Weekend Recap: Movies and Moscow Mules

Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Monday! Did everyone have an awesome weekend? Ours was pretty low-key, but we did do a few fun things. One thing I was super happy about was that our temps were up in the 40 degree range. Compared to it being -9 degrees a week ago, I was super happy. And the sun even came out on Sunday, and I was finally able to get my sunglasses out for a change. It's the little things that make me happy. So what did we get into this weekend?

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1. Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Mary Poppins. We recorded this moving off of HBO, and I swear my brother and I probably wore out the VHS tape watching it all the time. A few years ago it came out on DVD and I promptly purchased it since our VHS tape had actually wore out. When I saw that a movie was coming out about the making of Mary Poppins I was so super excited.

We finally had the time to go see it, and let me tell you I just loved it. It's a cute and really unique storyline, and if you grew up watching the movie, you would definitly love it. I would recommend checking it out and soon. It came out before Christmas time and I'm not sure how much longer it will be out.

Oh and we went to the AMC Dublin movie theater this time, and let me tell you, they have really upgraded that theater. All of the seats are leather recliners, and it was so nice and clean compared to some of the other theaters in town. If you are a Columbus reader, check it out. I hear the Marcus Theaters at Crosswoods had the same upgrades, and we are going to probably check those out next.

2. Last week I posted about my love of vests, and mentioned I had purchased the cutest plaid vest. Well it came in the mail on Thursday, and I just had to wear it on Saturday. We had a client in on Friday, or else I would have wore it to work then. It's super comfy, and super cute.

3. Abby is known for loving to beg, and I caught this cute picture of her begging while I was eating my breakfast Saturday morning. This is why she is able to get away with so much. And look how creepy Bryn looks in the background. At least she is behaving...ha!

4 - 5. Lately I have been obsessed with trying a moscow mule. Thursday night we had a client in town and took them to The Pearl for dinner. The guys kept ordering these moscow mules and I was so intrigued by them. I have been seeing these copper mugs all over the place lately and think they are so cute.

On Saturday I tried to find the mugs around town so we could make our own, but went to 2 stores and they didn't have them. So we decided to head out to J Lui for a cocktail and dessert, just so we could try them out and see what we thought. They were really good, but a little too heavy on the ginger beer for me. Rick and I want to try and make them on our own, and cut down the ginger a little with some stelzer water. They were really refreshing though, and we decided that they would be great on a hot summer night. I've been looking at copper mugs here and here, and will probably order 2 of them sometime soon. I am working on putting together a cute little bar area, and think they would look awesome on top of the bar area.

I am kind of excited about the week ahead. Part of my new years resolution was to enjoy the little things throughout the week, and not live for the weekend. Tonight I'm heading to my 2nd spinning class of the new year and Tuesday night I'm having some of my favorite ladies over for a Mary Kay party. My director is giving me a bridal makeover, so I'm exctied to see what look she has in mind for me. I wanted a few of my close friends to be there with me, kind of like a little bridal makeover party, so it will be a fun time. If things look awesome (which I'm sure they will), I'll share my look sometime later this week or next.

How was your week? Anything fun planned for this week?


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  1. I am glad to hear that about Saving Mr. Banks- I'm dying to see if but hadn't heard of anyone going yet!

  2. Our BevMo has the moscow mule cups. Not sure if you have those there!


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