Puppy Adventures at Highbanks

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dogvacay.com recently contacted us to see if we would be interested in joining their online community by sharing how our pups represents our city and interests. Since I love sharing cute pictures of my furry little children, of course I said yes!

One of the things that I love about Columbus is that we have many pet friendly parks around the city. There are actually 17 natural area parks with around 200 miles of trails and more than 27,000 acres of land and water in seven Central Ohio counties. Rick and I just love hiking and being outdoors, and it's even more fun when we can take the pups along.

We always start by loading them up in the Jeep, and it's even better when it's nice enough out where we can take the top off! This last weekend we visited Highbanks which is actually within minutes from our house. They day was just beautiful, and was just warm enough to wear short sleeves, but not too hot where the pups (or us) would overheat.

 photo IMG_2008_1_zps2f4b19dc.jpg

 photo IMG_2000_1_zpsa111556d.jpg

 photo IMG_1992_1_zpsa6124ebe.jpg

 photo IMG_1997_1_zps82a9f06c.jpg

 photo IMG_1986_1_zps1313198d.jpg

 photo IMG_1995_1_zps9ef974fe.jpg

 photo IMG_1994_1_zpsbe55f000.jpg

 photo IMG_1990_1_zpsec01cc24.jpg

 photo IMG_1993_1_zps7ad98e7d.jpg

 photo IMG_2001_1_zpsce0a49b2.jpg

 photo IMG_1987_1_zpscc465b45.jpg

 photo IMG_1984_1_zps39447300.jpg

 photo IMG_2003_1_zps736328c0.jpg

 photo IMG_1983_1_zps43379c11.jpg

 photo IMG_1998_1_zpse5a2a5dd.jpg

We could start to see some signs of Fall as some of the trees were just starting to change color. It was a great day, and reminded us that we need to all get out and enjoy the nice weather before winter comes.


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