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Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap: The Pumpkin Show & Our Engagiversary

Happy Monday! Hope y'all had a great weekend. We had another fun Fall weekend, and I totally wish we could start it all over again. Instead, I'll just share some fun pics and pretend we are starting it all over again :)

On Saturday, Rick and I went to the Circleville Pumpkin Show with our good friends Jackie and Nate.

 photo photo18_zps67ce9048.jpg

Pumpkin Show #OOTD. This is one of the scarfs I talked about on Friday that I got off of Amazon. You can also search "Blogger Scarf" on Amazon and find quite a few. There is also a similar one at Target. You can find a great tutorial on how to tie a blanket scarf here. When I first got mine I had no idea how to tie it because it is rather large...basically the size of a small blanket. The one from Target is a little smaller and can be tied like a regular scarf.

 photo photo29_zps99e3e92f.jpg

We just had to get a picture in front of one of the largest pumpkin contest winners. This one won 1st place and was 1,964 lbs!! That is one BIG pumpkin!

 photo photo36_zpsb67afd39.jpg

This was the 108th Pumpkin Show and people come from all around.

 photo photo28_zpsaf617d8e.jpg

There are tons of pumpkins and gourds all around, and it's fun to pick out the really unique ones.

 photo photo46_zpsdfb32b12.jpg

I loved the unique shape of this one.

 photo photo19_zpsc4c35e9c.jpg

There was also a tent where they were carving pumpkins. The guy in the background was craving a spooky scene.

 photo 3BF235FD-A894-4E64-AD19-83CC984F300E_zps4plx1ccw.jpg

We also met up with these little cuties for a bit before we headed out to go catch the last half of the OSU game. Go Bucks!!

 photo photo37_zps57c4d758.jpg

Then on Sunday we celebrated our 1 year Engagiversary by visiting Alum Creek where we got engaged. You can read about our engagement here.

 photo IMG_3496_1_zps99830c62.jpg

We stopped by a few spots trying to get some good pictures of the leaves. I remember last year the leaves were beautiful. There was some pretty trees, but we both agreed that not all of the trees have turned yet, and we are thinking next weekend might be a better, give them another week or so and we will try again. I did get a few pretty pics of the trees that had changed.

 photo IMG_3497_1_zps3b1aa454.jpg

 photo IMG_3500_1_zpsf2a3f361.jpg

 photo IMG_3507_1_zps31784768.jpg

 photo IMG_3510_1_zps49501218.jpg

 photo IMG_3504_1_zpsbf1ace23.jpg

 photo IMG_3511_1_zpsaf29d772.jpg

 photo IMG_3512_1_zps34b9de4a.jpg

I have a fun post coming on Wednesday sharing some fun anniversary and engagiversy gifts, so check back soon!
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Love

Happy Friday! I always seem excited come Friday, but today I'm even more excited for 2 reasons: 

1. I'm finally getting my hair cut and highlighted. The last time I had this done was right before the wedding when I had my trial hair run. It's far overdue and I can't wait to feel like a new woman. 

2. This weekend we are going to the Pumpkin Festival!  Yep a festival all about pumpkins. You can get pumpkin chili, pumpkin sloppy joes and the most amazing pumpkin donuts. There will definitely be a recap come Monday.

Now on to a few other things that I'm excited to share...

{ ONE }

Plaid Blanket Scarf

{ 1 // 2 // 3 }

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to get a plaid blanket scarf. I did end up ordering one on Amazon, but recently came across this cute ones at of all places....Target! And only $16.99 each. If you recall these were popular last year from Zara, and I totally missed out on getting one, but that was probably for the best because they were almost $50. I ended up getting the purple and green one from Target and it is so soft. And not as large as a blanket scarf, so it's a little more comfortable to wear. The blanket scarf that I did end up getting from Amazon (similar to the one in the middle) feels like I am wearing a blanket around my neck, so not as comfortable as I had hoped. But I'll still do my best to rock it this Fall!

{ TWO }

 photo D9F812CA-164E-4AE7-B0AC-F9995BC5649A_zpsp0xf9x85.jpg

I've been working on finishing up some of my Fall decorations so I can share during next week's linkup. I have been coming across some really cute Fall printables, and the best part is...they are free! I love this "Well hello beautiful glorious fall" printable. It's hard to tell in the picture (the lighting in my kitchen is horrible), but the "hello" and the leaf look like gold leafing. You can find this print for free here.

{ 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 }

A few more Fall printables that I almost chose, that are all free, except the black cat one. I am going to try and recreate the Pumpkin Spice one on my chalkboard this weekend.


 photo 0D238C12-3B11-40B9-9909-11F753DB6CFC_zpsp8xr13wn.jpg

Earlier this week at work, they moved all of us Account folks around so we could be closer to our teams. Previously my cube was located in what we called the bull ring. It was a serious of cubes in the middle of the room, and there was absolutely no view of a window or sunlight. But now, I have this beautiful large window, overlooking some pretty Fall trees. And a huge mud puddle I might add, but I try and only look at the pretty leaves. There is construction next door and they are building an apartment complex, so it will be interesting to watch the progress once they get started. At least my trees are staying :)  

Also just wanted to add that I'm currently working on a little desk make-over, so I'll have to share progress once I finish getting moved in. You can see my previous work space here. Don't you just love the gray marbled walls?!? Fortunately I still have those.

{ FOUR }

I came across this healthy dessert a few weeks ago, and have been wanting to make it. I have all of the ingredients, so making it a priority to try out this weekend. I love all of the recipes from the Tone It Up girls, so I'm sure this will be amazing. And I definitely need to continue with all things pumpkin for the next couple of months while I can.

{ FIVE }

I don't have pictures yet, but I have finally taken care of getting the pups ready for Halloween. I debated on making them costumes this year, but then I came across some cute costumes that were on sale and I realized it would cost way more to make them costumes than it would be to just purchase them. 

If you are looking for costumes for your pup, Michaels has some really cute ones and they are 50% off (reg. $12.99 on sale for $6.49). I also found one at Target.com on sale as well. One thing I am finding out is pet costumes are starting to sell out fast online, so if you are looking to get something for your pup, I would recommend getting something now. Petsmart.com is out of many of the really funny/cute ones, and Amazon.com (although much more expensive) shows small quantities on the ones I looked at. 

I'm so excited because this year there is a theme and I can't wait to reveal. There will be a photo shoot happening this weekend, so wish us luck everyone is on their best behavior! BTW, you can find the pups in last year's costumes here.

And for more Friday fun, check out the Five on Friday linkup hosted by ChristinaDarciApril and Natasha

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Reception Details

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite parts of our wedding...the reception details. Our ceremony and reception decorations were all Pinterest inspired DIY projects. It was definitely a labor of love. The last few months of wedding planning, if I wasn't at work, I was at home covered in paint and/or glue. I joked with Rick the reason why brides get their nails done before the wedding is because their nails are a wreck from wedding DIYs. At least mine were!

The theme of my wedding was Southern Garden Party and the color scheme was hot pink and turquoise. There was also a lot of burlap, twine, mason jars and chalkboards. Just a few of my favorite things. So here are the details, and if anyone has any questions on how I made something just shoot me an email or leave a comment below. I might share a few DIY/tutorials in the future on how I made things.

 photo DSC_9767_zpscfe8b0cc.jpg

{ Cake table }

 photo C32A8791_zps590d71e7.jpg

{ Our wedding cake - our layers were strawberry, white with chocolate ganache filling, 
and chocolate with raspberry filling }

 photo DSC_9751_zpsf012fbb2.jpg

{ DIY floral arrangements and our table numbers }

 photo C32A8796_zpsa3bff2b0.jpg

 photo DSC_9771_zpsb2778b27.jpg

{ Napkin rings and wedding favors - chocolate mustache and lip suckers }

 photo C32A8783_zps3da36153.jpg

{ Seating cards }

 photo DSC_0783_zps41d485c0.jpg

{ Burlap Cheers banner }

 photo C32A8788_zps7f0af362.jpg

{ The puppies were representing at the wedding, along with our Mr and Mrs glasses }

 photo DSC_0789_zps26af478b.jpg

{ Photo Booth - more details to come on this later }

 photo DSC_9786_zps13d1af01.jpg
 photo DSC_9783_zps4ac16540.jpg
{ Photo booth was also part of our guest book, more to come}
 photo DSC_9807_zps896ab880.jpg
{ Gift table }

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Apple Pickin Take 2

Another fun Fall weekend in the books! One of my favorite things to do in the Fall is go apple picking and to the pumpkin patch. We knocked both of those things out this last weekend.

 photo IMG_3453_1_zps27e2032a.jpg

This is the second year we went to Lynd's Fruit Farm. You can check out our first trip here.

 photo IMG_3466_1_zpse0cae4ca.jpg

I believe we went the exact same weekend last year, and like last year we had our pick of the Melrose and Suncrisp apples.

 photo IMG_3459_1_zpscadda374.jpg

The Suncrisp apples are the yellow ones, and the Melrose are the red ones. And both are mighty delish! We were told both were crisp, juicy and a little tart, and perfect for baking.

 photo IMG_3458_1_zpsb68643fa.jpg

Rick picking the Suncrips.

 photo IMG_3462_1_zps5e8dae1b.jpg

Close up of the Melrose, which are my favorite.

 photo IMG_3463_1_zps588aa09d.jpg

If you keep these apples in a cool dry place, they will keep until Valentines day. Good thing since we got 20 lbs of apples!

 photo IMG_3470_1_zpse7735401.jpg

We then headed down the road to the pumpkin patch. It was such a perfect day to be outside and it was the perfect day to wear my new plaid shirt from Target (brand is Merona, around $22, not online to link :( ). I told Rick this was my pumpkin patch chic outfit. He just laughed, but he still loves me :)

 photo IMG_3468_1_zpsba751488.jpg

Rick's pumpkin patch chic outfit includes a pullover from Cabellas.

 photo IMG_3467_1_zpsf94a84c0.jpg

 photo IMG_3472_1_zps50df7f10.jpg

One last photo in front of the Jeep for Rick :)

 photo puppies_zpsdac7ba38.jpg

When we got back, we put our pumpkins on the front porch, and the puppies gave their approval. Now we are officially ready for Fall!

A few other happenings this weekend:

-- we went and saw Gone Girl. Loved it, but the ending is still messed up. I won't share more than that so I don't spoil it for others. Has anyone else seen this yet?

-- Rick watched our friend Amy's daughter Avery who is 2 while we were at the movies. He enjoyed almost 3 hours of watching cartoons, coloring and playing with play dough. He was a good sport, and is definitely a keeper ladies!!

-- Sunday I got a chance to check out Amy's new house, which is still being built, and then us girls went to Sweet Clove Sunshine Cafe for brunch (my review here). It's one of my favorite brunch spots, and the girls were very happy I introduced them to the honey bacon...it's amazing!!

-- My Fall decor is almost complete (isn't it funny it takes me half the season to get it all up!). There is a link-up next week, so planning on sharing then.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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