Introducing: Bryn-o-vision

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ever wonder what your dog sees on a daily basis? Well, today I wanted to share with you Bryn-o-vision.

 photo D4F82883-8925-4B63-A959-270A7A3A9281-4331-000004665ED5784D_zpsddd9c4ee.jpg

Our little pup before her grand adventurer.

Yes we put a camera on one of our dog's back, and let her loose in the dog park. It's kind of funny, but a little nauseating, so please be forewarned.

If you actually make it through the full 6+ minutes of footage without getting sick, I congratulate you! Let me know and I'll send you a little prize. You deserve it :)

Next up will be the beagle. She is a little calmer, unless she starts howling, so we might be able to get a little better footage. And of course we will share all of our little adventures here on the blog.

Oh and did you notice my new look? I am still making some tweaks, but just needed a little refresh before spring! Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Haha this is an awesome idea!! I would love to do this for our dog.

  2. Aww this is so cool!! Bryn looks so cute in the photo!! Th camera is so fun! it points at wherever shes looking lol and its mostly the ground hehe cause shes sniffing so much! Can't wait to see more pup vision!! lol

    Jen xxx

  3. I have always wanted to do that with my dogs.

  4. LoL, I bought one of those cameras for our oldest daughter's dog so she could see what Sparty does while she is at work. She has had a lot of fun with it.


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