Photo Shoot with My Brother & the Kiddos

Monday, April 15, 2013

Over Easter weekend, my brother and his two kiddos came to visit. It was such a nice day, we decided to conduct a little photo shoot in the back yard. Just wanted to share some of my favorites:

 photo IMG_0991_Edit4_zpsd15fe138.jpg

Aren't they such a cute little family?

 photo IMG_0982_Edit3_zps09184f17.jpg

I am so proud of my brother...he is such an amazing father, and the kiddos just love him!

 photo IMG_0984_Edit3_zps7e89319c.jpg

 photo IMG_0988_Edit4_zpse3e77701.jpg

This is probably one of my favorites. She sure is a Daddy's girl!

 photo IMG_0994_Edit2_zps4bafb29e.jpg

Jack was trying for some action shots! Ha!

 photo IMG_0995_Edit3_zps3d7b55fb.jpg

Sibling love!

 photo IMG_0999_Edit3_zps06ea3ade.jpg

I am loving the little attitude coming from this girl. I feel like she is telling her Daddy how it's done :)

 photo IMG_1000_Edit3_zps189e40f5.jpg

Oh and did I mention he is single...any single ladies out there? Sorry I just had to do it!

 photo IMG_1002_Edit3_zps4e916747.jpg

This is typically how our photo shoots turn out with the kiddos being silly. Keeping it real!

 photo IMG_1174_Edit_zps7d4eea3c.jpg

And here is a fun pic I got last week when I was visiting my brother. Yes he has cows in his backyard, but they aren't his. I thought this one was so cute and she was very interested in my camera.

Happy Monday! Hopefully you had an amazing weekend and an even better week ahead!

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  1. Hi!! I am visiting you from Mingle Mondays. Those are fantastic pictures of your brother and his kiddos. I hope you are having a great Monday!

  2. LOVE this blog and the photos!
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  3. Interesting blog and beautiful pictures.

  4. What sweet, sweet photos!!! =)

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    Have a great day!



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