That's Spring in Ohio (+ trip to Alum Creek State Park)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's almost spring! Only 1 week away. But spring time in Ohio brings all kinds of crazy weather. The other day someone said it looks like "March came in like a Lion" this year, and I totally agree. Case in point...

Last Wednesday, we woke up to this:

 photo IMG_0780_Edit_zpsbd26397e.jpg

Just a little snow.

 photo IMG_0779_Edit_zps60dd687d.jpg

 We haven't really had much snow since the first of January, and it was kind of pretty. 

 photo IMG_0781_Edit_zpsf26b1c05.jpg

The majority of my work team, including myself, worked from home, and it was nice to have a snow day for once.  

 photo IMG_0784_Edit_zps65973333.jpg

But then just 2 days later, it was sunny and almost 70!

 photo IMG_0810_Edit_zps05a45a2d.jpg

Rick and I spent the afternoon walking around Alum Creek State Park.

 photo IMG_0817_Edit_zps6f63679c.jpg

I decided to bring along my camera to get some fun nature shots. 

 photo IMG_0818_Edit_zps8f835a2f.jpg

Of course everything is still a little brown and boring, but it was still fun to try and find unique/creative shots.

 photo IMG_0821_Edit_zps4428b7d1.jpg

And then we saw the promise of Spring...

 photo IMG_0822_Edit_zps88150157.jpg

...buds on a tree. I was very excited and took way too many pics of tree buds...ha!

 photo IMG_0824_Edit_zps4514a8f0.jpg

And I started to think that Spring and then Summer would be here very soon.

 photo IMG_0826_Edit_zpsb3b0a384.jpg

Quick shot of my cutie in front of the dam. Rick said I needed to get a "dam(n) picture" of Rick...ha!

But then a few days later the cold weather was back, and we had an ice storm yesterday morning. On the way to work I actually passed a 7 car accident due to very icy roads.

And that's just Spring in Ohio. We can go from 30 degree/snowy weather, to 60 degree/sunny days, to back to 30 degree/snowy weather, in a week! Oh and it's supposed to be a high of 56 tomorrow.

Welcome to Ohio!


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  1. This Ohio weather is seriously killing me! I got a sunburn on my nose sitting on a patio on Sunday, and am all bundled up in my big down coat today! Spring just needs to happen already :)

  2. Hi!! I'm stopping by from the night owl instagram blog hop - new follow on your blog and IG! I was scrolling through your posts an I see Alum Creek and I scroll down a little more and see that you are from Ohio! So nice to find another Ohio blogger .... then I scroll down more and I see Easton! I love Easton! We don't live in Columbus but my sisters do so we spend a lot of time in Columbus!



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