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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A few weeks ago we had a fun little engagement shoot with our wedding photographer Hillary Ferguson. We had a great time bopping around German Village and finding cute little spots to take pictures. I think we were both pretty nervous at first, and you can tell as the pictures go on that we were getting more comfortable being in front of the camera.

Many people asked us why we were getting pictures taken again since we already had pictures taken back in the Fall for our Save the Date postcards. My response was....why not, I love pictures...ha!. But really it was a great way to get to know Hillary and get comfortable with her before our big day. I highly recommend having an engagement shoot, or even just a mini-shoot with your photographer to ensure you are comfortable and to make sure you like the style and how their photos turn out. I know this is no guarantee there won't be any snafus on your big day, but it will make you a little more comfortable knowing you made a good choice, especially since your wedding day pictures are some of the most important pictures you will ever take! 

Without further adieu...here are some of my favorites from the 150+ pictures that came on our disk. I seriously loved so many and was having a hard time choosing a favorite.

 photo DSC_4116_zpsa5879636.jpg

 photo DSC_4129_zps899b1e6f.jpg

 photo DSC_4133_2_zps23f89b3c.jpg

 photo DSC_4154_zpsbbe8a02a.jpg

 photo DSC_4164_zps77059771.jpg

 photo DSC_4188_zpsed4a444d.jpg

 photo DSC_4206_zps530f026e.jpg

 photo DSC_4215_zps87e0a96d.jpg

 photo DSC_4224_zps61405e33.jpg

 photo DSC_4234_zpse251237c.jpg

 photo DSC_4239_zps52d751bf.jpg

 photo DSC_4250_zps351f3cdb.jpg

 photo DSC_4271_zps10aeb113.jpg

 photo DSC_4282_zps83b594e1.jpg

 photo DSC_4295_zpsde45879f.jpg

 photo DSC_4304_zps82c30dec.jpg

 photo DSC_4310_zps88c9f467.jpg

 photo DSC_4316_zps88be8c53.jpg

 photo DSC_4347_zps7f1f06d3.jpg

 photo DSC_4358_zps82110bbb.jpg

 photo DSC_4367_zps99ca4e16.jpg

 photo DSC_4397_zps411da743.jpg

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  1. oh wow these photos are stunning!!! Rest assured, lady - your wedding photos will be incredible!!! Love German Village, too! :)

  2. These are such cute photos of you two!! And, I just love that dress! Hope the last bits of wedding planning are going well!

  3. These are so adorable and I love your dress!!


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