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Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Friday all!

Just wanted to share some things I've been loving lately...

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Last week Rick and I had our engagement shoot. Although our shoot was later in the afternoon, I took the whole day off work and got my nails and hair done to get ready for the shoot. I had my first experience at The Blowout Bar, and let me tell you, I am obsessed now. I want them to do my hair every day (and if I had the money, I totally would).

It's $35 for any style (except special occasions/weddings), and they have 5 styles that you can choose from. This one is a cross between The Cosmo and The Flirtini. I decided at the last minute I wanted more curls, so they started with The Cosmo, and then added some curls. I think I will definitely try either The Flirtini again, or maybe try The Hurricane which has even more curls. It was a lot of fun, and they even serve a complimentary glass of champagne. I felt a little weird drinking champagne at 2 pm in the afternoon, all by my lonesome self, but I figured...When in Rome...right!

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If you saw my post from the other day, I won some cute pansies at my cousin's baby shower last weekend. I was so excited to plant them in my alpaca planter that Rick got me last year for Valentine's Day. Such a fun little flower display :)

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A few months ago my nephew was selling magazines as one of his school fundraisers. If he sold a certain number of magazines he got a Sponge Bob t-shirt, so my Mom asked me to help him out so he could get his shirt. Of course I wanted to help out (especially since he, or really my Mom, wrote a "I love you Aunt Jenny" note on my order form...melt my heart), so I ordered 2 magazine subscriptions. I got my first one (Rachel Ray) a few weeks ago, and my Martha Stewart magazines finally arrived this week. I am slightly obsessed with everything Martha. I have loved her for many years, so I was excited to finally be getting her magazine again. I can't wait to sit out on the deck this weekend with a glass of iced tea and read everything Martha.

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I have been wanting to get some fresh tulips for the house for a while now, and finally broke down and bought some. I love having fresh flowers in the house, and need to make an effort to get them more often. If only I had the right place to grow some at our condo I could have fresh flowers every day. Something I definitely have on the list of needs for our next place.

I've completed my first (almost full) week of the Tone It Up Bikini Series. I have actually been enjoying all of the workouts (even though there are times when I hate working out). They have provided a lot of variety in this series, and it's set up where you can do a little bit at a time, like 20 mins of cardio in the morning, and 20 mins of strength training in the evening. So it has really helped me to figure out how to fit it into my busy life. Let me tell you my body has been completely sore all week, but I'm starting to feel like I'm getting used to it (is that crazy?). Like being sore is my new normal. Of course every time I complain I'm in pain Rick always says "Pain is weakness leaving the body." Ha!

What are you loving this week?

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