Weekend Recap: Pumpkins, Football and Haunted Houses

Monday, October 8, 2012

This weekend seemed to go by in a flash! But then again don't they all? This weekend consisted of pumpkins, football, a haunted house and a tequila gun...say what??? Here is a quick run-down of what all we got into this weekend:


Friday night I had sushi with the girls at Sushi.com. I had the Very California Roll and it was so good! I just recently started liking sushi, and I really liked this California roll because it had a spicy shrimp topping that really helped to give it some great flavor. I like the california rolls because they don't taste too fishy, and they seem safe to me. But sometimes they can be a little blande. I like when they are a little spicey.


Saturday afternoon we went to the pumpkin patch at Miller's Country Gardens.

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We picked up some fun pumpkins, as well as some apples, zucchini and some maple fudge...mmmm. Here are our fun pumpkins.

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We might have also found a very large chicken...a photo just needed to be taken.

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Saturday night we met up with Jackie and Nate to watch the Buckeyes at Keystone Pub.

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This was my view of the night.

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We then went to the Haunted Hoochie, which is a popular haunted house here in the Columbus area. I had never been to a haunted house before, so I had no idea what to expect. It was fun, and very crazy.

My only issue with it was that they had us walking through so quickly, I felt like I totally missed a lot of stuff. Also, there were people dressed up that were constantly jumping out at you and grabbing you. I know that's part of the experience, but after a while I was getting tired of people grabbing me. And I think I spent half the time grabbing onto Rick and hiding in his arm...ha! Am I weird or crazy or something. I felt like I was being mugged a couple of times and it freaked me out. I am sure it didn't help that I had a few drinks earlier, so maybe that was it.

They did have a second tour that was in 3D, and we totally loved that one. There was this tunnel you walked through and it was like the tunnel was spinning, even though that was part of the graphics, and we all were stumbling through it...it was such a weird experience. I would like to try another couple of haunted houses just to see what others are like. What has your experience been like in haunted houses?

We spent the better part of Sunday recovering from Saturday...ha!

Rick put together this bookcase I bought at Target on Saturday to hold all of my cookbooks. I have some other books still back at my apartment that I still need to add. I want to also keep it somewhat decorative as well, so I'll have to share the final version once I get it all together. I just feel good that now all of my cookbooks are in one place. And I have so much room to buy even more! :)

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I also made this recipe which I found on Pinterest using the zucchini we got at the pumpkin patch.

Source: skinnytaste.com via Jen on Pinterest

It was super tastey, but I took a short cut and didn't grill the zucchini first, and I think there was maybe a little too much moisture from the zucchini, and it was a little soupy. We joked that it was zucchini lasagna soup, but enjoyed it anyway. I think I will definitly try this recipe again, and try grilling the zucchini first to see if that helps it to be less soupy.

We also got this little gift from Jackie.
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She and Nate just returned from a trip to Mexico and they brought back this tequila gun for Rick. What's super funny about this is that I had saw a pic on Instagram of this girl I follow who took a pic holding a tequila shot gun. I showed Rick and he posted a comment on Facebook about needing a tequila shot gun.

Then Sun morning Jackie called to ask if she had told Rick what she had gotten him from Mexico. Rick was like no I don't think so, and Jackie was like then why did you post about a tequila gun on Facebook last night, that is what I got you. Now isn't hat such a coincidence...ha!

Hope you all had a great weekend and happy Monday!

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  1. LOVE all of your cookbooks organized and lined up! I have a cookbook obsession like you! You can never have too many!


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