Napoleon's Tricks

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Each of the three dogs has their own little tricks. Abby's trick is getting into fridge while we are gone. Bryn is really good at chasing after a ball, although she has a hard time bringing it back to us and giving it up. Napoleon is the only one that can do actual tricks.

Napoleon's tricks are: sit, lay down, roll over and beg. He will also stay, and somewhat dance around, but we didn't capture that in the video.

We are working with the other dogs, but I think all of them distract each other, and it turns into a game of who gets the treats first. We actually had to put the other two dogs on the deck in order to capture Napoleon's tricks on video (you can hear Bryn barking in the background).

Bryn and Abby have "sit" down and Abby is finally learning how to take a treat nicely, and not bite your hand off. Rick is also working with them to come on command of a clicker. Napoleon is very smart and he understands the clicker means treats, so he is already somewhat trained on coming when he hears the clicker. The other two, well they are just trouble, so training them is going to be a battle. I will have to share any progress on those two, if there is any :)


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