If I Were A Boy...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When I heard about this linkup from Erin over at Living in Yellow over the weekend, I just knew I had to participate. I mean how many times do we complain about girl issues, and how much easier it would be to be a boy.

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What little boys are made of
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Well to get started, I first wanted to do a little research to see what I was missing out by being a girl. So I did what any girl would do, I asked the boyfriend. I asked him, “what’s so cool about being a boy? What am I missing out on? Oh and you can’t say, you can buy a canoe,” because that’s what he has been talking about for about 6 months now. Well here is his response:

Of course you would want to buy a canoe. You know YOU would want to take the dogs out on the river to go fishing.

Oh and annoying girls is a lot of fun.

And finally, as a boy you are pretty much awesome at doing the things you want to do. Things you are not awesome at you don't do. For example, I’m awesome at playing video games; not awesome at cleaning.

That’s all I could get out of him. He was watching Finding Bigfoot, and was a little distracted.

So that ladies, is apparently what we are missing out by being girls, from a man’s perspective…ha! So what would I do if I were a boy, from a woman’s perspective?

~ I would be able to have man hearing (especially when watching Finding Bigfoot). I would only hear the things that I wanted to hear. Never any more bad news, right? Or listening to annoying people.

~ I would have more time back in my day because it would take far less time to get ready in the morning, and less time standing in line for the bathroom. Why are the lines to the ladies’ room so long??

~ Speaking of bathrooms, I would be able to burp and fart and not worrying about being lady-like.

~ I could wear more comfortable shoes, although not as fun/trendy J

~ If I were a boy I would definitely learn how to cook, oh and play the guitar. These are things I would do to wow the ladies. I love a man that can cook and then play a few tunes on the guitar. Singing not necessary as I cannot sing!

~ If I were a boy I would definitely listen to my mother and sister(s) on how to treat a lady properly.

~ I would also grow up to be an amazing husband and father. I would spend tons of quality time with my family, and show my children the ways of the world.

 photo 39793A55-CA5C-4290-9634-E3F9AD1C09C4-23328-00001737B372C717.jpg

Instead I am all girl...complete with sparkly dress and Ugg boots!
So what would you do if you were a boy? Or if you are a boy, what would you do as a girl? I would love to hear!


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  1. great list. all of us ladies seem to have a lot of ideas in common - boys deff have a lot of perks. i definitely wish i had that selective hearing boys seem to get away with!

  2. Haha I love the boyfriend's answer! Apparently he really wants a canoe.
    Man hearing would be great - sometimes I am shocked at how well they can tune people out. I wouldn't mind that!
    Fun post!

  3. So that's why men don't clean...cos they're not good at it??? Makes sense I guess, but what if I'm not good at it? Does that mean no one cleans? Great post!

  4. I love the man hearing, its so true!

  5. love love love your list! the man hearing! haha oh and comfortable shoes would be lovely.

  6. Your boyfriend's right, I'd want the canoe to take the dog to the river too... :-)
    And the man hearing-spot on!


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