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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Day before Thanksgiving! I am guest posting over at A Day in A Joyful Life while Allie is traveling in London!! In my guest post, I share an easy recipe for puppy treats. It's important not to leave out our furry friends in all of the holiday fun.

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So I thought it only appropriate today to share a Puppy Product Review of my homemade puppy treats. It's important to test out all of my recipes before sharing with my family and blog friends :) The puppys were more than happy to try out this product, so let's see what they think:

Yep I would say they like them a lot! I have been feeding them these treats for about a week now, and they just gobble them all up.

And here is a video of Abby begging for the treats. She loves them the most, but then again she loves food in general and there is not much she won't eat. And yes, poor Abby is wearing a cone. She had a cyst on her side that burst yesterday and now has to wear a cone for a couple of days so she doesn't lick her wound. Don't worry, they were able to clean up the cyst and it should heal over just fine. She will be perfectly fine to try and steal some turkey off of the table tomorrow. She has been known to knock pumpkin pies off of the counter at holidays.


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  1. Those treats look easy to make! I love easy recipes. I made some pumpkin treats earlier for the dogs and they loved them. I will have to try this one since all I need is a banana. Thanks for sharing!


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