Weekend Recap: Date Night and the Columbus Marathon

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday everyone! When I started to think back to what we did over the weekend I kept thinking, well we didn't do much did we, but the weekend sure did go by really quickly.

Do you ever have had those weekends where you feel like you eat out all weekend long? I typically love to cook and the weekend gives me time to try more complex recipes, but this weekend, I did absolutly NO cooking! And I kind of liked it...Ha!

Friday night I met my friend Katey at North Star for dinner and then Saturday afternoon I met my Mom in Zanesville at Cracker Barrel for lunch.

Then Saturday, after returning from Zanesville, I came home to these:

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Rick suprised me with some beautiful fun fall flowers and a bottle of wine. Isn't he sweet! :)

We then had a date night and went to Sushi En for sushi.

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We had the Firecracker roll and a Spicy California roll and a Spicy Shrimp California roll. I just started to like sushi, so I am not too adventurous when it come to trying different rolls yet. I like to stick to the simpler ones with spicy crab in them. I am not a fan at all of tuna and eel just freaks me out...ha!

We were going to also go to a movie on Saturday, but we instead had to prepare our signs for the Columbus Marathon on Sunday morning. Now I hope you didn't think I was actually running in the marathon when you saw the title of this post...ha! I only wish I was in shape enough to run a half marathon, let alone a full marathon. Actually our friend Jackie was running the half marathon and she asked that we come along to cheer her on, so Rick and I made some signs to help motivate her along the way.

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I made the "Great Job Jackie" sign which I waved as we saw her at the end of the marathon. Rick made her a "If It's Easy Everyone Would Do It" sign. He got all crafty and taped off the letters and spray painted it. It was taking very long to do this, so he ended up finishing with black marker...ha!

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I also made a "Go Go" sign on the other side of the "Great Job Jackie" sign because Rick said great job was something you would want to show at the end. Plus I was enjoying coloring with markers. Although I do have a complaint, markers these days don't hold up like they used to. I swear I was running out of marker ink as I was finishing each letter. Or maybe I was coloring wrong, I mean it's been like what a million years since I have colored with markers...ha!

Watching the marathon runners was so inspiring. I totally want to try and get back into running. Rick and I ran a 5K back in August, and I pretty much stopped running after that. I totally want to go to the running store and buy some new running shoes (and get some really nice ones for once!) and then try and get back into running a few times a week. I keep saying that I am totally not a runner though, and it is really hard for me, but from what I hear, it's hard for many people the first couple of months and I think I am just giving up too easily. We will see what happens and I'll have to share an update as I get going. I totally want to do another 5K, and Jackie is trying to get me to do the half marathon next year. We will see! :)

Oh and I also bought the pups their halloween costumes late last week, so we had some fun trying their costumes on and watching them try and get them off as quickly as they could. These stayed on pretty good, so I was very happy about that (they weren't...ha!). I want to hold off showing until Halloween, but here is a preview of one of the other dog's costume that I put on Abby. Can you figure out what it is?

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Hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Monday!!

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  1. Yes, love the preview! Can't wait to see more!!

    I have heard nothing but fabulous things about North Star!

  2. Your sweet pup looks like a little turtle head!

  3. Running scares the crap out of me....exercise in general does though. I think it's very cool that you cheered for your friend tho.


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