My Little Girl is 11!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last week was Miss Abby’s 11th birthday. I still can’t believe she is 11! Although she has gotten much grayer, sleeps a little more than she used to, and has her grumpy moments (like a grumpy little old man), she still plays with her toys like a puppy and loves to chase all the dogs around at the park, and bark her loud beagle bark at everything…Lord help us all!

 photo null_zps3648abbd.jpg
{ 11 Years Ago & Now }

Miss Abby is such a sweet dog, but she is also mischievous. She has on numerous occasions broken into the fridge and the trash can. During this time she has eaten many of my groceries including a pound of ham, a loaf of bread and half a package of uncooked bacon. She has been known to wash this all down with some Activia yogurt, so don’t worry, her digestive system is perfectly fine with all those probiotics.

 photo D3EC1A60-B073-4F22-AAED-76EFCD9A90A0-25270-000019574C58ED47.jpg

She has also been known to get on the kitchen counter (long story) to eat sugar out of the sugar canister, cookies out of the cookie jar, and steal bagels right out of the toaster (how she does this without burning her lips I will never know). She has also been known to steal a thawing roast out of the sink and hide in my pillow case (my room smelled of roast beef for hours after that, and she was so ticked off I found her snack set aside for later!!).

 photo IMG_1125_Edit_zpsd404e8c7.jpg

{ My Sweet Girl }

But despite all of her food adventures (she is a foodie if you couldn’t tell), she has been by my side for the last 11 years. She has helped me get through breakups and my single-girl days, the births of my niece & nephew and the death of my Grandfather, and successes and hardships with my career. She has laid by my side through dental surgeries and the flu, as well as kept me warm through all of the cold Ohio winters. She has kept watch over my little apartment, and has been my little doorbell and welcome greeter whenever visitors would come over. Back in my little apartment, she always made me smile when I pulled up and saw her sitting in my little window, waiting for me to come home...every day. She has been my buddy, my best friend, and my little girl for the last 11 years. Here’s to hoping for many more…as my Mom says she will probably outlive us all!


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  1. Happy birthday sweet Abby!

  2. Happy birthday sweet Abby girl!!! Tell her she just never ages ;) That roast beef story!!! Hysterical...hahaha.

  3. Beautiful photos and a lovely message - I love how she's been a constant for you as your life has changed


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