Canvas Product Review + Photo Wall Plan

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A few weeks ago, I ordered* a photo canvas off of Krome Photos. I just love the look of canvas and have always wanted to order one. What is unique about Krome Photos is that they have on-staff retouchers that will also retouch and enhance your photos before they print.

I had this photo that I just loved of Rick and myself that we had taken at a wedding back in August. It had a really cool background because the reception was at an art gallery, but there were some people in the background, so it just kind of took away from the picture a bit. When I came across this opportunity, I just knew I had to use that photo.

Here is the before photo:

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

And here is the finished canvas:

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

As you can see, they tightened up the photo, and took out some of the people in the background. It looks like they might have enhanced the colors just slightly. I was pretty impressed with the retouching and the finished product.

The process was pretty seamless. I uploaded the picture one evening, and added some comments to share what I wanted edited within the photo. Within 48 hours I had a proof awaiting my approval and then I think it was printed and ready to ship within a few days after that. The whole process with shipping took about 1.5 weeks, which is pretty quick, considering it shipped from CA to OH.

My only feedback is that I kind of wanted a larger print (there are two sizes), but my photo wasn't the best quality for the larger print. I do work in an ad agency, so I do understand photos need to be a certain DPI in order to work at a larger scale, and this was an iPhone photo, but I guess I just expected iPhone photos to be a little better quality than the cell phone photos of the past (especially since I pretty much use my cell for all of my pictures). This is totally not their issue, but something to keep in mind when you are choosing your photos and your canvas size.

Also, I thought they were slightly pricer than some others I have seen online, but they do offer the photo retouching, so that probably makes up for it. The service was great though, and the retouching was awesome, so if you are interested I would highly recommend trying them out.

No onto my photo wall plan. I was talking to Rick about this last night on the phone (as he is away at Guard this week), and he asked me where I thought we should hang this canvas. I told him I had been thinking that maybe we needed a photo wall with pictures of family, friends, and of course the pups! I had something similar in my apartment, and unfortunatly I do not have a photo of that to share...I thought I had one before I took it down, but could not find one :(

I was thinking that possibly we could put the photo wall up on the stairway wall. Right now it is a blank canvas with so much possibility:

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

We both want to paint all of the walls in the condo, so picture this being another color (a neutral one, but not sure what color yet), and photos in black and/or brown frames. Below are a few examples I found on Pinterest that I love. I would need it to be somewhat organized and lined up because of my OCD...ha! (Oh and can you find the two pups in this picture? As you can see Abby is gated upstairs, which is where she is during the day when we are gone so she doesn't get into the fridge.)

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I also found these pins that help explain a few ways to plan out your photo wall:

So do any of you have a photo wall or any recommendations you can share? I am totally open to ideas at this point, so please share :)

*Please note that I did receive a coupon for a free photo canvas + shipping. All opinions are my own, and I was NOT required to write a review in order to receive the coupon. I just liked the service so much I wanted to share my experience.



  1. We have a huge photo wall in our house i'm still working on. Collecting all those frames took some money, and hanging them took hours but it is centered around a canvas print as well. I'm trying to find a pic for you :) I just kind of eyeballed hanging them, and made sure I had matching frames and all color photos.

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