Weekend Recap: Christmas Parties, Kiddos and Christmas Trees!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Monday all! Is it really Monday? I seriously don't know what happened to my weekend!! Did anyone do anything fun this weekend? Anyone start (or finish) their Christmas shopping? Anyone start decorating?

Well here is a fun recap of what all went down this weekend for us:

So as I mentioned last week, Rick has been saying that for Christmas he is getting me a Jeep bumper with a winch. Of course I don't have a Jeep, he does, so not really an appropriate gift for me, but obviously he gains a lot from this gift...ha!

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So apparently on Friday, my gift from him arrived via FedEx. And I came home to find this sitting on the kitchen counter. I guess I am getting a Jeep bumper with a winch. I really hope not, but I have absolutly no idea what he is getting me. Anyone have any guesses?

On Saturday, we went to Rick's National Guard Holiday Party. Rick is actually retiring from the National Guard in the next few months, so it was nice that they honored him at this party and presented him with a banner which will hang in their unit (kind of like retiring jerseys).

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And of course we had to have our picture taken with the guest of honor...Santa!

Because we had to get up super early to head out of town for the party, we were pretty exhausted come Saturday night. We stopped off and got grocery store sushi from Giant Eagle and just had a relaxing night in.

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We also realized that Abby loves California Rolls...

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...and wasabi??? What doesn't that dog like. When I posed this question on Facebook, my friend Natalie replied...Bryn. Well that is true she doesn't like Bryn...ha! But she loves food!!

Sunday we went to my parent's house for lunch, and to visit with my brother and the kiddos who were in town. We also got to see my Grandmother before she heads off to Florida for the winter to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. Oh how I wish I could go to Florida for the winter!! How about you?

After lunch, we helped the kiddos decorate my parent's Christmas tree.

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How did we do? There are some areas with a lot of ornaments, and some with none, but my Mom said she will probably move a few around over the next few weeks to fill in the gaps. Or maybe just leave it as it is. They did a pretty good job I would say!!

Oh and the kiddo's shared their mad dancing skillz to Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.

This is the video my Mom captured of them on Saturday at the music store.

And here is Izzie showing us how it is done on Sunday.

Sunday evening, we went to pick out our Christmas tree. We just went to Home Depot, which really wasn't a big Christmas memories experience, but it was right across the street, which meant we didn't have to drive the tree very far to get it home. And this was my first time getting a real tree, so I really had not idea what to expect. Next year maybe we will visit a tree farm.

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Here is our tree, getting trimmed up!

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And here it is in all her glory, along with a beagle photo bomb! It is still relaxing so the branches can start to come down, so we are hoping to start decorating tonight. It was starting to look really good this morning (this pics was from last night), so I'll have to share more pics along the way.

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

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  1. I can't believe they were eating sushi, how funny!!

    I love your tree, so fluffy! Can't wait to see it decorated!


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