The Cone of Shame

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First let me say that this happened over a month ago, and Miss Abby is totally fine. Things got crazy during the month of August, so I am a little behind sharing some updates, and these pictures are just too cute not to share.

So a few weeks before we left for vacation, we noticed that Miss Abby had a large bump on one of her back legs. Earlier in the week we noticed that she had been licking her leg, but didn't notice the large lump until that Friday after work. It was about the size of a birds egg, and was really red and irritated. I immediately called the vet, and we had an appointment the next day. My vet is amazing and found a way to fit us into an already packed schedule.

We immediately put on the cone of shame to keep her from licking her leg. Poor Abby has had quite a bit of history with the cone of shame. Last summer she had to wear it for about 3 months straight due to a weird form of puppy lupus that caused her toenails to fall off. The first time we put it on her I felt like a horrible puppy momma. I kept taking it off, and Rick finally forced me to keep it on her. He actually waited until I went to work, and just made her wear it all day long. She quickly got used to it and stopped trying to take it off, but continued to run into everything. It was kind of funny, but at the same time I felt really bad that she had to wear it. But the vet informed me that it was important in order for her to heal, because sometimes licking makes the situation worse.

 photo Abby3_zps09379787.jpg

{ Abby is never thrilled when the cone of shame comes out }

So back to Abby's sore leg. Abby had also been inching all over earlier in the week, and Rick might have freaked me out by saying it could have been a botfly. If you have no idea what a botfly is, I recommend NOT Googling it. Basically it is a fly that can lay eggs on your pets, which then burrow under their skin and the larva basically lives in there until it hatches. So gross, and I might have had a full on freak out moment when he told me. I wanted to cry just looking at my puppy thinking this weird egg was in her system, and how I was going to need to fumigate the entire house. And yes, I am known to be a tad dramatic.

 photo Abby1_zps8e3ac736.jpg

{ Abby was not happy to be back at the vet's office,
and was certainly not impressed with that issue of CatFancy }

Thankfully it was not a botfly, and was just an infection that had caused some fluid to gather under the skin. They sent us home with some antibiotics and said it should go away in a few days. Abby also had to wear the cone of shame in order to keep her from licking her leg.

After a few days it wasn't going away, so back to the vet Abby went.

 photo Abby2_zpsa9f7cfaa.jpg

They had to drain her lump because for some reason the outer portion of the lump had hardened and it was causing the lump to be unable to drain on its own. She left the vet with a pretty hot pink band aid and I thought it looked like she was wearing a little leg warmer.

 photo Abby4_zpsfbcc1b2c.jpg

After another week Abby was good as new and back to her old ways. It might have helped that she got some waffle fries from Chick-fil-a after her vet appointment. Fries and Jeep rides are my beagles favorite things :)

Has your dog (or cat) ever had to wear the cone of shame?


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  1. We got the inflatable C collar from Petsmart. Much softer and she did fine after her spay surgery. Glad Abby is o.k. Miss Diamond has a little knot on her back leg too. I am watching it. Thought it may be a bug bite.

  2. Awww glad she is ok! Brutus has rocked the cone a few times, but he is super good about not licking things when told. SO, he only wears it for a couple of hours. I always feel so bad when he has to wear it!


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