Trip to Lynd's Fruit Farm: Apple Picking & Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yesterday I mentioned that over the weekend we took a trip to Lynd Fruit Farm for apple picking and to visit the pumpkin patch. There are a few great farms around Central Ohio, but it seems like everyone that lives here has heard of Lynd's and it has a pretty good reputation.

 photo IMG_2243_1_zps4427fc66.jpg

 photo IMG_2237_1_zpsfc1f033d.jpg

Rick thinks I am a geek, but I was so excited to finally pull off one of my Pinterest inspiration outfits. Top: J Crew; Jeans: Loft; Scarf: Coach; Boots: Madden Girl; Earrings: Lia Sophia.

 photo IMG_2225_1_zps4cbc015f.jpg

 photo IMG_2220_1_zps1c1d80d7.jpg

 photo IMG_2221_1_zps11290c91.jpg

I told Rick we needed an action shot...ha!

 photo IMG_2219_1_zps71097955.jpg

 photo IMG_2238_1_zpsea0cbe41.jpg

It's getting towards the end of the season (I believe you can only pick through October), and so many of the trees are starting to look barren. I still thought they looked pretty. And you can see some of the apples still on the ground.

 photo IMG_2248_1_zps45995940.jpg

We then headed over to the pumpkin patch.

 photo IMG_2252_1_zps13748ab5.jpg

I love finding the unique looking ones with a little bit of green on them, and a funky stem.

 photo IMG_2249_1_zps7d992cf2.jpg

 photo IMG_2251_1_zps21708473.jpg

We thought this one looked like a watermelon.

 photo IMG_2246_1_zps6c6548c7.jpg

That was our fun Fall day! Have you ever been to an apple picking farm yet? If you do ever go, did you know that you can store fresh picked apples for up to 5 months? That's great news considering we have a million apples. Have you purchased your pumpkins yet? I am still trying to figure out if I want to carve them, paint them, or just let them be so they can last the next couple of months. You can see what we ended up getting here.

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  1. Lovely pictures! :)

  2. Such a great scarf!
    I’d love you to join my new linkup! I want to feature looks from it each week. It will happen each Tuesday, but we're linking today so I can feature next week!
    Thanks, Carolyn

  3. WOW ! this is really fantastic blog . Amazing photography . Nice apple garden ..


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