Getting Organized & My New Planner

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm sort of a paper/supplies geek. I love all things pens, notebooks, planners, post-its. I also love all things organizing, and can spend hours making plans and lists of things to do. I am definitely a put it on paper kind of girl as opposed to using an electronic calendar.

One of my favorite things about the new year is getting brand new calendars and planners. And I was super excited yesterday when my brand new Erin Condren life planner arrived in the mail. I immediately ripped open the box and got all excited about all of the bright colors and the fresh new pages.

 photo 1C2EC89D-D07C-484F-868B-D16B2C3ECC05_zpslmxiput1.jpg

I purchased my first Erin Condren planner back in October 2012, and used that planner through December 2013. What I really loved about this planner is how well it held up over the 14 months that I used it. It has a laminated cover, and a heavy duty spiral binding. I tend to carry my planner around in my purse, and believe me it gets a beating. Other than a few very minor scratches on the cover, it looked pretty much the same as the first day it arrived.

 photo 522D4694-8D49-43E4-AD1A-C395EEA5F419_zpsaqjpykqp.jpg

The pattern I chose is the Fleur Feliz in Retro, and also purchased the elastic bands and a pen holder. I was super excited about the new elastic bands because 1) I stuff so much stuff into my planner that these would be greatly needed to hold everything together and 2) they were just super cute. I especially loved the silver glitter band. At first I thought what am I going to do with 3 of them, but I'm thinking I can use them to hold some of my other notebooks together, or I could just wear them as hair bands.

Oh and let's also talk about the big decision I had to make on whether or not to include my last name. Since I'm getting married in June, and my last name would possibly be changing, I wasn't sure if I should include my last name or not. But since my last name and Rick's last name both start with an "H" it worked out to just include my last name initial. Let me tell you it's the little things like this that keep me up at night...ha!

 photo BC639793-B48E-4773-AF7F-D449C14D6198_zpsgsn3yjen.jpg

One of my favorite parts of this planner is the pocket in the back and the clear pouch. In last year's planner I kept lots of coupons, bills, invitations and other correspondence that I want to keep close at hand in the pocket. This year the pocket is 2-sided which is great to keep even more items stuffed in my planner. I also kept a few pens, stamps, business cards and other little items in the clear pouch hat I didn't want to worry about falling out and getting lost. When you order your planner, they also include a few personalized labels in the pouch that you can use as shipping or gift labels. They also include a few calling cards as well. There are tons of fun little surprises that they always include in your order.

So what do I tend to keep track of in my planner?
-- I like to include important dates, reminders, appointments, etc.
-- I always track my daily workouts so I can see how often I am working out, or not working out :)
-- I also like to write down fun things that Rick and I have done together or with friends. It's fun to look back throughout the year and remember fun date nights, movies we have seen together or parties we have attended. It's kind of like a mini journal.
-- I keep many lists in my planner. There is a whole Notes section in the back with lined and unlined pages. I like to keep a list of on-going goals, budget items, Christmas lists, or really anything I can think of that needs a list...which is everything!
-- I also like to keep important phone numbers and addresses of my VIPs. I'll admit I don't remember anyone's phone number because they are all logged into my phone, but there is going to be some day when my phone breaks, or gets lost, or the battery dies (which it has been doing way too often lately...ugh!) and I'm going to need one of these important phone numbers.

Do you prefer a paper or a digital planner? What do you tend to keep track of?

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  1. Oh man I love a good planner!! I could make lists and look at organizational tools all day long!

  2. Oh so lovely!!! I can't say I haven't loved color coding my planner this week! :)


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