Weekend Recap: Food, Family and Lighting Fixtures

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!

I had a wonderful long weekend full of good food, amazing time with family, oh and a little DIY project :) I have a lot of pics, so be warned...ha! Let's start with early last week:


I took Wednesday off to begin cooking for Thanksgiving. I might have had a little fight with the sweet potatoes, and a small melt-down over said sweet potatoes, but everything else seemed to come together very well. I would highly recommend preparing as much in advance, including any appetizers, desserts and side dishes, so that really the only thing you need to do the day of is cook the turkey and warm up the sides. This turned out to be a real time/life-saver.

Wednesday night we met up with some friends for a few drinks, and I got to meet Rick's friend Jill. Rick might have sported a turkey hat, but only for a brief moment. Just long enough for me to snap a quick grainy bar shot:

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He might just kill me for posting this, so if you don't hear from me in a few days, you will know why...joking!


We woke up a little early (around 7'ish), long enough to pull the turkey out and put it in the kitchen sink full of water. Then we went back to bed for a few hours.

I was so proud of my turkey and that it actually cooked properly and didn't make anyone sick. Oh and it was pretty tasty also...I'd say that is a win-win.

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I'll have recipes to share tomorrow of what I ended up cooking, so be sure to check back in tomorrow.

Here is my Mom with all of our appetizers. She was a life-saver helping me pull everything together before dinner time.

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Here is our table, all set up. I was a little bummed that I didn't have pretty festive plates, but I did get out the good/fancy silverware. Next year I'll have fancy holiday plates. I just didn't have enough matching plates, and I was a little nervous about getting the good china out :)

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I also made this "Thankful" banner which I saw on Katie's blog a few weeks ago. It was a fun touch, and so easy to make. I might make another banner for Christmas.

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The pups enjoyed some giblets with their food. As you can see they were spitting out their actual food so they could get to the giblets (see the tiny food pieces all around their bowl...ha!)

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Miss Abby scooted her bowl clear across the kitchen she was so excited.

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Oh and yes she was still sporting her cone. This is her "give me more giblet's" look.

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On Friday, I did my best to sleep in a bit, got some cleaning done and actually did a little yoga. We also had our first snow fall of the season. Not much, but just enough for me :) It was also very windy and so cold, compared to how warm it was on Thursday.

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I also did a little shopping at Loft (50% off the entire store...oh yea!), and finished cleaning up my apartment (handing over the keys on Friday!!).


Saturday morning we woke up a little early and went shopping with Rick's sister Angel for a light fixture for our dining room. Apparently our lack of dining room light was a big topic at the dinner table on Thursday, as was a couple of other suggested DIY projects, so we decided to take care of at least one of them and put in a new light. Here is our old light, or lack of light, isn't it lovely:

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And here is the new light...ta da! I love it and Angel was a huge help in installing it. Thankfully she knows about electrical wiring since she has been into many DIY projects at her house.

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Saturday afternoon we watched a little known foodball game (yea Bucks!!), and went to Bravo for a late lunch.

Saturday evening we had some of Rick's family from out of town. They were passing through on their way to Virginia from Wisconsin, and they ended up crashing at our place for the night.


Sunday was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, and a little Christmas decorating. Here is my new table centerpiece (might add a few things to make it a little more sparkly).

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And I also put up my little apartment-sized Christmas tree. I didn't have a lot of space in my apartment, so this has been my tree for the last couple of years. And since I was single, it's very sparkly and pink! I thought it would be fun to put in the kitchen as a little piece of my past life :)

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We are going to put up a much larger tree in the living room next weekend that is a little less girly. Still working out the color scheme and decorations for our new tree. I am also working on a new wreath for my front door, so check back on Thursday to see what I came up with. It's inspired by a Pinterest project and so far I am loving how it's turning out!

And of course we tried to get the pups into the holiday spirit, but not sure they were having it. My Mom gave Abby this little Santa hat last year. She was just as thrilled this year to be wearing it.

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Bryn was a little more cooperative, and Napoleon was havning none of it. I couldn't get a shot to save my life...ha!

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How was your Thansgiving? Did you find any amazing shopping deals??


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  1. I have a tiny pink tree from my single days too!! Love your house, looks gorgeous


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