Friday Favorites: Fun Fall Decorations, Tasty Recipes and a New Do

Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been painfully slow. I kept thinking it was Thursday on Wednesday and yesterday just felt like it should have been a Friday. But here we finally are, and I have a ton of fun things planned for the weekend. We are going to a friend's lake house to watch the OSU game (go Bucks!) and then a fun little surprise planned for Sunday. I am hoping if all things work out I can cross something off of my bucket list. Crossing my fingers all goes as planned! I'll have a full recap on Monday.
So on to what I have been loving this week. It's a bunch of random, but fun things:
1. Finishing up my Fall décor
I have been putting out my Fall décor items over the last couple of weeks and am finally done (well for now...ha!). I have been wanting to make a cute burlap banner which I have been seeing all over the place, and I finally got around to making one.
I picked up these fun burlap prints at JoAnn's a few weeks ago, and wish I would have purchased more. They were selling out fast! I think I might go back and see if there is any more to make either a table runner or possibly placemats.
2. Summer Veggie and Sausage Skillet

I came across this recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and thought it would be a great way to use up some of our veggies from our garden. It was super easy, took maybe around 15 mins to make, and was so delish! I ended up using turkey sausage, green peppers, zucchini and tomatoes. I then served over brown rice so we had a starch to go with our veggies and sausage. This is definitely a recipe that I want to make again before the veggie season is over.

3. I heart Fall magazines
My favorite season is Fall, and one of the things I love is all of the fun ideas in the Fall magazines. I have been looking for some new recipes to try, and am especially loving all of the soup and casserole recipes in these two magazines. I have been craving comfort food, but am looking for some healthier options, so I might take some of these recipes and tweak them a little to be slightly healthier. There are also a ton of cute pumpkin and Halloween ideas for décor and parties. It kind of makes me want to throw a Fall or Halloween party.
4. My new do
I got my hair did last night and oh how much lighter it feels. I probably got at least 2 inches cut off and my color brightened up. We added in a little warmer tones for Fall. (NOTE: Photo a little grainy because it was 7:45 and getting thing I DON'T like about fall)

Here I am right before she started coloring/cutting so you can see how long it was. This is probably the longest it has been in forever. I liked having it long, but it is so much healthier after having a few inches cut off. I am also loving my OPI Russian Navy manicure. Perfect color for Fall, and matches my Coach iPhone case perfectly!
5. Cute Beagle Pillow

{ From KateDoug }
So the other day I came across this pillow and just had to send it to Rick to see if it was something we just needed to have. I absolutely love beagles (and my Miss Abby), and love finding cute beagle items. Plus we have turned "beagle" into a verb here in our household (sometimes we beagle (throw) a pillow at Abby when she is howling too much), so I thought this was supper funny that it was "Keep Calm and Beagle On" We haven't purchased it just yet, but we might soon. Christmas idea maybe?
What are you loving this week?

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  1. I lovvvve your fall decor and that burlap! So adorable! Your hair looks fantastic :) Isn't it crazy what a big difference just a couple of inches can make?

  2. Love the pillow! I might need that too!

  3. Great post!

    Thank you for linking up with Friday's Fab Favorites!

    Lauren xx


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