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Thursday, July 10, 2014

I swear our pups have more problems than anyone I know. I'm sure it doesn't help there are 3 of them, which is probably 3x's the likely-hood of something happening? 

It first started 2 years ago with Abby having Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy which is a form of puppy lupus where she has inflammation in her toenails and they just fall completely off. Thanks to some free antibiotics from Giant Eagle (it was crazy picking up my dog's medication from the pharmacy), fish oil supplements, and 3 months of wearing the cone of shame, her toenails have grown back, but they look extremely deformed and we have to keep them super short since they are very brittle.

Abby then had a couple of other instances with the cone of shame (here and here). 

Then last Fall Abby somehow managed to get a "cold" in her tail and was prescribed some pain meds and told to wear a coat in the cold rain.

Earlier this year Bryn tore a tendon in her knee, and thankfully after months of pain meds and anti-inflammatory drugs she is starting to walk somewhat normally again. She almost needed surgery, but luckily has been able to heal on her own.

Napoleon has had his share of vet visits this year with a bad back and then a tooth abscess which required 2 teeth to be removed. 

The last couple of incidents happend all while trying to pay for and plan a wedding....craziness!!

So what happened next...

 photo 38F71643-6855-4AC0-B8B3-E98621DF9C12_zpskfhiax6p.jpg

Tues morning I noticed Bryn was having a hard time making a poo (you probably know where this is going...sorry!!). She was also acting funny, but we have been having some bad storms lately and more were on their way, and she always acts a little funny since she is extremely scared of thunderstorms. I figured she hadn't really eaten much in the last day or so since she spent most of the time hiding under furniture, but I texted Rick and told him we needed to keep an eye on her.

I went to work, and had hoped to check on her on my lunch break, but things got a little crazy at work and I couldn't get away. When Rick got home from work he took the pups on a walk while I took a class at the gym, and he noticed she was still acting funny. He then looked down and there was blood all over her behind. He immediately took the pups back home and called the vet. He called me on my way home from the gym to let me know what was going on and I immediately thought she must have eaten something and it got stuck somewhere in her intestines.

Thankfully that wasn't the case, but what had happened was one of her anal glands apparently was too full and burst. She must have been having problems going poo because her anal gland was probably enlarged and tender. The blood all over her behind was from it bursting. The poor girl had to have her butt flushed and then was sent home with a cone, some pain meds and some antibiotics.

I felt horrible because I knew something was up, but had no idea it was this bad. She had been acting fine all weekend long, so either she wasn't really showing she wasn't feeling well, or it happened really quickly.

 photo DC2230BC-3056-4544-B622-9A6AAAA66506_zpsalvt3vo1.jpg

We were afraid of her bum leaking all over the bedroom Tues night, so Rick tried to make a little diaper for her out of one of his old t-shirts. She had no idea what to do with herself with the diaper on, and just kept standing in one place and lifting one leg and then the other. 

We finally placed her on Abby's dog bed which is right next to my night stand and she stayed there for a few hours. She then woke up around 3:30 and insisted she needed to be up in the bed with us. I was exhausted and couldn't get her to lay back down so I gave in and she was allowed back in the bed. The diaper had somehow come off, but at that time, I just didn't care. Sheets and pjs will wash...sleep and our pup being comfortable is priceless.

Two days later, other than being annoyed at having to wear the cone of shame, she seems to be doing much better. She is back to poo'ing again which is a good sign. It's funny because I feel like Rick and I have so many poo conversations about these dogs. It's hard to keep track of who all has gone with this many dogs...ha! I guess this is probably good practice for when we have babys right?!?


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  1. Poor pup! Walter's anal glands got impacted and we had to have them expressed weekly for 6 weeks and then monthly for 6 months or so. That was an expensive mess, all while wearing the cone of shame. So, I'm sure he feels for her! :)

  2. Ahhh glad things are on the mend!!


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