Life Lately: A Happy Day with the Kiddos

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Monday all! It's an especially happy Monday for us because hopefully we are sleeping in as this post is publishing. Of course if Abby has anything to do with it, I will be up at the crack of dawn. If she goes more than 8 hours without food, she is very unhappy and begins making monkey noises. Of course if I went 8 hours without food, I would probably do the same. Just like her momma I guess.

Well...long time no blog right! August has been a bit overwhelming, with lots of stuff going on, and unfortunately something had to take a backseat to life. I am bummed that a few things probably won't get documented, but I really want to post about our vacation and a few fun birthdays that came up this month.

Do you ever have those times when you feel so overwhelmed, but you don't really understand why? That has been the last month for me. I mean it has been busy, but I don't even have kids yet, and I feel like my life is just crazy. Of course I always believe that God never gives you more than you can handle, so maybe he is just getting me ready for when I do have kids. We can only hope right.

I did want to share the fun times we had yesterday. We had my parents and my niece and nephew over for a cookout -- my bro was working :(. It was a little hectic at first as I wasn't really prepared, and I was trying to get the food prepped and everything. But once all that was out of the way, I really got to spend some fun time with my two favorite kiddos.

 photo happyday_zps14c0bc25.jpg

1. Love to get pictures with them while they are still willing to take them. Hopefully they will always consider me the cool Aunt they want to hang out with.

2 & 3.  We did a little coloring, and Izzie told me I did a good job with my puppy pic.

4 - 6. We also made some smores and used those really big marshmallows. They made some rather large smores that you could barely fit in your mouth, but they were so good.

7 & 8. We were all a sticky mess by the end.

And of course I had to share this cute little video of the kiddos dancing. We wanted to prove that these kiddos have much better moves than Miley. I will admit that I am not the best influence on these kids sometimes. And I apologize to my brother because this may have become Jack's favorite song, well at least for the next week or so...ha!

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  1. Looks like you had a fun family weekend! And those smores look delicious!

  2. I told myself I was going to sleep in today and because my body is use to to waking up, I was up at 830 :( One day maybe!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)


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