My Bridal Shower + Pre-Bridal Dinner with Friends

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On Saturday some of my close family and friends threw me a bridal shower. I had a lovely time visiting with some of my favorite people and felt truely special that day. A few of my favorite people were not able to attend due to having to work and one had a family emergency, but I know they were celebrating with me in spirit :)
Sorry in advance for the picture overload, but it was such a great day that I wanted to document it as much as possible.

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Those of you close to me know I have an obession with chalkboards. Rick made this oversized chalkboard to use for the wedding, and I thought I would work on my chalkboard skills (and practice with my new chalk pen) and put together a sign for the shower. I wanted to put it out closer to the parking lot with ballons to help people find the party, but it was a little rainy that day, so we kept it safe up next to the door.

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I received some amazing gifts, and was so excited to recieve our cake serving set from my Mom to use to cut our wedding cake...

 photo DSCF9333_1_zpse94b1939.jpg

along with our toasting glasses. My friend Suzie gave me these, and included the sweetest note in her card. Basically she explained that her parents had passed on a tradition to her and her siblings where they were gifted toasting glasses at their showers to be used at their weddings. Then every year on their anniversary they would pull out the toasting glasses and use them while remembering their wedding. It was such a special gift and I can't wait to toast all of our family and friends with them at the wedding.

 photo BridalShowerGifts_zps06870147.jpg

I also received some fun dishes and serving pieces. I am obsessed with the shamrock and peacock fiestaware pieces, and am so excited to add to my fiestaware collection.

 photo DSCF9377_1_zps4d9e5590.jpg

My Grandma couldn't attend, but sent along some money to buy myself something nice. I purchased a few things off my Crate and Barrel registy, as well as a beautiful cake plate to use at the wedding (I found one I love, and am hoping it arrives in time!).

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My future sister-in-law Kristyn gave me these beautiful flowers, along with a gift card. They smell so lovely and I am hoping to plant them in our garden so it will hopefully come up year after year.

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Let's talk about this steam mop. I seriously got so geeked out over this, and spent like an hour mopping all of our floors on Sun. Who knew mopping the floor could be so much fun.

 photo DSCF9357_1_zps7b7b76c9.jpg

Let's also talk about my little taskmaster. Izzie was such a little helper and showed me which presents I needed to open. Then as soon as the presents were opened she informed me it was time to cut the cake...ha!

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I absolutly loved my shower cake, which was made by the same person who is making my wedding cake. Isn't if just beautiful!

 photo DSCF9378_1_zpse723627e.jpg

So a tradition in Rick's family is when you are celebrating someone's birthday, or in my case my bridal shower, the person you are celebrating makes the first cut, but then someone else must remove the cake knife and then proceed to cut the cake.

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I of course made my Mom remove the knife and then continue to cut the cake. Because that's what Mom's do right?!?

 photo IMG_2731_1_zps4407bac1.jpg

Me and my little helper.

 photo DSCF9388_1_zps7dd0d1e4.jpg

The Mom's -- my Mom and Rick's Mom.

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Izzie and her Grandma.

 photo DSCF9355_1_zps978d4921.jpg

Miss Avery was our entertainment. She just loved playing with the bows!

 photo DSCF9338_1_zps770ebebe.jpg

Two of my closests friends Amy and Lisa who officially threw me the shower.

 photo DSCF9336_zps9731d2d4.jpg

My dear friend Katey (who is a newlywed herself :) ) and my Aunt Carol.

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My friend Lisa's Mom (aka Momma Patty).

 photo IMG_2721_1_zps96d045e7.jpg

 photo IMG_2725_1_zpsc3296750.jpg

 photo IMG_2724_1_zpsaac530d1.jpg

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Lisa and Amy had purchased this Jenga set and we had our guests write their advise for building a happy marriage on a Jenga piece.

 photo IMG_2738_1_zpsdbe1e828.jpg

I loved this idea, and it's definitly something that we will be pulling out in the future and it will be fun to come across one of the signed pieces. If we didn't already have a fun guest book idea, I might have taken this to the wedding as well.

 photo DSCF9390_1_zps38569cfe.jpg

We are getting close! Tommorrow we will be a month out :)

In addition to my bridal shower over the weekend, I got to have dinner last week with some of my favorite work friends.

 photo dinner_zps55ed73a0.jpg

We had a lovely dinner and a great time catching up. In addition, these ladies might have helped me get ready for my honeymoon! Thankfully martini's were involved :)

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