Summertime Fun (Fishing and Partying Like it's 1996!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Hump Day y'all! I took a little break because I was in Chicago all last week for work. More on that later, but wanted to share some of the fun we have been getting into so far this summer.

 photo Fishing_zps87ad4a81.jpg

Rick finally got his kayak (or his "yak" as he refers to it...only cool people call it a "yak"...or so he says :) ). And two weekends ago he took me out for a little fishing trip. I'll admit I wasn't really into fishing because the scenery was just so pretty. And it was a little surreal being out on the water. I have always been a little afraid of deep water, so I was a little nervous, but ended up having a blast.

I sported my new "fishing outfit" (as seen in the photo above). I was very concerned about what I could wear that would keep me cool in the sun, but would also dry really quick if I got wet. Yes I'm a typical girl and have to have an outfit for every event! The tank top was from Target and they have a ton of them in really cute colors and patterns for only $10! I might have scooped up a few. I also had to sport my new watershoes, which I have always thought were really ugly, but these weren't too bad. And they kept my feet safe from whatever lurks in the water, and saved all of my good shoes from getting wet...ha! Oh and don't you just love my pink trimmed life vest!! Rick got that for me a few weeks ago. He was like "I got you a present" and at first I was like "gee thanks!" I told him girls prefer shoes and sparkly things, but I guess he wanted me to be safe.

Rick did catch a fish, but he ended up throwing it back because he thought it was too small to keep. We found out later it was just over the guidelines of what we could have kept, and unfortunately he didn't catch any more that day. There was a fishing tournament going on, so just too many people out in the water.

We ended the day by celebrating with some fish from the waters of Giant Eagle. They had these salmon/lobster pinwheels that were a-ma-zing! I have been craving them ever since, but when we went back they were out of sad. Hopefully we will come across them again!

 photo concert_zps8231188e.jpg

Then last weekend we went to see the Summerland Tour concert at PromoWest. The concert consisted of Sponge, Filter (in the pic above), Live and Everclear (all bands popular when I was in high school). I had seen this concert last year and it was a ton of fun. Last year it was Sugar Ray (loved them!!), Everclear, Lit, Gin Blossoms and Marcy Playground.

There are some other fun things we want to do this summer as well including:

-- Going to a Cincinnati Reds and a Columbus Clippers game
-- Travel to Pigeon Forge in August (so excited!!)
-- Day trip to Hocking Hills (last year we rented a cabin for the weekend)
-- Head down and visit the Scioto Mile (hoping to do so today if the rain holds out)
-- Explore a new park in C-bus
-- Watch a movie outdoors
-- Make our own ice cream

I'm sure our list will continue to grow, but these are just a few things I want to do this summer. What are you looking forward to doing this summer?


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  1. His "yak" hahah I love it. We are going white water rafting this weekend. I've never been, and I admit, my primary concern is what I'm going to wear.

  2. Looks like you're having a fantastic summer! My hubby would love to have his own "yak". I'll have to tell him he needs to start calling it that or he isn't cool. LOL!


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