Weekend Recap: New Computer, Tarjay and Pizza!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Monday dolls! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

Ours was super busy, but we got a lot accomplished this weekend. Below are a few pics to recap some of the fun we had:

 photo E73A2423-CD0E-4B67-BB61-E5133A8E05EE-7171-00000671FEE03CCD_zps02e4a99b.jpg

I finally got a new computer and so far I am loving it, even though the new Windows is throwing me for a loop!

 photo B403BA56-E75C-4B2D-9792-4A8588F7CD59-7138-00000670A3E31547_zps85afe62e.jpg

I did a little shopping at Tarjay. My next room makeover is going to be the guest room/office and bath. My color scheme: lime green and plum (although hard to tell in photo)...so excited!

 photo 230BEACD-4289-4444-AD9E-FA891B82273B-7138-000006707877E8F4_zps80d8d352.jpg

We had a double date with Jackie and Nate and tried out Pies & Pints. They specialize in pizzas and beer, hence the name. They had the most wonderful gluten free pizza crust, probably my favorite so far. I enjoyed the Pineapple Pie which included pineapple, bacon, onions and feta cheese...yum!!

We then spent Super Bowl Sunday over at Rick's sister's house, where we enjoyed a 3 course meal of:

 photo 73736B53-5544-4D22-B392-ACE23122E2E1-7138-00000670815C65E2_zpsb3b05d8d.jpg


 photo 17C7E162-CE85-4E75-BA0D-0BAA8DA147DA-7138-0000067086AFAE3E_zps6fae776e.jpg


 photo 0A7492CC-D013-4CD8-9F4E-23446DD30F45-7138-000006708BDD2CCD_zpsb0ef3329.jpg

and pizza. Rick's brother-in-law is an amazing chef, and he totally spoils us when we visit. Of course I don't believe my pants are going to fit tomorrow with all of the amazing food we ate, but at least my belly is happy :)

 photo 550988A4-ADAC-4631-8417-FFA49FA8D95D-7138-000006709955E397_zps1bb9c6a9.jpg

The pups may have enjoyed a few sliders also.

Over all it was a fun weekend. I also finally got out and took some winter pics with my new camera. I am hoping to share some pics soon. I am working on editing with my new Photoshop Elements, so as soon as they are ready, I want to start sharing on the blog and on my Facebook page. I think it will be fun to look back on some of my earlier pics to see how much I have improved...hopefully I will have :)

I also learned this weekend that I talk in my sleep. Apparently the other night every time I heard a noise I said lay down Abby. Sometimes Abby likes to get up and roam the house at night and get into trouble, so she is always waking me up and I am saying lay down Abby. I probably say this so much she is starting to think that is her name. Well apparently, now I am saying it, even if it's not Abby...ha!

So how was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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  1. I love Target. I always spend WAY too much money there. Also, all of these food pics are making me super hungry.

  2. It is always so exciting to get a new computer. I am getting a new computer at work and at home! Whooeee!

    Ali of


  3. All that food looks amazing!! I have that same soap dispenser! Love it!

  4. All of that food looks delicious! I think I may have to go get a shower curtain like that! Thanks for sharing! xo

  5. Just so you know... you had me at "puppy paws." New follower. :)


  6. Okay. OHMYGOODNESS. We recently got a whole bunch of new laptops at our office and they have the new Windows program running on them. SO weird and annoying!! >:-( Your food looks amazing. YUM.


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