Friday Favorites: Getting Ready for Fall In Style!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! It has only been a 3 day work week for me, but my oh my it's been cray!! I'm so happy that it's almost the weekend and you know what else I am getting excited about? Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Yes it's that time of year again. Time for the sandals to go away, the boots to come out, and time to eat all things pumpkin. I am so hoping that the PSL's are at my Starbucks this morning because I am totally splurging on one today.

Random Fact: Did you know that there have been over 29,000 tweets that have featured the hash tag: #pumpkinspice since August of 2012? (according to Wow that's a lot of love for all things pumpkin spice!

But in all reality, I haven't been as excited about Fall this year as I typically am. I just don't feel like I got to really enjoy Summer. It has been a very mild Summer, we had a lot of rain, and I didn't get to enjoy any pool days :(

So in order to get myself on the mood for Fall, I have been browsing Pinterest for some fun fashion and beauty trends that I want to try out this Fall. And today I am going to share some of my favorites.

1. Fall Outfits:

1, 2, 3, 4

I have decided that in order to survive Winter this year, I need to invest in some cute boots. Yes that will make putting my sandals away and the fact that I can't see my cute pedicure a little easier. I found these outfits on Pinterest, and I actually already have most of these items already in my closet. I just need to invest in some cute tall brown boots, and a cute pair of booties, oh and I totally want to get a pair of the boot socks this year. Did anyone else see these all over GroopDealz last year? Why did I never pull the trigger on those? I hope they have them again this year :) And although I don't dress up much anymore since my workplace is so casual, I will need some dressier outfits for my upcoming Mary Kay parties, and I just love the idea of belting a cardigan and adding some cute flower pins. I feel like I could probably make a few of these for pretty cheap and add to my current cardigans (I have so many!!).

2. Beauty Trends:

Fall 2013 Color


I have seen a lot of purples and teals and blues in the Fall trend reports. And I'll be honest these are my favorite colors to wear. My latest favorite makeup colors are a silver and plum mineral eye shadow, with violet liner and plum mascara. Yes it may seem like a lot of purple, but the liner and mascara are more like a gray purple, so it's almost kind of neutral and works so well with the silver and purple eye shadows. I also just recently had a pedicure and choose OPI's Casino Royale which I thought was the perfect shade for transition into fall. I have also recently used OPI's Russian Navy, and just love that color as well. It's a dark navy blue, but it looks almost purplish. And I love this light pink lip stain. It part of the new Fairy Tales & Fantasies collection from Mary Kay, and it's a very nice neutral lip color, but it's a lip stain and it says on forever.

3. Fall Bags:
{ Source }
So I totally love this bag from Coach, but holy moly when did Coach start selling $1,400 bags? My Momma always said I had champagne taste on a beer budget...and I do love a little champs :)
 { Source }

This is a little more along my budget, but I am still a little unsure of the printed fabric. What are your thoughts? I would love an animal print bag for fall, and I like the idea that this is such a dark brown it's almost black, so it would really go with almost anything.

4. Fall Boots:

{ Source }

So I mentioned new boots this Fall are a must. I love these from Tory Burch, but once again the price point is a little high for my budget. I mean I could afford to buy these, I no longer have a car payment, and that would have almost covered the price, but I keep thinking I could have a few pairs of boots for this price. I saw a few pairs at Macy's that were similar, and I think I might hit up DSW in the next week or so and see what else is out there before I make up my mind. Thoughts? Are they worth it, or am I missing out on something better? I really want to be trendy AND save money.

5. Fall Watch:

{ Source }
Ok so watches aren't necessarily a Fall item, but I don't have one, and I think I need one. Especially this one. Although I feel like I need a silver one also for when I am wearing silver jewelry or if I am wearing black or gray. What are your thoughts? Would you wear this one with everything? I have so many fashion questions today? I'll admit I need help. Any advice is welcome :)
What are you excited about for Fall? Any fun fashion trends? PSLs?

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  1. Lovvve this list. And I have always felt like I was too fair skinned to wear navy blue polishes (although I love them), but YOU are fair, and YOU can pull it off, so maybe just maybe I will attempt :) I have these boots and I cannot express to you how much I LOVE them. Still pricey, but a bit under the TB pricing above. The quality is worth the money though. I consider them probably the best wardrobe investment I've made. I can wear these with pretty much anything in my closet, minus business and formal wear. The heel is enough to be flattering, but they are SO STINKIN COMFY. I dress them up, and wear them with sweaters and skinnies too. I seriously can't advocate for them enough. I'll stop now. And no, I actually don't work for Frye haha

  2. I'm suuuppppeeerrr excited for fall but I'm still stuck in summer mode. I refuse to get into fall things (pumpkin flavored things, fashion, etc.) until it cools down a bit. It just doesn't feel like fall (to me) until the weather is cooler. But, I did add fall soaps to our bathrooms and picked up a few fall candles. I couldn't help myself ha!


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