Life Lately + My Favorite Superbowl Commercials

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Life has been kinda crazy lately, full of work and things that would probably bore you to death. So I thought I would highlight some of the more interesting things that have happened in the last couple of weeks. Some of these you might find on my favorite form of social media of all time Instagram (follow me!), and some are pics I forgot I had on my phone. Sometimes I have good intentions of Instagraming things, and then it just doesn't happen...ha!

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1. We have been celebrating Valentine's Day already with some tasty treats. Betty Crocker has some amazing gluten free brownies that I highly recommend. I make these all the time, and many people have said that they almost taste better than brownies full of glutens.

2. A few weekends ago we got a fridge-makeover. I uploaded some of my favorite Instagram pic in the Printicular app, and then picked them up at the Walgreens down the street. I believe it was around $8 for 20 pics. I also picked up some adhesive-backed magnets from Michaels to attach to the back, and then just placed in a fun grid on the fridge. Instant(gram) makeover!

3.  Last week we were so lucky to experience a rare meteorological phenomenon -- snow rollers. I seriously had never heard about these, but I guess it takes the perfect rare conditions for these little snow balls to form on their own. They were all over the place, and I got some better pictures, but just need to get them off of my camera...some day :)

4. After a rough week at work last week, it was nice to come home to some beautiful flowers. Rick knows the way to my's the little things that I love most.

5. The puppies have not been enjoying the snow or cold weather lately. I've shared this pic before, but I just keep looking at poor Napoleon with his back leg in the air. This winter has been super rough on their little paws.

6. Rick has spoiled me lately by making me gluten free french toast on Sunday mornings. He has been using my Udi gluten free bread, along with a little almond milk, eggs and vanilla, and they are seriously so good!!

7-9. The puppies are going a little stir crazy this winter and have been a little ornery, but I guess it's a good thing they are cute!

I also wanted to share 2 of my favorite Superbowl commercials from this year. I'll be honest, we watched the Superbowl this year, but I pretty much tuned out the football game and only really watched the commercials and the halftime show. I spent the rest of the time on my computer combing through Pinterest and Esty and doing a little wedding planning. Yep that's how I watch football, but I did really enjoy these 2 commercials. And I'll be honest they both make me tear up each time I watch them. Puppies and soldiers, the way to my heart :)


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  1. Love the instagrams! Isn't that a great app??

  2. The printicular app I meant. We know instagram is great ;)


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