Napoleon's Quest for a Nest

Thursday, November 7, 2013

This is Napoleon. He is technically Rick's dog, but I have become one of his people. You know one of those people who cannot pet another dog or hold a baby or small child without him freaking out. Jen...hey me let me sit on your lap...come on Jen.

 photo 852957E3-99D5-4D72-81A4-889083764B3B-25240-00000BE117CD46A0_zps70bb1cc7.jpg 

Another thing I quickly discovered when I first met Napoleon is that he is a little nester. He likes to cuddle up either on a big pile of blankets or pillows, or even under the blankets and make a little nest. He also loves to sleep in our clothes while we are gone. I guess it helps him feel safe to smell us, or something like that. Yes he is a weird dog, but we love him.

So lately in his quest to find a nest, Napoleon has been caught in a few predicaments.

1. The closet:

 photo 28FB2CC1-9A59-49C3-BA6D-56C73B93E7D1-25240-00000BE1324B5071_zps5084c0f5.jpg

Lately I keep finding Napoleon in our walk-in closet hiding among my clothes hanging on the lower rack. I had to put the kabosh on this though because 1. my clothes had dog hair all over them, and 2. one of my sweater dresses had a little snag probably from his little toenails. Well that and because he keeps getting stuck in the closet. I will come home from work to find him in there with the door closed, and I have no idea how long he has been in there. It could have been all day long. I feel really bad, but he doesn't seem to mind.

2. Rick's sweatshirt

 photo 93360402-0523-464A-B573-C5DCC905DBC6-25240-00000BE0FE869E15_zps8adf65c8.jpg

Over the weekend Napoleon decided to snuggle up in Rick's sweatshirt. He snuggled up so much though that he got caught in the sleeve. He looked like a little caterpillar and it was so funny to see his little nose sticking out.

 photo 22FE5972-F5B9-48F5-B0B9-61D29E8D54F1-25240-00000BE10F601FA3_zpscdf357e2.jpg

Abby got a little concerned and started dragging him backwards trying to get him out. She dragged him all the way out into the hallway and he was not happy about this. I was laughing so hard that I was on the ground, curled up into the fetal position, practically crying. Rick was in the bathroom getting ready and was like, what is your problem. I then pointed to Napoleon and he was like, yea he does that sometimes. Oh Napoleon!

Do you have a dog or cat that likes to nest?


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  1. That's too funny, I'm so glad you got a picture! Casey loves to snuggle under blankets, but we've never found him in a really weird place like a sweatshirt sleeve.


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