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Thursday, December 12, 2013

I've had this craft pinned ever since I first joined Pinterest, and I decided this was the year I was finally going to complete this project! It looked simple enough, and the concept is simple, but I did have a few snags along the way. I almost titled this post "How not to make a DIY Ornament Tree" but thought that sounded a little negative. But I will share some tips on things to do and not do with this project.

Materials Needed:
-- Approx 30 ornaments
-- Knitting needle
-- Cardboard from spool of ribbon (one with a small hole in the center of both sides)
-- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-- Ornament for your topper
-- Possibly small container for your base
-- Possibly ornament hooks


The concept of this craft is to turn yor knitting neede upside down, and to spool your oranments on the knitting needle and build it up to create a tree. Seems simple enough. First though you need your knitting needle to stand up straight, and the base of my needle was somewhat rounded, so no matter how I placed my ornaments, it kept falling over. So I put my needle through a cardboard spool of ribbon and it stood up fine enough in the beginning.

My second snag was my knitting needle was way to large and my ornaments would not fit onto the needle. I solved this by wiring them on with ornament hooks.

 photo 98235D98-C51B-4406-B811-D1EC5621B55C_zpspaltneod.jpg

{ You can kind of see here how I used ornament hooks to wire on my ornaments }

When I got almost ot the top, my tree completely fell over and ornaments went flying all over the kitchen.

 photo 83631C08-0ECD-47FF-9039-11B8702C9953_zpso0znnqg7.jpg

{ Rick then posted this on FB and many people thought the Beagle was responsible }

So after having a slight breakdown, I decided that I needed some sort of container to hold my ribbon spool at the base of my tree, which is how mine ended up in the wroght iron base with the moss.

Another issue I was having was my ornament hooks were barely holding the ornaments on the knitting needle, so I decided to glue all of those little buggers into place. So I just placed a little hot glue in between each ornament which was enough to keep them from popping off.

My last step was I glued a star ornament onto the top and then I added a polka dot ribbon to hide the big space under the star.

 photo 4176419c-7d29-490f-82be-6733c1a80f87_zps36da1428.jpg

Despite all of the issues I had, I love how it turned out. It just wasn't as simple as the pin on Pinterest. Of course I am finding that a lot of these projects aren't as cheap or as simple as some of these pins claim. We worked on another project last weekend (which I can't wait to share soon!) which cost about double what the pin stated, although it was still pretty cheap ($10 vs $20).

If you are interested in making this project, overall it was pretty simple and didn't cost much. I purchased the ornaments and the star at Walmart, and the rest of the materials I already had on hand. Even if you had to purchase a knitting needle, if you were to purchase some inexpensive shatterproof ornaments, you could probably complete this for $10 - $15.


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