Christmas 2013 Wish List

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas 2013 Wish List

I love looking at everyone's Gift Guides and Wish Lists. So today I wanted to share a few things I am wishing that Old St. Nick will bring me :)

1. Camera Strap - I have been wanting a cute camera strap for my DSLR camera...well since I got it last year for Christmas. I love these from Etsy here, here, here, and here.

2. Cute Scarf and Hat Set - I have a cute sock monkey hat that I wear when I walk the dogs in the cold/snow, but I don't have an "out in public" appropriate scarf and hat set and would love one like this and this to go with my purple North Face jacket.

3. Moccasin Slippers - I got a pair of moccasin slippers last year for Christmas, which Rick calls my "purple sheep". I have worn them all year, and although they are still good, these pink ones are just too cute not to pass up!

4. Watch - I'm in love with this watch. Rick doesn't think it is practical and thinks it might break easily, but I want it anyway. Me practical? No way!

5. Puffy Vest - I would love a puffy down vest, and this one is super cute and I think would go with everything.

6. Gift Cards - Every Friday I treat myself to a Starbucks coffee, so I never turn down Starbucks gift cards. I am also enjoying reading lots of books since the weather got colder on my Nook, so a B&N gift card would come in hand also. Just sayin!

7. Pretty Sweaters - I love having a new pretty sweater to wear on Christmas day, and I really like this one from the Loft

8. Cute Coffee Mug - This is just plain cute, and I am always looking for a cute mug to enjoy my coffee and tea in every morning. And it matches my "Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake" print at work.

9. Jewelry - Every girl loves to upwrap something sparkly from under the tree, although I may have hit my limit of sparkly things this year. But I do love this dainty bow ring from Tiffany's. Blue boxes with white bows are just extra special this time of year :)

10. Cozy PJ's - Flannel PJ's from Victoria's Secret are on my wish list every year. I just love my flannel PJ's which keep me warm all winter long.

I'm planning a couple of shopping guides of my own in the next couple of days/weeks, so check back to see some great gift ideas for people other than me :)


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  1. Such a good list Jen! I want the Keep calm mug you speak of!! I need it! haha! :) Also, I treat myself to starbucks on fridays too. lately it's been a little more because I can't help the holiday drinks!

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