Menu Planning and a Healthy Chinese Recipe

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have been wanting to get more into Menu Planning and sharing some of my favorite recipes on the blog. Rachel over at In No Simple Language just started up her Menu Monday posts for the year, and I am excited to start participting for two reasons:

1. Hopefully this will encourage me to try some fun/new recipes and expand upon our dinner rotation.

2. I find so much inspiration on the blogs I read, and pretty much all of my recipes these days comes from blogs, so I am hoping that I can inspire all of you to try some fun new recipes as well.

I would love to hear your feedback on these posts and if these dishes are something you would try, or if you have any fun recipes that I should try and then share my outcome.

My goal beginning next week is to recap what we ate this week and share pics and reviews of the recipes I have tried. I will then share what I am excited to be cooking for the upcoming week, and then each week I can recap and share what worked and didn't.

I love hearing feedback from other bloggers on what worked and what didn't work. Sometimes a recipe sounds good, and the picture looks delish, but it's not always easy to recreate, especially if it's coming from an experience chef!

So here it goes. So far I have one recipe that I can recap from Sunday's dinner, and then I will share what I am planning for the rest of the week:


General Tso's Chicken and Baked Egg Rolls

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I have been craving chinese lately, and these two recipes will not only satisfy that craving, but they are somewhat healthy as well. The General Tso's recipe came from Tasty Kitchen, and the Baked Egg Rolls recipe came from Iowa Girl Eats - some of my favorite recipe blogs.

The only change I made was I didn't really fry the chicken. I just used a little Pam in the bottom of the pan as opposed to adding oil and pan-frying. I did use the corn starch/egg white batter to still give it a little texture, it just wasn't as crisp, but was just as good and I'm sure was less calories.

These two recipes aren't hard to make, maybe just a little more time consuming and they use up a lot of pots and pans...ha! They are definitly woth it, and probably more of a weekend recipe than a quick weeknight recipe. Definitly one you should try, expecially if you like Chinese food.

For the rest of the week I am looking to make:

Homemade Pizza - dinner last night (Mon)
Sausage and Rice Stuffed Peppers
Tacos with Mexican Rice
Balsamic and Brown Sugar Pork Chops

So what are you cooking this week? Do you typically plan out your meals or do you just go with whatever strikes you that night? What type of recipes are you looking to try? Anything amazing I should try?



  1. Yum, that looks awesome! My January goal is to get into the habit of preparing/making meals to have for lunch and dinner throughout the week so I don't just pickup fast food when I'm too tired to cook. Sunday I made spaghetti squash and turkey meat balls, and prepped ham and sweet potatoes. I was pretty impressed with myself! That sounds like a great linkup, thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks delicious!!! :)


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