Friday Favorites and a Public Service Announcement

Friday, October 18, 2013

I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too, Thursday I don't care about you, it's Friday and I'm in love!

Ok now that I have started your day with some great 80's music, let's get into my favorites of the week:

First off, I have a PSA: Benihana has an amazing Happy Hour! Mon - Thurs from 5 - 7 pm you can get sushi rolls from $2.75 up to $6 for Specialty rolls. You can also get some amazing prices on cocktails and beer. We went the other night and it was the perfect little mid-week date night. If you have a Benihana in your area, definitely check it out!

I got another fun bracelet this week that I am totally loving. I got this gold and crystal link bracelet from J Crew Factory, and it's now on sale for $19.95 if you want to score one for yourself. I told Rick that this was considered an arm party according to posts on Instagram. He seriously looked at me like I had 3 heads. My little shadow Napoleon loves it though!

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I recently finished this book and totally loved it. If you love Downton Abbey you will especially love this. Jane, who is in her mid 30's, has given up on finding love. She is super obsessed with Mr. Darcy from Price & Prejudice and her Great Aunt thinks that is the reason why she has given up on love...because she is holding out for her own Mr. Darcy. So when her Great Aunt passes away, Jane finds out that she has inherited a trip to Austenland to meet her own Regency-era gentleman. It's a fun light-hearted read, and is also being turned into a movie. I think it will be fun to watch and see if it plays out on screen how it was playing out in my own mind while reading the book. I just love it when books I have read turn into movies.

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Rick and I recently started watching the American Horror Story Coven tv show and are really enjoying it. The new season just started, so I believe we are only about 2 episodes in if you want to catch up. This tv show is about a group of girls who are witches, and have been sent to this school in New Orleans to teach them how to protect themselves by controlling their powers so that the general public doesn't find out about them and try to kill them. The show is set in modern day, but also goes back in time to the 1830's to show a little bit of history among witch craft and some of the characters. It's kind of a fun show to watch, especially with Halloween coming up.

I came across this video on Facebook the other night, and just had to share. It may be 8 mins long, but I have already watched it 3 times and loved every minute of it. It's probably the best marriage proposal that I have seen thus far, and I'll be honest the first time I saw it, about half way through I broke down in tears. I mean full fledge crying, and I have no idea who these people are. I think Rick thought I was cray cray and at first I felt odd telling him what I was watching that was making me a blubbery mess. Check it out and I apologize to all the single ladies and their future husbands for setting your standards so very high now...ha!

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  1. hey lady!! popped on over from the linkup, and i'm so happy to be a new follower! yay!!

    i watched that proposal video last friday! AAAAAH! how cute is it. and extremeeeely well planned. i might've cried at the end...:) loving you bracelets, the sushi, and ESPECIALLY your love for pups.

    happy friday, pretty!


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