The Crazy Honey Beagle

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

**Note: If you aren't aware of the honey badger, click here, or else you may not understand this post. And if you think I am crazy after this post, that is totally understandable :)

We have a new nickname for Abby - The honey beagle. Here is a story about the honey beagle.


This is the honey beagle.

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The honey beagle is just crazy.

The honey beagle has been referred to by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most fearless animal in the human kingdom (yes the honey beagle thinks she is human).

The honey beagle just doesn't give a shiz.

If she's hungry, she's hungry.

Look it's a pumpkin pie cooling on the counter. Honey beagle don't care, honey beagle will take it's go-go-gadget neck and pop that pie right off the counter and gobble it up before you can say Happy Thanksgiving.

Or that bacon you have in the fridge for brunch, nope, honey beagle don't care about that either. The honey beagle will go straight up to the fridge, pop it open and devour a pound of raw bacon in under 2.5 seconds.

And don't even think about eating that bagel. Nope the honey beagle don't give a shiz if your blood sugar just dropped and you need some carbs to get your morning started. She will jump up on the counter and steal your bagel right out of the toaster oven.

The honey beagle is pretty bad ass. She really has no regard for any other human when it comes to food. The honey beagle just eats what it wants. Nothing can stop the honey beagle when it's hungry.

And these other little animals...

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... they just wait until the honey beagle is done and they swoop in to pick up the scraps. The honey beagle does all the work, and these animals just pick up the scraps.


The honey beagle (aka Abby).

As you can see, this new nickname for Abby seems to suite her well. And for even more fun stories about Abby's interactions with the fridge, check out this Bad Bad Beagle post. :)

Happy Hump Day!
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  1. Hahha...she sounds like she has a lot in common with Floyd!

  2. hahaha. how CUTE! (:

    found you through the link up!



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