Franklin Park Conservatory

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A few weekends ago, we went to the Franklin Park Conservatory. It was fun to be in a tropical environment for the afternoon, while it was cold and gloomy outside.

Also, I LOVE flowers and especially enjoy taking millions of pictures of them. I have been wanting to practice using my new camera on something other than the pups (even though they are cute...ha!) so this was the perfect opportunity.

I did take a million photos (or maybe around 130), and these are my favorites that turned out pretty well. I mean I am no professional, but I was super excited about how these turned out.

I totally want to go back again in a few months for the butterfly exhibit (starts March 9!!), so expect more pictures in the future :) Right now they are featuring orchids, so there are beautiful orchids all over the place!! It totally made me want to get an orchid...hopefully soon for our new guest room/office!

Hope you enjoy, and let me know which ones you like. I like them all, but I am also totally enjoying #7 of the hibiscus flower. Oh and of course love the one of my partner-in-crime, aka photography assistant :)

 photo IMG_0508_Edit_zpsfaffc54c.jpg

 photo IMG_0513_Edit_zpsfb36a461.jpg

 photo IMG_0527_Edit_zps469b7215.jpg

 photo IMG_0537_Edit_zpsbb4928d5.jpg

 photo IMG_0539_Edit_zps628ca5c6.jpg

 photo IMG_0542_Edit_zps9053b8a9.jpg

 photo IMG_0548_Edit_zpsf8f5a3d3.jpg

 photo IMG_0549_Edit_zps432c1a96.jpg

 photo IMG_0554_Edit_zps6b39cd8d.jpg

 photo IMG_0564_Edit_zps7bf7ec2b.jpg

 photo IMG_0573_Edit_zpsecbbbecd.jpg

 photo IMG_0575_Edit_zpse57c2799.jpg

 photo IMG_0579_Edit_zpsd3572117.jpg

 photo IMG_0581_Edit_zps786ddbc6.jpg

 photo IMG_0584_Edit_zps5655a60a.jpg

 photo IMG_0593_Edit_zpse798555f.jpg

 photo IMG_0608_Edit_zpsdbd0c10f.jpg

 photo IMG_0623_Edit_zps1dc37252.jpg

My partner-in-crime (aka my photography assistant)

 photo 0610E7D9-F5A7-4F17-9022-4F4206358A05-4331-0000046664817C76_zps8dd2663a.jpg

And here is one last shot that Rick took of me shooting away!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I'm not a flower person as in, I can't grow anything to save my life...but I do enjoy botanical gardens more than the average person...and def more than my husband who always puts up a fight about going to any! New follower from the hop!


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