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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Over the weekend the pups, who we call our little monsters, were doing all kinds of crazy things. It's not a full moon, so it can't be that, but we have no idea why. Well I was thinking it would be fun to document some of these crazy stories and share with you all. Sorry there really aren't many pictures to go with these because they just happen, but just picture these 3 monsters doing each of these...ha!


Bryn and the Christmas Tree
Sunday afternoon I was sitting in the chaise lounge chair, which is next to our Christmas tree. Bryn was also lying in the chair next to my legs, when Abby started making a fuss in the kitchen. I jumped up to see what she was getting into, and Bryn went flying off of the chair and into the Christmas Tree. Like full on flying into the tree (think of those flying cat videos that come up during this time of year...ha!).

I don't think I realize how much she flew into the tree until I came back over and noticed a hole in the tree, and every ornament on that side was laying on the floor. I was like "what happened to the tree" and Rick was like "well, you threw Bryn into it". I never laughed so hard, and almost peed myself it was so funny.

The Petsmart Poop
Also that same day we took the pups to see Santa. Rick was so nervous about taking Napoleon into Petsmart. You see a few years ago Rick took him in for a fun shopping trip, and Napoleon got so nervous he peed all over the floor. A Sales Associate handed Rick a paper towel and gave him a look like "your dog just peed all over our store." Rick was so embarrased and would never take Napoleon back into another store ever again.

So when I told Rick I wanted to take the pups to see Santa, he kind of almost didn't want to go. I told him the dogs would be totally fine, and I have taken Abby the last 8 years. I mean if the Bad Beagle can go and act fine, I am sure Napoleon would be totally fine, he is an angel compared to Abby.

Well, we were walking around the store, and all the sudden Rick goes "Jen can you get a paper towel?" I looked at him like REALLY!?! Well I guess Bryn got nervous this time and pooped all over the floor. I think Rick is scarred for life now. No more Petsmart visits to see Santa...well until next year.

At least the picture turned out cute, besides Napoleon looking possessed and Bryn wanting to lick Santa :)

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Byrn Vs The French Fries
After the Petsmart incident, we wanted to reward the pups for an almost successful trip to see Santa. At least the picture came out somewhat nice. Rick likes to take the pups on a Jeep ride to McDonald's on his days off for french fries, so he was like, let's get the pups some french fries. I think Rick might have wanted some french fries also...ha! So we got them their fries and they gobbled them up.

Well later that day Bryn started stinking up the place. I mean it was like she was totally rotten inside it smelled so bad. Well later that night it only got worse, and at one point she was laying on the couch when she turned around really quickly, jumped off the couch, and ran upstairs. All the sudden I hear Rick go "Bryn...that stinks!" I guess Bryn must have passed some really bad gas, and it must have scared her, so she ran away. I think if I smelled that bad I would probably run away also :) 

Napoleon Loves Craft Time, Ok Maybe Not
Because any day would not be complete without some fun craft time, even later that same night I was working on a fun craft. Everytime I try and work on a craft on the living room floor the dogs just have to walk all over my stuff. It's like they think they are helping or something. So I kept shooing them away and they kept coming back.

Well aparently Napoleon was tired of me shooing him away, and decided to show me. He sits down in the middle of my craft, and starts scooting his butt across my craft. I am like "What are you doing??", totally shocked at what he is doing. Rick totally missed it and I was like "Did you just see what your dog did??" He just laughed and we both went about our business.

So a few mins later the dogs are back again, and there I am shooing them again. And what does Napoleon do, he scoots his butt on my craft yet again. He's like, "take that Jen, and your stupid craft." I mean really little dog, I can't seem to go to the restroom without you walking in on my every 2 seconds to check on me, and now you are dissing my crafts!

So those 4 incidents happened on just one day. Here are a few others that are just as funny that happened a few months ago.

Beagle Loves Corn Bread
Abby is known for stealing food. She is especially good at getting food off of even the highest counters. She has a go-go gadget neck (remember that from Inspector Gadget?). So one day I came home, and Rick is already there, and he says "Do you know what your beagle did?" Whenever I hear that, and I have heard it often let me tell you, I am always like "What did she do this time?"

Well apparently she knocked a pan of corn bread off of the counter and ate it all. And to make matters worse she was running around the house with the knife from the pan in her mouth. Rick was like "She came running up the stairs with the knife in her mouth like she was a damn pirate." I couldn't help but laugh, because I am sure Abby thought she WAS a pirate. Silly beagle.

The Poop Coat
And last but not least, another story about poop. Poop is a big topic in our household. Yes I am going to admit it, we talk about it daily: have the dogs pooped yet today? Has Rick? Have I? Probably not. There is a lot of pooping going on, especially with 3 dogs, and we clean up after every poop. Well the pups poop, we don't pick up ours.

So one night, and it was late, we were outside trying to get the pups to poop before bed. Bryn is always the last one to go, and it annoys the crap out of us...get it crap...sorry for the potty humor :) Anyway, every time Bryn poops, she kicks her legs out behind her, probably to clean off her feet. We call this her "kicks". Well she usually ends up kicking the poop and it goes flying. Well on this particular night she starts her kicks, and kicks poop right at Rick, and it hits his coat. I start giggling, so bad I am hunched over almost peeing myself again, and he is just standing there disgusted. Luckily it only hit is jacket, and not his face.

Well he took the jacket off when we got home, and although we could not find any actual poop on the coat, he still threw it downstairs to be washed in the laundry. We keep calling it the poop coat, but the funny thing is, we now can't find it. I don't remember if I ever washed it, and we can't find it downstairs. Rick is always saying, "have you washed my poop coat yet?" Maybe Bryn stole it and has it hidden somewhere...who knows!

So those are my crazy stories so far. I will admit I think I just cracked up about 5 times trying to write these out, so hopefully you all find them funny and don't think we are complete idiots. I'll try and share some more as they come up. :)

What crazy things do you pups/pets do that are funny? 


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  1. Hahaha! I was reading these out loud to my husband and just laughing and laughing!!


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