Weekend Recap: Basketball & Birthdays

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had an awesome, fun-filled weekend! This weekend was a lot of fun for us, but man did it fly by!

Friday night Rick and I picked up some Five Guys for dinner (Oh so good!), and then met out with our friends Jackie and Nate at Caribbean Jerks for some drinks. We had fun catching up with them and some crazy emergency room discussions...ha!

Then Saturday I got to see my favorite kiddos!!! My nephew Jack, who turns 6 this Wednesday, played his first basketball game on Saturday. So my parents and I drove down to see his first game. It was so much fun, and it was so funny to watch these 6 year olds try to play basketball. They are still learning the concept of the game, so the coaches have to help them out by literally moving them around into position. There was also a few times that I was wondering if they thought they were playing tackle football because they would all pile onto each other...ha!

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Here is Jack showing us how he guards the ball (with his airplane arms).

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And here he is with his teamates awaiting the period to start. I am not sure what that kiddo to the right of him is doing. He had a fun mohawk hairdo though!

I also took some video of the kids playing. Jack is number 17. He kind of looks like he knows what he is doing...ha!

And here he is showing off his dribbling skills. That is probably something he needs to work on...ha! He kind of dribbled it right into the hands of his teammates. And look at that little kid (#54). That kid was awesome! He made 5 baskets that day, and was the only one who scored between both teams!

Then since Jack's birthday is on Wednesday (so can't believe how fast he is growing up!!), we decided to celebrate his birthday since we won't be seeing my brother and the kids for Thanksgiving :(

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Here is the birthday boy with his gifts. He looks like a little man!!

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And here he is with his birthday cupcakes. He really enjoyed licking the icing off the little toy cars...ha!

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Of course I had to bring along a few balloons, and the kiddos had fun chasing them around the restaurant. Luckily we were really the only ones there, so they didn't mind we were causing a ruckus! I love the picture above of Izzie trying to blow up the balloon. She always tries her hardest.

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Izzie also liked her crazy hair, which was a result of us rubbing the balloon on her head...ha!

On Sunday we lounged around and I watched a ton of Thanksgiving shows on the Food Network that I had recorded over the weekend. I needed some inspiration for planning for my first Thanksgiving meal this week. Then Rick and I headed off to WalMart and did our Thanksgiving shopping. I think we have the majority of what we need, but there are a few items that I still need to pick up that we couldn't find at WalMart.

The next few days will be full of planning and prep. I am so nervous as I have never cooked this big of a meal, or a turkey, before. It will be fun, but a little stressful. So grateful that my Mom is coming on Thursday to help :)

So what all did you do this weekend? Anything fun? What are your Thanksgiving plans this week?

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  1. I love little kids playing basketball! Reminds me of my childhood when I thought I was snackwells amazing basketball player and wanted to be in the WNBA. HA!


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