Friday Favorites: Pet Costumes

Friday, October 26, 2012

As I mentioned on Monday, last week I bought the pups their Halloween costumes and am very excited to share them next week. I don't think they were half as excited as I was, but let's pretend they were...ha!

So since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some cute/funny pet costumes I've found on Pinterest.

Count Pupula - This is perfect for a little dog who already has little pointy teeth. And I just love the big collar and cape!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Scuba Pup - There really are no words for this. I totally cracked up when I found this costume. It really works for a little dog with skinny legs, and I love the detail of the little snorkle tank and goggles.

Pirate Pup - So I had to do a double take to realize there was another fake person on his back end helping him to carry the treasure trunk. What a perfect costume for a larger dog.

Lion Pup - This is such a cute little costume, that I think would be a pretty easy DIY. I would think you could cut some felt into strips and then just loop them and either sew or hot glue onto a collar. I love the little fringe on his feet also!

Banana Pups - I saw this last year and just love this idea if you have multiple dogs. And it works for pups with long bodies like these weiner dogs.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Taco Pup - Rick said this one was so wrong, but I thought it was too funny.

Fast Food Pups - I totally want to know if these were handmade or bought. How funny is this? I bet if Abby were french fries she would totally try to eat her costume...ha!

Big Lion Pup - Rick actually sent this to his sister a few months ago and told her this would be a great costume for Charlie her Golden. At first I had to do a double take to see if it really was a lion or not.

At-At Pup - We tried to do a Star Wars theme with our pups this year, but the costumes I ordered online were way too big for our pups. I thought it would be funny to make Abby an At-At, and found a similar costume, but it wasn't this detailed. I think this would be great for a really tall and skinny dog like a Greyhound.

Witchy Pup - I just love this witch costume. I love the colors and the fun hat with feathers. Does this come in my size?

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Alligator Pup - So this is probably the most creative, yet it is slightly wicked...ha! It would definitly be an attention getter.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Turkey Pup - This is another costume that just makes me laugh. The head on that costume is kind of strange, but goes so well with that pup's face. He's probably thinking "what's on my head?"

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Chia Pup - This is another contender for most creative. I mean come-on, what's better than a real Chia Pet??

Pooh Pup - This poor little pup has apparently had a little too much Halloween fun. But he is so cute. I bet they stole that shirt off of a Pooh Bear and it fits perfectly!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Friday! Is anyone dressing up their pet this Halloween? If so, what are they going to be? I'll be sharing my pup's costume's on the 31st so check back for the reveal :)


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  1. That pup in the At-At costume from Star Wars would surely be a hit at a sci-fi themed costume party! I just hope that the dog wouldn't feel uneasy in that costume.


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