer bucket list. Of course the first part of Summer was a little busy (wedding anyone??), so when my birthday came around and Rick asked me what I wanted to do, I told him I wanted to go to the zoo and ride a camel. So that is what we did. Because what wifey wants, wifey gets, right...ha!

 photo IMG_3138_1_zpsefee9cc1.jpg

Let me tell you when we got up near the camel rides I got a little nervous. I think I feared that I would be that silly girl that fell off the camel.

 photo IMG_3148_1_zps6b696fb5.jpg

The camel ride was $7, lasted about 5 mins, and was kind of fun. The attendant told us a little about the camels at the zoo, including that these were both males, which were easier to handle than the female camels....hmmm. I believe he was about 8 years old, and they said these camels were owned by a private owner.

 photo IMG_3151_1_zpsc81452ec.jpg

My camel's name was Goober, because he liked to make funny faces.

 photo IMG_3133_1_zps22c07a34.jpg

These were some of the younger camels near the camel ride entrance.

This was the perfect day to go to the zoo because it wasn't too hot, and the animals were actually in great view, and were pretty active. Many times we have gone to the zoo and the animals are either hiding, or snoozing.

 photo IMG_3128_1_zpse3072658.jpg

Some of the other animals we saw included this polar bear who we caught scratching his back on this log.

 photo IMG_3131_1_zpsbd3d74a4.jpg

A bear who walked right up to us like he was after us...crazy!

 photo IMG_3167_1_zpsc43c1fa0.jpg

We totally missed out on feeding the giraffes, but caught the tail end and got some great views of them since they hadn't yet realized that feeding time was over.

 photo IMG_3172_1_zps67db3aca.jpg

 photo IMG_3184_1_zps31aa7ad9.jpg

Cute little cheetah, hanging out and totally enjoying all of the attention.

 photo IMG_3204_1_zps9178e2e7.jpg

And this guy, very deep in thought. Maybe plotting to save the world, or possibly take over.

Overall a great birthday!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Amazing Home Decor Shops in Powell

Today I wanted to share a few fun finds from over the weekend. This is probably geared more toward those in Central Ohio, but even if you are not from around here, you may find some design inspiration.
Over the weekend, we finally got around to exploring some of the cute shops in downtown Powell. We live like 5 mins from there, and drive by them once or twice a month whever we are heading over to the Sawmill/Dublin area of town. I finally convinced Rick to explore them with me, and he was such a good sport. I mean what husband wants to spend the afternoon in home decor/antique shops. I think he liked it a little; he did find some intersting things at the antique mall. So here are a few of my favorite shops that I will definitly begin frequenting more often...which kind of scares Rick a little...ha!

 photo ElmIron2_zps45293008.jpg
Elm & Iron was my favorite of all of the shops. They had some trendier decor items, very similar to the items on my favorite show -- The Fixer Upper. This location has more home decor type items, but I was told the Clintonville location had a little more furniture.
 photo 40F955DA-0C91-4DA4-8D8E-36BCA56A589C_zpsaffddpxn.jpg
I think this store would be the perfect place to find a unique house warming gift, or fun stocking stuffers for the person who has it all.
 photo ElmIron1_zps2a7a3567.jpg
They had everything from Rewined candles, to unique bottle openers, to really fun matchbooks with crazy packaging.
 photo A488523F-CE5D-437E-BAFE-39AB5A389E68_zpsgzbs5we7.jpg
I feel in love with these alphabet blocks and the one with the lowercase "h" might have come home with me. These were $10 each, which I think was a great bargan as I found something similar at the Ohio State Fair, which were actually antique typesetting stamps, that were way more expensive. 
 photo 13F3DBC0-24D4-4911-8AB6-7BF181EF49DD_zps1o7znttr.jpg
I also LOVED these letters cut out of books. Again a mini "H" might have ended up coming home with me, but I just couldn't help it, they were so cute. The mini letters were $12 and the large letters were $22. These are just like the ones at Anthroplogy, for about the same price, but I don't beleive that Anthroplogy has the mini ones, which were the ones that I loved the most!
 photo parisfleamarket_zps9fce63ad.jpg
The next shop that I loved was Paris Flea Market. I didn't take as many pictures here as it wasn't as busy and I felt like there were eyes all over us. But there were a couple of table scapes set up for Fall that reminded me of something out of a Pottery Barn catalogue. 
 photo 6C92BFCE-55A9-4F9E-9D9E-E9174572C310_zpshfsxvha1.jpg
I loved these two clock faces, but unfortunatly they weren't for sale. Lucky for Rick or the small one might have come home with me as well. The style of this store was very Paris meets French Country. Check out their blog for a better taste of what's in store and for great design inspiration. 
 photo B0983584-338F-41D3-8B1C-15C0AEA84AE8_zpsnn8xw1sn.jpg
Another favorite store was The Collection. It reminded me of a Pottery Barn meets Restoration Hardware. They had decor items, as well as furniture.
 photo 1545B39E-BA21-4FD8-8F6A-EB68F16BC19E_zps63ojs2zf.jpg
Again, I feel in love with these clocks, until I saw the price tag. Definitly something I'm going to have to save up for.
There was one other store that I totally wanted to go into, but it was closed on Sunday :( It was called Bungalow Home and it was in an old church. We, along with another lady, peaked inside the windows and all decided it was definitly a Restoration Hardware type of store. The other lady mentioned...yes down to the color scheme. Pretty much everything was gray, but I'm kind of loving gray lately, and feel that for home decor gray is the new black. Anyone else agree?
A few other fun finds were some antique cameras that we found at the antique mall. I would love to have one, or to start a small collection, some day. Again, something else to save up for as these were a little pricey. It was fun to discover that Powell has some amazing home decor shops, and so close to home. Possibly a bit dangerous as well!
 photo Jenis2_zps08dcd1a9.jpg

Of course any trip into Powell ends with a stop at Jeni's. We do love our ice cream.
 photo Jenis_zpsbd4ba4e0.jpg
{ His & Hers }
Rick had the Brambleberry Crisp, the Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries, and the Salty Caramel. I had the Backyard Mint and the Pineapple Upsidedown Cake, which was amazing and had large pieces of cherries AND pieces of pineapple upside down cake. Amazing, and I highly recommend!
Another fun weekend in the books! Can't wait for the next one :)

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