Friday Favorites: Spring Garden Fever

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy first day of March! I don't know about you, but I am currently having spring fever, and am totally over Winter! I am totally not a cold weather girl, and although I do like a little snow here and there, I get over it pretty quickly and can't wait for sunshine and warm weather.

The good news about this month is that the first day of Spring is in March, and March 20 can't come any sooner for this girl. I know that there are still some cold weather days in our future these next couple of weeks, but just the thought of us being in the same month as the first day of Spring makes me a happy girl.

Right around this time each year, I start getting the gardening bug. I start seeing patio furniture and gardening supplies pop up all over the stores, and can't wait to start planting things and spending time outdoors.

My dream garden would be full of foliage and pretty flowers. I wouldn't even mind if there wasn't a spec of grass, but full of flowers and plants. It would be extra nice if you didn't have to worry about mowing right...ha! And of course weeds would never grow in my garden...not in my dreams :)

I dream of days spent in this dream garden sipping coffee in the morning and sweet tea during the day, reading all of my favorite books and magazines. Then in the evening, chatting with friends over a glass of wine.

Every time I get a free moment, I get on Pinterest and start searching for garden inspiration. This year we are hoping to install a raised garden bed to grow some veggies, and I have been itching to update the landscaping with some pretty flowers. Ok, I'll admit I can't wait to girl up Rick's condo, but that's what us girls do best right?

One of the things I am contemplating is whether or not I want to put in a cute cafe table on the back deck for dinner and drinks...

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

or if I would perfer some adirondack chairs that I could cozy up on with a blanket and a good book...especially as the sun starts to set. I love the one above with the little cut-out for a wine glass. I have already shared with Rick as a potential DIY, and he is already starting to think things through :)

We are also planning on some type of structure to grow some herbs. I love how this idea utilizes vertical space. Our deck is not very big, so any space saving ideas are high on our list!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Here is another fun way to utilize the vertical space on a all of the colorful pots!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I am also loving these wine garden markers and have some wine corks saved just for this craft. I am thinking we will definitly need for our raised garden bed and herb garden.

I want to make sure to include some of my favorite flowers, which include lilacs...


...and sunflowers.

What are you dreaming about this spring?


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  1. I love spring, this post has me so excited for it! Since we don't have a yard I can't garden, but houseplants and fresh cut flowers will definitely find their way into my home.

  2. Man, I love of these pictures! Gets me so ready for warmer weather! I'm obsessed with the chair that has a cut out for wine idea ever!

  3. Hi Jen! Just hopping around and came over to your blog! I work for an Ad Agency in Kansas City, but telecommute and live in Cleveland, Ohio! (I worked there for years before we got transferred up here 3 years ago!) Anyway, was just looking at pics of your pups and they were so adorable in their Halloween costume! Hope it's warming up there down in Central Ohio.... we've still got a couple weeks left of cold it's looking like. BOO! Have a great day and hope you'll stop by!

  4. Spring is my favorite season and I'm sure tons of people have the same taste as I do.

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