Friday Confessions: Why Pioneer Woman is my BFF

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! And holy snowballs! It has been snowing all morning here in C-bus, and the roads are a mess. My 3 mile drive to work to almost 30 mins, when it usually only takes like 5 or 10. I am not complaining though because some of my co-workers spent 1.5 - 2 hours in traffic this morning...not a fun way to end the week!

So today I have a very large confession to make:

I am obsessed with The Pioneer Woman, and she might just be my BFF!

Here let me tell you why.

I came across PW's blog probably back in 2009. I just loved her stories about ranch life, and of course all of the pics of Charlie. I kind of have a thing for long-earred hound dogs - I mean I have had 2 bassets and 2 beagles in my life-time.

When I found out about her first cookbook, I went straight out to Target the day it came out to buy it. I just love her step-by-step instructions with pictures! Sometimes when you are making a recipe and you wonder, does this look right. Well step-by-step pictures help you determine if it does look right.

One night I was on her Facebook page and discovered she was coming to C-bus for a book signing, and it was that weekend! I mean how lucky was I that I clicked on her Facebook page at that time.

 photo MeandPioneerWoman_zpsa01297a0.jpg

Here I am with her back in 2011 at the book signing at Barnes & Noble. I was so nervous, and I don't even know if I even said much to her. She was very sweet though and signed both her 1st cookbook and her love-story novel (Black Heels to Tractor Wheels).

Then last year I discovered (after stalking her website for book tour dates) that she was coming to C-bus again! I was so super excited and even took the day off work to meet her, since she was coming here on a Wednesday.

I kind of made a day of it. I was at B&N a little before 9 am to stand in line for a ticket, and then showed up at the store 2 hours early to stand in line. So real quick: When I was at the store at 9 am to pick up a ticket, there were about 20 people in line out in front of the store awaiting the store to open. The next thing we know, a cop car pulls up, and two cops get out and start walking towards us. We were like, OMG are we getting arrested? Nope, they just wanted to stand in line to get tickets for their wives...ha!

 photo WMe1_zps8d792d36.jpg

Here I am standing in line. The best part is that the other ladies (and some gents) standing in line love her as much as I do, so we have plenty to talk about, and it makes the time go by so quickly. I was lucky to be in the first group to get to see her, so I was pretty much at the front of the line.

 photo MeandPW1_zps3e9ac909.jpg

Here I am at the second book signing. This time she signed her 2nd cookbook and her children's book (Charlie the Ranch Dog). And here is where the BFF part comes in. So they ask you to write your name on a post-it note, or whatever you want her to write, and then it helps to lay out your books so that the page you want to sign is already open with the post-it note. The staff at B&N was trying to get everyone to do this to keep the line moving, and I already had it done because it was the same system last year.

When it was my turn, the B&N employee was you are prepared. I said, well I was here last year, and PW said, thank you for coming again this year! She was so sincere about it, and I just knew we would be BFFs forever! I'm working on friendship bracelets right now...ha!

So the reason I am sharing all of this today, is that tomorrow starts the new season of her cooking show on Food Network. I already have it DVR'd, and can't wait! I beleive it's on at 10 am, but obviously check your local listings.

Anyone love PW as much as I do?? Have you ever met her before. I would love to hear your experience. Either leave a comment below, or send me a note at


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  1. Loooove her!! I have yet to meet her, but if I do, I'm taking Sherm with me because he's a fan too. You are so lucky! Not to mention gorgeous. :)


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