Our Day at The Biltmore Estate

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today I wanted to share some more vacation pics. I can't believe it's been over a month since we have returned from our trip. I am finally starting to get around to editing my 250+ pictures. I love my DSLR camera, but there are some drawbacks to trying to take nice pictures, and that involves a little time with Photoshop. Hopefully I'll be able to finish recapping my trip before the holidays :)

We spent a full day at The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The Biltmore Estate is America's largest private family home and was built by George Vanderbilt. The estate consists of 8,000 acres and the home alone is 4 acres of floor space featuring 250 rooms, 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces! The home was opened to family and friends on Christmas Eve in 1895, and it has been restored to how it would have looked at that time. The estate is still privately owned by the family, but has been turned into a tourist attraction in order to help with the upkeep of the house. I believe the family has since then moved out, but I heard still lives within miles of the estate, and visits frequently.

We arrived around 10 am and immediately took the house tour. The house is amazing, but unfortunately you cannot take any pictures inside. This time around I ended up buying a book that had many pictures of the house and it's different rooms. I wanted something to remind me what it looked like, and to also be able to share with my family and friends. If you ever get a chance to go, definitely take a day and visit! 

 photo IMG_1643_1_zpscac3b129.jpg

 photo IMG_1654_1_zps78df6604.jpg

{ On the back porch, I could spend all day here }
 photo IMG_1712_1_zpsf321794d.jpg
{ I mean check out the view! }

 photo IMG_1653_1_zps8c5b96bb.jpg

 photo IMG_1669_1_zps888211c5.jpg

{ From the Italian Garden }

 photo IMG_1672_1_zps5def8560.jpg

 photo IMG_1675_1_zps1f53fc7d.jpg

 photo IMG_1680_1_zpsbda9ace5.jpg

 photo IMG_1685_1_zps51aa48dd.jpg

{ Loved his little bright blue tail! }

 photo IMG_1686_1_zpsd5e16a84.jpg

{ The Conservatory -- I told Rick when we get a bigger place, I wanted this in my back yard }

 photo IMG_1687_1_zpsbe35aff9.jpg

 photo IMG_1689_1_zpsa8685b36.jpg

{ A total Pinterest project! }

 photo IMG_1690_1_zps81f009e8.jpg

 photo IMG_1695_1_zps5da334f8.jpg

 photo IMG_1691_2_zps06769077.jpg

 photo IMG_1705_1_zps60d5221d.jpg
{ These were the roots of this tree, and I thought they looked like little meerkats }

 photo IMG_1706_1_zps3097c19f.jpg

{ Bass Lake -- so serene }

 photo IMG_1708_1_zps29cd4598.jpg

 photo Stables_1_zps02089a0d.jpg

{ We had lunch at The Stable CafĂ© }

 photo Stables3_zps996dd51f.jpg

 photo Stables2_zps35a34bd1.jpg

{ It was literally the old stable house }

 photo Stables4_zps23c582d1.jpg

{ The booths were built into the old horse stables }

 photo StableFood_zpsccf4dcb8.jpg

{ I had this salad that was similar to a black-n-blue salad, but it had grilled peaches on it. So good! }

 photo IMG_1720_1_zps1d5a95e5.jpg

{ They had a little farm and garden on the property as well }

 photo IMG_1714_1_zps01035b8d.jpg

{ This little guy reminded me of Abby, gettin all in his food dish! }

 photo IMG_1716_1_zps2152ffb8.jpg

{ This guy was being a bully. Rick said he was just a ladies man and
working on bringing more chickies into the world. Oh the circle of life...ha! }

 photo IMG_1721_1_zpsd6fd2c16.jpg

{ I don't know how this one was comfortable, but he was snoozing
away like this the entire time. Reminded me of Brynn }

 photo IMG_1727_3_zps870f593b.jpg

 photo IMG_1728_1_zps4230cf07.jpg

{ I loved this little eggplant. Such pretty color }

That recaps our trip. We also visited the winery and did a little wine tasting, but I didn't get any pictures of that. The wine was very tasty, and we ended up bringing a couple of bottles back home.

Have you ever been to The Biltmore Estate?


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  1. Oh my goodness...this looks like such an amazing trip! I love touring old homes and mansions...I'll have to put this on my list of must see places!


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