2013 Easter Weekend

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy April everyone! Can you believe we made it through winter? I'm sure we will still have a few more cold days, but I am finally starting to feel positive that warmer days are on our way. This weekend was definitely one of them, and was wonderful!

This weekend my brother and my niece and nephew were in town for Easter, and on Saturday they came over to our place for a little visit, along with my Mom. On Saturday we...

 photo IMG_0991_Edit_zps11b9926e.jpg

Had a little photo shoot. More photos to come.

 photo IMG_0976_Edit_zpse6d47ac5.jpg

Dressed up in Unkey Ricky's police hat.

 photo IMG_0978_Edit_zps3813afab.jpg

Colored some eggs...

 photo IMG_1005_Edit_zps8c902f27.jpg

...and then decorated them with silly stickers.

 photo photo_zps8ac21015.jpg

{ Easter Egg Artists }

 photo IMG_0977_Edit_zpsc7a94344.jpg

Acted all cute...

 photo IMG_1007_Edit_zpsf37816de.jpg

...and then blew some bubbles.

 photo IMG_0975_Edit_zpsbc8e202d.jpg

We also enjoyed some Hummingbird cupcakes { recipe here }

On Sunday, we went to my Mom's church and had another little photo shoot with the church flowers.

 photo IMG_1036_Edit_zps80ab4143.jpg

I always love how the church is decorated for Easter.

 photo IMG_1032_Edit_zpsf639f853.jpg

And it smells wonderful!

 photo IMG_1038_Edit_zpse64dfc8d.jpg

I told Rick this fall I want to plant some bulbs and have our flowerbed look just like this!

 photo IMG_1046_Edit_zps09223cf4.jpg

I did get one pic of us this weekend, but my brother clearly didn't understand how to use my DSLR camera, so it's a little fuzzy...ha! Rick said after I showed him he was thinking...he is not going to get this! Oh well, next time use iPhone as backup!

 photo IMG_1025_Edit_zps8318909c.jpg

I also made a gluten free carrot cake as our Easter Dessert. It was super tasty, and I'll have to share the recipe a little later. Rick said it's one of his favorite desserts I have made.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I'm enjoying reading everyone's recaps!!


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