Taking A Leap of Faith

Thursday, September 5, 2013

About 2 months ago, I made a huge decision that could possibly change my life. I decided to become a Mary Kay Independent Consultant. I had used their products in the past, but never thought in a million years that I would be selling it myself. It was definitely a decision that would take me out of my comfort zone, but something that just required a leap of faith.

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One of my good friends, who had been selling Mary Kay for the last year, asked me if I would help her out and let her share a little bit about the business with me. Mary Kay is great about offering incentives just for sharing the business, so if she was able to share the opportunity with 6 ladies, she could get a pair of pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet. I quickly offered to help out, but in all reality figured we would chat and that would be it.

I was really amazed at some of the things she shared with me, and after really thinking about it for a week, I decided to commit to being a Consultant. I have no idea what came over me, because this is not normally something I would ever do. But something inside of me said, “Jen just do it!" I saw how much my friend had grown in the last year, and was at a point where Mary Kay was going to be her full time job, and I thought, well if she can do this, so can I.

{ The box that started it all }

I’ll admit it’s been a roller coaster couple of months. I have had so many emotions come over me once I signed that contract including excitement, to being scared out of my mind. At first I was a little unsure about sharing with my family and friends. I mean I have a graduate degree, and here I am selling makeup! And will people not want to talk to me anymore because they think I just want to bug them about buying product? I’ll admit I am that kind of person who worries all day long about what people will think of me, and tend to not take chances because of that. So I am trying my best to push those thoughts to the back of my mind and really put myself out there.

I also promised myself that I would not become one of those ladies who are constantly pushing their products. If someone is interested in the company or the products, I will do everything I can to help them. This may cause me to not be as successful as other consultants, but I just want to stay true to myself and my customers. I don’t want my family and friends to feel like I am pushing these products on them ALL the time. But I know that I have to put myself out there at least a little or else no one will know that I am selling anything. It’s a hard balance, and I am still trying to figure that out. If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears!

{ The official Mary Kay bag }

So far I’ve learned a lot. I am very passionate about skin care, and Mary Kay has awesome products. They sell themselves. So right now I am learning to put myself out there. My biggest fear I think is rejection. And believe me, there have been a few people that I thought would support me more than they did, and I’ll admit I was hurt at first. I can be very sensitive at times, and tend to get my feelings hurt very easily. I am trying my best to move on and not let that hurt our relationships. There were also some people that totally shocked me with the support they gave me in starting my own business. I have had a few people say “I will do whatever I can to help you”, and I’ll admit I was so grateful and happy to have such great friends.

The other thing that I have learned is that there is so much support from the other consultants when you join. I am very knowledgeable in skin care, but I am not that knowledgeable in makeup application. I was shocked at how many resources are available including color training courses. At the very least I am excited to learn how to apply makeup to make myself look more polished and professional. And I am very excited about the discount for being a consultant and the ability to get all of my skin care and makeup products for 50% off!! I might have went a little overboard with my first order, but I wanted to make sure I had all of the major products try out so that I could have a better idea how they worked before I shared them with my customers. I am best at selling things I love and use on a daily basis, and I totally appreciate when someone is very real at sharing their experience with using the products.

{ Set up for my debut party }

One thing that I am super grateful is that Rick has been very supportive of my business. When I had my debut party a few weeks ago, he was a great sport as 6 ladies took over his dining room to talk about skin care and makeup. He keeps joking that someday I will be his sugar momma, and who knows that may be the case some day...ha!

My journey has just begun, but it’s not over yet. If you have made it to this point…a big thank you! I really wanted to document my feelings during this part of my journey. If you have ever tried something like this, or are looking to try something like this, please let me know. I think the biggest thing I have loved about blogging is sharing our experiences and learning from others, and would love any advice and encouragement from ladies who have taken their own leap of faith!


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  1. You go girl!!! So exciting :) There are a couple of products that I use EXCLUSIVELY Mary Kay for, so you'll be my new go to when I run out for sure!


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