DIY Blanket Ladder & Home Updates

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I have a fun DIY to share with you today. A few months ago I came across this Pin on Pinterest and immediately emailed it to Rick asking him to make this for me for Christmas. We love having lots of blankets around to cuddle up with on the couch, but it was hard finding a way to store them that was still convenient to use.

I tried putting them in a basket on the floor, but the pups kept pulling them out and then making little nests with them. So I thought this would be a great way to display them, but also keep them from getting covered in even more dog hair. With 3 pups, there is a lot of dog hair around here.

 photo DIYBlanketLadder_zps2e711e24.jpg

The Pin said that this project was only $10, but between the wood and stain, it cost us actually around $20. Still not bad, but I sometimes wonder where these people are buying their supplies.

Speaking of supplies, here is what you need:

-- 2 2×4′s @ 5'2" long (I think we purchased a 12ft long board and cut to fit)
-- 4 2×6's @ 17″ long (I think we purchased a 10 ft long board and cut to fit)
-- Reciprocating saw to cut the boards
-- Drill, 5/8" drill bit, and wood screws to put it together
-- 5/8" dowel rod to cover the screws and wood glue
-- Wood stain

Rick started by cutting the 12 ft 2 x 4's into 2 boards at 5 ft 2 inches. He included the extra 2 inches because he cut the top and bottom of the ladder at a 12 degree angle so that the ladder would lay flat against the wall.

He then cut the 10 ft 2 x 6 board into 4 boards at 17 inches. He then sanded all of the boards to ensure they were all smooth before beginning to assemble. If you are looking for a more rustic finish to your ladder, it doesn't hurt to over-sand in a few areas.

He then laid out where he wanted all of the 2 x 6 boards to fit along the 2 x 4 boards and marked with a pencil. He just divided them up evenly among the 2 x 4 boards, but they were approx. 12" apart.

He then predrilled all of the holes, and then drilled counter-sink holes for the dowel rods.

 photo IMG_2519_zps5f8a09f0.jpg

He attached the ladder rungs at an angle, to help the blankets lay straight. As you can see in the above and below picture, the 12 degree angle cut at the top and bottom helps the feet of the ladder to lay flush against the floor and the top to be level.

 photo IMG_2520_1_zpsfa59467d.jpg

After adhering the ladder rungs, he glued dowel rods into the drill holes to help finish it off (which you can kind of see in the pic above). After the glue dries, use a flush cut saw or a hack saw to cut off the remaining dowel. Then make sure to sand the dowels really well so there are no rough spots. Then apply 2 - 3 coats of stain and let dry really well. This could take several days depending on your weather and air flow. Then hang your favorite blankets and enjoy!

Oh and a tip from Rick: If you have wood floors, you might want to adhere some rubbery grips to keep it from sliding around.

I also wanted to share some fun home updates today. I spent last week/weekend taking down the Christmas decorations and redecorating a few areas around our home. Decorating is one of my favorite things to do, and I could spend hours moving things around and creating little scenes.

I'm really looking forward to Spring, especially with these negative temps lately, so I wanted to bring in some bright/fresh colors to make it Spring-like inside. I am loving turquoise lately and you will find some other bright pops of color to compliment all of the blue and greens in the furniture and curtains.

 photo IMG_2525_1_zps17778e8f.jpg

{ New table runner from Home Goods and vase from Target; S/P shakers are Fiestaware }

 photo IMG_2522_1_zpsf3059f38.jpg

 photo IMG_2521_1_zps1999a7cb.jpg

 photo IMG_2528_1_zps11b2c5a5.jpg

{ My cookbook collection }

 photo IMG_2524_1_zps9d2b4f37.jpg

 photo IMG_2531_1_zps8f2cb2e6.jpg

 photo IMG_2518_1_zps9bac4018.jpg

And of course my blanket ladder. The basket next to it is where I keep the dog toys. They love tipping over their basket on a daily basis to pull out all of their toys.

Did you do any redecorating for Winter/Spring?


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  1. LOVE the color its stained too! And of course I'm obsessed with the pup pillow :)

  2. I love the ladder! It's so cute!! And, I'm glad to see someone else hoards cookbooks...


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