Bridal Makeover & Update on Dress Shopping

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last week I hosted one of our weekly Mary Kay meetings at my house and we featured bridal makeovers. Since I'm getting married in June, I totally wanted to participate in the makeover and try out the products we were featuring myself instead of giving someone else a makeover. Today I wanted to share some of the makeup we featured, as well as some tips and tricks we learned.

Bridal Makeover
Before we begin, the first step to any great look is skincare. The other day I featured my favorite skin care products and these will provide a great base for your makeup. It's also important to use a great foundation and primer. I'm not a huge fan of liquid foundation, and prefer mineral powder foundation, but my Director recommends that for your big day it's important to have great coverage so use both. And make sure to use a good foundation formulation that won't rub off on your dress or your guests clothes when you are hugging them. All of Mary Kay's foundations are guaranteed not to rub off. Now onto our makeover.

1. We started out by applying Deep Brown eyeliner on the upper lash line and halfway across the lower lash line. Then smudge your lower lashes with a smudging brush. By applying eye liner before eye shadow, it gives your liner a softer appearance. For a more dramatic appearance, apply after your eye color.

2. Swipe Moonstone mineral eye shadow over your entire lid and up to your brow bone.

2. Next brush Hazelnut mineral eye shadow over your eye lid.

3. Then brush Chocolate Kiss mineral eye shadow on your outside corners and slightly into your crease and lash line in sort of a triangle.

4. We then finished off the eyes with mascara. My Director suggested that you use the Ultimate Mascara in black first to provide volume, but to then finish off with Lash Love Waterproof Mascara to keep your mascara from smudging. 

Since our eyes were more neutral, we decided to have a brighter pop of color on the lips. We used Neutral as the lip liner and Sunset Crème Lipstick on our lips. To add a little shimmer to your lips, you could then finish off your lips with a little Cream and Sugar lip gloss.

Finishing Spray:
Once your makeup is complete, you want it to last all day. So to finish things off, we used the Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray which will give your makeup 16 hours of lasting power.

Here I am with two of my good friends (who I have been friends with since college) after our makeovers. What's great about the colors that we used is that they work for almost any eye/hair/skin color. It actually looked great on everyone at the party. I also loved the fact that my skin tone was almost perfect, and no PhotoShop retouching was needed in the pic above...ha! 

In other news, yesterday we went dress shopping. It was a lot of fun, but an overwhelming experience. I tried on probably 7 or 8 gowns, and narrowed it down to 2. I'm still on the fence on which one I like. There are things I like and sort of dislike about both, and if only I had the budget to custom make my dress it would be perfect. So the search will continue and I will definitely post pictures once a decision is made. Knowing me I'll post the one that I least expect to choose, and then it will end up being the one...ha!


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