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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I've been lucky enough to spend the last 2 weekends with my brother and my niece and nephew. I took a ton of pics with my digital camera, and finally got around to downloading and editing them. I promised mi familia that I would post, so here we go. Get ready for a photo dump :) 
The first set of pics was taken on Memorial Day. My mom, dad, brother, niece and nephew came for a cookout. We enjoyed burgers, hot dogs and brauts for lunch and then had some fun with the kiddos as our afternoon entertainment.
 photo IMG_1296_1_zpsbff1304e.jpg
I just love this pic of Izzie. She is really starting to become a ham for the camera.
 photo IMG_1295_1_zps6e746676.jpg
Jack has always been a ham, but he looks downright ornery with his front teeth missing.
 photo IMG_1302_1_zpsec0c1e84.jpg
Unkey Ricky showed the kids how to roast marshmallows.
 photo IMG_1300_1_zps90c4a249.jpg
And then of course they had to do it themselves.
 photo IMG_1311_1_zpse31c9c99.jpg
We then took a walk to find some ducks and geese.
 photo IMG_1310_1_zps8d60908e.jpg
I think they thought the geese were kinda cool, but were a little nervous to get too close.
 photo IMG_1312_1_zps955f4a2f.jpg
We watched them waddle down to the pond.
 photo IMG_1316_1_zps00b49314.jpg
{ Izzie and Daddy }
 photo IMG_1317_1_zpsf10e3a30.jpg
{ Jack and Daddy }
 photo IMG_1318_1_zpsb0dbcc60.jpg
Such hams...all 3 of them!
Then last weekend they came to visit for the whole weekend. My bro showed up with the kiddos Friday afternoon. We had some buffalo chicken enchiladas (which I just have to post the recipe for soon!). Friday night we spent time down at the dog park and then settled in to watch Ice Age 4.
Then on Saturday, my Mom came to visit and we headed on over to Highbanks Park (which is about a mile or so down the road from us), and had some fun on the playground equipment.
 photo IMG_1330_1_zpsb0d184d0.jpg
 photo IMG_1333_1_zpsc13e354e.jpg
I loved watching my brother helping the kids on the more advanced parts of the playground. So sweet.
 photo IMG_1334_1_zps1882ecc2.jpg
Of course they LOVED the slide. Kids just love slides.
 photo IMG_1335_1_zps5f217da0.jpg
Hey Aunt Jenny!
 photo IMG_1337_1_zps2775a63a.jpg
My bro only had to show her how to do this once, and then she was all about doing it herself. I'll be honest she scared me climbing up this by herself...but she did it just fine.
 photo IMG_1338_1_zps5c75650b.jpg
 photo IMG_1339_1_zpsfe61adbc.jpg
 photo IMG_1341_1_zps889bb3e1.jpg
The kiddos and I might have had some races down the slide. They might have also beat me every time. These slides were not built for us big kids!
 photo IMG_1342_1_zpsc9dd75ba.jpg
Then of course they had to race each other.
 photo IMG_1343_1_zps4be56040.jpg
Kids love swings also.
 photo IMG_1347_1_zps9c190055.jpg
So after playing on the playground for a bit, we decided to go exploring. We found this little trail that took us down to a stream. After walking for about 3 mins Izzie decided her legs were broken and needed to be carried. Fortunately for her, once we got back to the playground equipment, they were suddenly unbroken...a miracle!
 photo IMG_1349_1_zps8799751f.jpg
The kids had fun throwing things into the stream.
 photo IMG_1353_1_zpsfeea13e2.jpg
And daddy showed them how to skip rocks. Jack picked up on it pretty quickly.
 photo IMG_1356_1_zps3d82b08c.jpg
 photo IMG_1357_1_zpse158e9d1.jpg
 photo IMG_1358_1_zps057dbea6.jpg
There was this big tree that we just had to use as a photo op. The kids were a little afraid of being up there, so we had to quickly get their pic.
  photo IMG_1360_1_zps667f93db.jpg
Then daddy stepped in to save the day and they were a little more comfortable sitting in the tree.
It was an awesome weekend, and I can't wait until they move closer so we can have more fun weekends like this. Next weekend is the big move back, and we can't wait!
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  1. So fun! Looks like two great weekends of family time. And ps- looking forward to you posting that recipe. Sounds delicious!


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