Weekend Update and Outdoor Decorations

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hi folks! Hope you are all having a great Monday. Believe it or not it has been a pretty good, and somewhat relaxing, start to the week. We finished up our big project at work late last week, which has kind of taken over my life for the last month, so things are starting to slow down this week, and will probably continue to be that way until the first of the year. I am excited to take some time off here and there over the next two weeks, and clean up my Inbox at work. I have about 204 emails I need to get through and either delete or file. Fun times this week at work!! :)

I wanted to do a quick weekend recap, and then move onto our outdoor holiday decorations. I am almost done decorating, so I am going to try and post our holiday decorations throughout the week. Of course I will probably continue to decorate up until Christmas because that is just what I do...ha!

  • I took the afternoon off work and completed most of my Christmas shopping. Still have a few gift cards to buy, and then I am done!
  • Met up with my friend Katey at Sushi En - love that place!
  • Later that night Rick and I met up with Jackie and Nate at a little hole in the wall bar to watch some extremly bad karaoke - it was hilarious though...ha!
  • Met up with my friends Amy and Lisa to go see Twilight again. Yes I saw it last weekend, but I had promised them I would go see it with them. It's funny because I am not really a Twilight fan, but yet I have seen all of the movies, and the last one 2 times in a little over a week...loser! Ha!
  • Then had dinner over at Lisa's and got to hang out with my favorite almost 4 month old Avery...and I got to feed her...she loves her Aunt Jen!!
  • Later that night Rick and I met up with some more of his friends for a few drinks and good fun! I swear I am not a drunk with all of this going out lately...ha!
  • Sun was spent cleaning, finishing up some decorations and Chipotle for dinner.
  • We also watched The Mistle-tones movie, which I had recorded last week on ABC Family. It was a cute little movie and included two of my favorite stars - Tori Spelling and Tia Mowry.

Now onto the decorations. I am kind of going with a Christmas red and green theme this year. You may have already seen my wreath, which I made earlier this month, and I decorated this cute little tree to match.

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Here is what our front door looks like during the day.

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And at night. Can you spot the cute little beagle in the doorway?

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We also put some fun snowflake lights out along the white picket fence and on our tree out front. I like to pretend that it's actually snow in our tree, but the fun kind that doesn't require cold weather, and shovels :)

I want to share our Christmas tree a little later this week, since there is a craft involved, but I wanted to share a little preview:

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This is why our tree looks wrecked on one side. Because some little puppy keeps walking around and under it and pretending she is walking through a forest. Everytime I look there is at least 3 or 4 ornaments laying on the ground (not eaten though...thank goodness!). And my ribbon garland just keeps flopping around...ha!

And onto the gift front. So this weekend Rick almost caved and let me open my gifts. If you have been reading past weekend recaps, he keeps telling me it's a Jeep bumper with a wench, yet I have a Nissan...and he has a Jeep. Coincidence? I think not! Ha!

Well I kept saying, if I open them now, what will I open on Christmas, I guess you will have to get me more presents. Can you believe I have this much self-control, I mean he gave me the green light! But I want something to open on Christmas. So Rick went out shopping yesterday and bought me another gift I could open now.

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He got me an arm band for my iPhone to use at the gym...and it's pink! And he got me some pink wool socks...ha! Its a big joke around here because I love to wear socks because I hate having my feet get cold. And Rick gives me a hard time because I wear socks to bed...anyone else do this? Plus he wants to get me some camo gear so bad...and I am not a camo kind of girl.

So he found these camping/camo-type socks, and they are pink. He actually got me a pair a few weeks ago, and hung them on the tree. I hadn't noticed them for a few days until he finally pointed them out. He said he was waiting to point them out for a cold day when I would really need them. They are so warm, and perfect for wearing to bed...ha!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and stop back later this week to see my tree and other decorations!

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