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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I have a confession to make...I'm addicted to Etsy! If only they had a frequent buyer program. I have purchased many things from Etsy in the last year including our Engagement ornament, and a few decorative items for our Master Bedroom. Now I'm finding all kinds of fabulous stuff for our wedding. So today I wanted to share a few fun things that might be making a appearance at our wedding.

1. Personalized Bridal Hanger - This hanger is the perfect way to display your bridal gown for pictures. I choose to personalize mine with "Mrs. Future Last Name" but you can personalize with a first name and give as bridesmaid presents. And there are a couple of other font choices as well. The lead time was a little long, but the shop owner was upfront about this and asked when the wedding was so they could prioritize. I told them I needed it by April and I think it took a total of 3 weeks from order to delivery, so not too bad. 

2. Wedding Earrings - Without giving too much detail, my dress is very simple, but has some fun blingy accents. I wanted to keep my jewelry kind of simple also, but blingy (does that make sense??). I'm doing this by only going with statement earrings and a statement bracelet. I totally loved these earrings the moment I saw them, and they are even prettier in person. The lead time was a little long on this as well, but the owner was upfront that it could take up to 3 weeks, and it was probably around 3 weeks from order to delivery.

3. Wedding Forks - So I decided that I thought it would be cute to feed each other wedding cake with these little wedding forks, as opposed to smashing it in each others faces. Rick is not totally in agreement, but he did agree the forks were fun. We had ours personalized with our wedding date on the handle, so it will be a fun keepsake, especially when we enjoy our wedding cake top for our 1 year anniversary.

4. Custom Address Stamp - My goal was to use this stamp for the return address and the RSVP envelopes for our wedding invitations. I thought it would be fun to use them in the future for Thank You cards, future Christmas cards, etc. What I loved about the stamp is that it didn't include our last name, so we can use it now, and after I change my last name...brilliant! I unfortunatly have dyslexia, and submitted the incorrect zip code, but thankfully the shop owner was very kind and offered a replacement stamp at a discounted price. And she turned it around super fast, as I got a notice that it was in the mail 2 days later. The incorrect version was absolutly adorable, so I can't wait until we get a correct version...hopefully this week! 

So those are my favorite Etsy finds so far. I can't wait to use them on our wedding day. I have a few other Esty finds that I am trying to DIY this week, so I'm hoping to share those possibly next week.

Have you purchased anything from Etsy for your wedding? What fun things do I just NEED to have?

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  1. Those forks are so cute and a fun twist for the wedding day. My best friend bought me a hanger and I LOVED how my dress looked hanging on it. Great picture indeed.

  2. I love Etsy too. It's an addiction really. I already purchased the wedding hanger and the return address stamp. I think we went with the same seller for our stamp as you have pictured. I also have a ton of wedding earrings saved as a ton. I just have to pull the trigger and order something.

    We also found our Save the Date designer on Etsy as well as inspiration for our invitations and RSVPs as well. Such a great site!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Sooo getting on Etsy as soon as I close out of this to order that silverware and stamps! The most recent bridesmaid dress I had to buy was from Etsy too and I love it!

  4. I'm so addicted to Etsy, too! I'm getting all of my bridesmaid gifts from there!


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