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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

With the wedding now less than 5 months away, we are getting into full force planning mode. I’ll be honest part of me feels like we have plenty of time to get all of this done, and part of me is sort of freaking out because everyone keeps telling me I’m behind. I signed up for The Knot WeddingPlanner app and I have a million+ overdue tasks that I should have completed about 5 months ago. Of course we are hoping to have a much smaller scale wedding than most, so the majority of these tasks don’t pertain to me. But just seeing the red warnings stating I’m behind is enough to make my OCD mind go crazy.

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One of the things we can cross off our list is the Save the Date postcards. All have been put in the mail, and most people should have received them by now, so I feel confident in sharing. I ordered these from, the same site we ordered our 2013 Christmas cards. I really love their designs, and they have been superfast at processing and shipping out my order. I had a few tweaks to my design during the proof stage where I had an “OMG why did I ask them to do that” moment, but they quickly made the change and there was no extra fees involved which was really nice.

 photo e2e3b71b-e1e2-4edf-8e69-e5203e0e8509_zps5bae0c87.jpg

Along with getting these out, we also accomplished the guest list portion of the planning. It was really hard to put together this list because there were so many people we wanted to invite. Of course we are trying not to go broke in the process, so unfortunately not everyone was able to get invited. A few weeks ago we sat down and talked about who were the most important people we wanted to be there, and how we just hoped the rest of our family and friends understood the situation. I’m sure there will be people unhappy about the situation, but we need to keep telling ourselves this is our day, and we can’t make everyone happy.

We still need to order and send out the formal invites, so who knows if a few more names might get added. The final Save the Date list ended up being a little larger than we had originally planned, but I figure there is a chance some people might not be able to make it. I had reserved 75 chairs for the ceremony, and we are right around that number.

I also took the time to put together a neat little spreadsheet with everyone’s name and address. It will hopefully make the process of sending out the formal invites and thank you cards much easier now that everyone’s addresses are all in one place. It’s amazing how spreadsheets make me feel super organized and calms me when I’m stressed out.  I feel like there are going to be plenty more wedding spreadsheets in my future.

Next up is finding my dress! I had an appointment last night and another one scheduled for this weekend. I’m hoping to share soon that I found the dress. I’m still debating if its bad luck to show pictures of the ones that didn’t make the cut. If Rick sees me in a wedding dress, even if it’s not the one, is that still bad luck? What are the rules when it comes to wedding planning and blogging? Ha!


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