Cute Critters On A Monday: Alpacas!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Last weekend I was finally able to cross something off of my bucket list. I have shared on here before my love of alpacas. I just think they are awkward and cute and that is what I love about them. So when I heard that there was an alpaca farm called The Alpacas of Spring Acres in the town where my parents live, I begged Rick to come with me to visit. And my Mom came along as well. It was just a fun afternoon, and we learned so much about one of my favorite animals.

When I got there, I'll admit I was speechless and a little in awe. I just kept wanting to stare at them. I really wanted to pet one, but they are not really fond of strangers touching them.

 photo IMG_2036_1_zps75ff3da6.jpg

 photo IMG_2037_1_zps0b29937c.jpg

 photo IMG_2043_1_zps9dab6879.jpg

{ I thought she looked like she needed a hair cut. }

 photo IMG_2042_1_zpsa9859983.jpg

 photo IMG_2041_1_zps1582aba8.jpg

 photo IMG_2039_1_zps1aeca203.jpg

{ These ladies were the shy bunch. We were informed
that they tend to stay back away from the guests. }

 photo IMG_2024_1_zps21bb1a09.jpg

 photo IMG_2050_1_zpsed325c54.jpg

{ This looks like they are giving loves, but in reality
this is how they start fights by banging their necks. }

 photo IMG_2048_1_zpsc6bdd516.jpg

{ Me and my friends. }

And here are a couple of fun facts that we learned on the tour (all courtesy of The Alpacas of Spring Acres):

1. Alpacas are members of the camelid family which also includes llamas, vicunas, guanacos and camels.

2. Alpacas come from Peru, and there are two types: Suri and Huacaya

3. Alpacas can live for 20 years and are herd animals.

4. They tend to use a community bathroom -- meaning you will find one very large pile of "you know what" where all of the alpacas go #2.

5. Alpacas are raised for their fleece which is hypoallergenic

6. Pregnant alpacas carry for 11+ months and a baby alpaca is called a cria.

7. Alpacas birth weight is usually between 10 - 17 lbs and the adults range between 100 - 190 lbs.

8. Alpacas "hum" to communicate to each other.

9. Each alpaca has their own personality.

10. Alpacas are smart and easy to train.

Happy Monday all!

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  1. True story: when my sister was around 7, she came home from school talking about this new animal she had learned about - alpacas. My parents thought she'd made it up, but she kept insisting and they kept patting her on the head and refusing to believe, until one day we went to the zoo (we lived in Paris at the time) and there they were! My parents still cringe when my sister brings it up!

  2. Great pictures!! and they are pretty cute!! Nice that they all go #2 in one spot! =) Haha!

    Found you on the link up! Jill @

  3. Great pictures! They are pretty cute, huh? Good to know they are nice enough to go #2 in the same area. Easy clean up-- if anyone were to clean it up.. haha!

    Found you on the link up! =) Jill

  4. Great pictures and interesting facts! New follower here from the blog hop! :)

  5. they have such adorable hair-dos haha


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